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Eternal Love 18 January 2021: Veena and Naren talking. Naren says Nishi was disliking Sonakshi, and now she is doing so much. Veena says yes, we will talk to Suman about the rasam. Naren says I know Sonakshi is a nice girl, but its too early, Rohit promised her last week, let them meet for more time, Suman doesn’t think before making any drama. Veena says Rohit loves Sonakshi, that’s enough for me. Naren says I agree, but is Sonakshi right for him, I don’t think so. Veena says fine if you think so, we will take time. He hugs her.

Sonakshi and everyone do the Ganpati aarti. Netra says I have to make an imp announcement, Sonakshi is back in KPK, our Parvati didn’t go anywhere, channel will print an apology in the newspaper. She hugs Sonakshi. Suman hugs Sonakshi and says we should do Bappa’s vidaai. Netra says dhol band didn’t come. Sonakshi says we will try next year. Netra asks didn’t Rohit come. Sonakshi says yes, don’t know. Pari gets Rohan’s message…. come downstairs. Pari goes to him. He says you look stunning, this was bonus, actually….. I had to tie this, trust me, I thought you can help me in this. She says okay, but why did you dress up like this, where is everyone. He says calm down, its a surprise. She says okay, how shall I tie, you are so tall. He says its a big problem, I have a solution. He sits down and asks comfortable now. She ties the Pagdi to him.

Sonakshi asks where is Sippy family, even Rohit isn’t here, he didn’t even call. Pulkit asks are you finding someone, Dr. Rohit. Suman comes and says mahurat is passing by, come. Sonakshi takes the idol. They go downstairs. They see the dhol artists. Sonakshi asks Pulkit and Suman did she call them. They say no. Rohit comes there, riding a bike and getting Pooja with him. Sonakshi smiles seeing him. Sonakshi asks here?

Rohit comes to her. He stops everyone. Pooja says there is a message for you. Nishi says hi Sonakshi, I tried my best to make your wish true, I wanted to come there but my big client has come from US. Sonakshi says thanks, we will forget everything and make a new start. They shout Ganpati Bappa Morya. Rohit asks are you happy. Sonakshi says yes, mum said there are less people. Rohit says you feel they are less, when will our joint family come to use. Rohit whistles. He takes the dhol and plays. He shouts Sippy family. Sippys come playing dhol. Sonakshi and everyone smile.

Sukhmani hugs Sonakshi and says I have come, but I can’t play the dhol. They all laugh. Veena hugs Sukhmani and Sonakshi. Sonakshi thanks them. Suman asks them to come. Sukhmani asks Sonakshi to support Rohit. Sonakshi also plays a dhol with Rohit. They smile. Everyone dances. Rohit and Sonakshi do the puja together. Veena says Ganpati will hear prayers one at a time. Sonakshi says you ask. Rohit says I don’t want anything, I have everything. Sonakshi makes prayers. He smiles. Sonakshi and Rohit perform the Visarjan.

Rohit says last 48 hours were so adventurous, someone kidnapped me and goons, police came there, Sonakshi and I got inside ice truck, it met with an accident, don’t know where we were, dhol band and Visarjan… Ajit says crazy. Sonakshi does the aarti. She thinks of Rohit and smiles. Rohit says I should note this date, it was too much fun. He takes the calender and thinks of Raima. Ajit says mark it. Rohit says its Raima’s birthday today, I just forgot, how could I forget, I celebrated her birthday every year, with or without her, this chaos is because of Sonakshi.

Ajit says its a positive sign to move on, maybe someone else is taking Raima’s place, we are not blind, look at yourself, you changed a lot, when good is happening, don’t feel guilty about past, you do love Sonakshi. Sonakshi gets messages. She gets Visarjan pics from Netra. She smiles…. She says he did a lot for me. She calls Rohit and says maybe he slept, I will select pics to put on photogram. Ajit asks Rohit to answer Sonakshi’s call, they both love each other, Sonakshi is the forever one.

