Eternal Love 15 March 2021 update: Sonakshi saying Pari is pregnant since 4 months, it means she wants the child, you wanted the abortion, if the matter comes out, Rohan’s marriage will get ruined. Some time back, Pandit leaving.

Nishi comes to Veena and I know you are worried for Rohit, I feel hurt to see him broken, I don’t agree with this pandit, but I agree, Rohit needs emotional support, we should get him married again. Tanya shouts seeing Rohan and asks how did this happen. Rohan goes upstairs. Veena asks what’s happening.

Suman asks what’s happening, Pari is pregnant with Rohan’s baby, I didn’t even know. Rohit says Pari and her baby are fine. Sonakshi says you and your family used to call me an actress as if its something bad, you performed better than me, you thought you will act to save Pari, we won’t understand, you have fallen so low already, you came to do her abortion and then you saw Suman and me there, you acted to save Pari, wow. He says unbelievable, serial got over but your inner Parvati didn’t go, get real Sonakshi.


She asks what if Nishi does drama, hollywood, I didn’t think you will fall so low. He asks her to think something new. She says shut up, will you do this for enmity, how did abortion pill come there, she is pregnant since 4 months, it means she wants the child, you wanted the abortion, if the matter comes out, Rohan’s marriage will get ruined, please stay away from Pari and my family, I have many well wishers, I don’t need you, go, where are you going. He asks did you go mad, you asked to go, so I m going. She says yes, but I m not yet done. He stops her and says you vented our anger, fine, I have tried to abort Pari’s baby to save Rohan’s marriage, your Rohit Sippy is so cheap, but you are good, everyone loves you, why didn’t Pari hide this from you and mumma, tell me. They have an eyelock. Kahaan hum….plays…. He gets away and leaves. Suman says what’s going on between them, Rohit and Sonakshi can’t be together again.
Akash asks Veena to calm down, Rohan will tell them the truth, maybe some fight at construction site. Rohit comes and shouts Rohan… Akash and Yash ask what happened, Rohan is hurt. Rohit says I know, I have beaten him, Pari is pregnant with Rohan’s child. They get shocked. Tanya gets angry. Rohit says Rohan tried to force abortion pill and tried to kill Pari’s baby, that’s why I have beaten him. Sonakshi says I will file police complaint.

Suman stops her. Sonakshi says I won’t leave Rohit. Suman says fine, nothing will happen, we will get more defamed.Sonakshi says we can’t cover this crime. Nishi says Rohan didn’t do any crime, Pari is characterless, she had an affair knowing he is married, she got pregnant, she could have aborted the baby. Rohit says it doesn’t mean Rohan has a right to kill the baby. Nishi says try to understand. Veena asks her not to support wrong. Nishi says you don’t know Rastogis’ plans, Sonakshi and Pari ruined Rohit and Rohan, look at Rohit’s state, Pari is preparing to ruin Rohan, Sonakshi and Suman are supporting her. Rohit says they didn’t know about it. Rohan asks Tanya to listen. She says don’t touch me. He goes downstairs and falls. She screams. Rohit lifts her and takes her. She bleeds.

Suman says I m sending Pari away, she is pregnant, she can’t stay here, her baby will not be born here. Sonakshi says she needs us. Suman says she didn’t think about us, law will support her, but society will blame her, I will go with Pari. Sonakshi says you will stay here, this time will pass, I will protect her pregnancy, I won’t let Sippys come near her. Pari hears them. Suman goes to slap Pari. Pari says I will just go to Sippy mansion. Suman shouts. Sonakshi says you aren’t going anywhere. Pari says no, I will get my baby’s right. Rohan and everyone are outside OT. Doctor says sorry, we couldn’t save the baby. They get shocked. Rohit asks how is Tanya. Doctor says she is unconscious. Veena asks any internal injury. Doctor says let us do tests after she recovers, then we will know if she can conceive again or not, normally there are internal injuries. Rohan cries. Veena slaps him. She says I will never forgive you for this, get out of here, don’t show me your face ever, see the Lord’s justice, you went to kill a baby, see what happened with you.

Rohit is alone. Tulsi says Veena is with Tanya, Tanya is fine, but… Rohit worries and asks what. She says Mr. Singh passed away. He asks what, same way, same symptoms, same infection. She says yes. He says this is not good, we can’t create panic, we have to understand this in detail and inform authorities, don’t give his body to family, tell about procedures, I want report of all infected people. Sonakshi gives a glass of water to Suman. She asks her to calm down. She says don’t fall ill, last time, bill was 15 lakhs, and now we can’t even pay 50000rs. Suman smiles. She says you don’t deserve all this, I can’t drag you into this, you have to learn to live for yourself, go now, I free you from all responsibilities. Sonakshi asks where will I go. Suman says marry Sumit and start a new life. Sonakshi gets shocked.

Suman says yes, Sumit is really nice, he has changed, I spoke to him, he respects you, he trusts you, you also trust him, you will be happy by marrying him, Rohit just gave you wounds, Sumit’s support will fill all the old wounds.Sonakshi asking Naren is he fine. Naren holds her hand. Rohit looks on and scolds her. Some time back, Sonakshi says I know you aren’t healthy. Suman says you were right, we will take care of Pari here and get her delivery done, then we will leave the child at an orphanage for abortion. Sonakshi asks why, the child has everyone, we will take care of her. Suman says he will be called the child of unmarried girl. Sonakshi says its not a baby’s mistake, we shouldn’t be ashamed of his existence, then none will have courage to say anything, you alone raised three kids and made us strong, can’t we take care of that baby and raise him well, we won’t talk anything negative, we will prepare for his coming, trust me. Suman says it means your responsibilities will increase, right. Sonakshi says yes, maybe his coming gets lucky for us. She gets a call.

She says yes, Shukla ji, I will come, I will get my clothes. She says Maa, the producer called me for the role, the girl he finalized left for some film, at least work started, its good, Pari’s child will be lucky for us. Rohit talks to the doctors. He tells the disease symptoms. Nurse makes a voice recording. Rohit says the virus is deadly, it spreads by air, Mr. Singh was in our hospital, if the blood reports are positive, then its a matter of concern, virus is air-borne, nurses, doctors have to wear masks, we will keep patients in quarantine section. The man says we should inform the health minister. Rohit says we told them, we can’t take this lightly, we have to manage the patients, who can be infected by this virus, his health or his career can be affected. Sonakshi meets Shukla. She says you have much cold. He says sorry for last time, you had asked for advance. She says I don’t need the advance now. He explains the role. Sonakshi sees Nishi, Veena and Vimmi. She says I will just go to washroom and come.

She signs Vimmi. Vimmi goes and meets her. She hugs Sonakshi and cries. She says Tanya has lost her baby. She tells everything. Sonakshi is shocked.
Nishi says its Pari’s mistake, who gets pregnant in extra marital affair. Veena says its Rohan’s mistake also. Nishi says don’t blame him, its problem with Rastogis’ blood, we have postponed Akash and Deepa’s marriage, we should get Rohit married also, he will agree if you say, I have seen a girl for him in London, she is from our class. Sonakshi says Tanya would be in pain. Vimmi says Rohit had