Rohit saying I don’t love her, I just love Raima, your idea was to do this love drama, I can’t love anyone else. Ajit goes. Rohit says sorry Raima, I will try once. He calls Raima. Sonakshi answers and says I had called you to say thanks. He sees that he called Sonakshi. She says thanks, it was one of the best days of my life, the way we all…. Rohit what happened. He says nothing. She says listen, we are very good friends, maybe fake GF BF, right, tell me what happened. He says just stay away, I don’t need to talk. She asks him to calm down. He says you know what happened, I forgot Raima’s birthday because of you. She cries and says I understand. He shouts on her. He says I don’t want to meet you. He ends call. She sits crying.

Raima’s mum prays for Raima and talks to her. Doctor asks if Raima showed any movement, Sana told me that Raima reacted on Rohit’s name, we should call him here. Raima’s mum says he can’t come. Doctor says its your wish, Raima can improve, we have to take her. Raima says fine, but I have a request. Ajit tries to talk to Rohit. Veena looks on. She says Rohit is in love. Ajit says he is in much love. He goes. She says everyone is mad here. Sonakshi asks what’s my mistake, he scolded me without a reason, Rohit forgot Raima’s mistake, what shall I do, did I ask him to forget her birthday, did I ask him to do this drama with me, I was refusing, I was thinking wrong. She cries. Pulkit comes and says Netra has come. Sonakshi comes to Netra and Suman. Suman says you have worked hard for the show, Netra came to invite us. Netra says we should have coffee, I told Kartik, he will give you call time. Sonakshi says we have showed Parvati dying. Netra says seriously, you know no one dies in tv show, Parvati is immortal. Ritu had written a good re-entry, like Sumit…. he is coming back in the show. Sonakshi asks what. Netra says channel was pressurizing a lot, I know it will be irritating to deal with her, I had no option.

Rohit comes to a church. He sees it locked. He shouts is anyone there. The guard says church is closed, light candle outside. Rohit says I know, but its imp, I come every year to light candles, I will come out in two mins, I promise. The guard says you should have come early if it was so imp. Rohit catches him. Netra says life doesn’t go as we want, its called fate, we don’t get anything except fate, its all Lord’s plans, we lose out to fate, Sumit had fate to become hero of our show.

Sonakshi says you are saying right, I can’t fight fate, how much I try, it will happen as Lord wants. Netra asks her not to worry for Sumit. Sonakshi thanks her. Ravi asks Rohit to leave the guard, its a church, calm down. Rohit kicks there and gets hurt. He sits there. The guard runs.

Sonakshi gets a call. Netra says fans won’t leave you, thanks and take care. Netra goes. Sonakshi answers the call. Rohit recalls going to the church with Raima and lighting candles. He says sorry Raima, I should have not forgotten it. He sees Raima coming. He imagines going with her and lighting candles. Raima goes away. He sees Sonakshi coming there.

Suman gets busy in preparations for breakfast. Pulkit says Sonakshi isn’t at home, she went to meet Rohit. Suman asks why, she has a shoot in the morning, when will she come and sleep. He asks her to sit down. He says tell me something, the day went well, just the day Sonakshi wanted, don’t be angry. Suman says fine, I will make salad for Sonakshi. He says sit down, I will give you a massage. He massages her neck. She smiles. He says Dr. Rohit is nice. She says yes, why do you ask. He says Rohit and Sonakshi’s jodi looks cute, I mean they look good together. She says they look good as friends. She goes. He says Sonakshi will marry some time. She says yes, Pari will become a star and you will become a doctor, Sonakshi won’t marry a Sindhi, call Pari, I need her help. He says Pari isn’t at home. She asks where did she go. He signs don’t know. She says my two daughters will make me mad.

Rohit asks Sonakshi to leave. She says I have come to get you, Ravi called me, don’t get angry on him, you said its my mistake, I have come to rectify my mistake. He says its late now, I didn’t forget always. She asks what. He says sorry, my guilt and anger is getting out on you and that guard, no use to talk to guard. She asks guard to listen, open the gate for 5mins. Guard asks shall I call the police, no way. He gets up and sees her. He says Parvati ji, you here… She says Rohit is my friend, let him go in and light candles. He says fine, if you say, but its our rule. She says it will take two mins. He says I will call church father. She says call him, I will talk to him. He goes. Rohit looks on. Father comes. He says guard said you want to come in church at this time, you know timings. Sonakshi says Rohit has come by devotion, let him go in for two mins, there can’t be any time for meeting Lord, I beg you, let him go in, please.

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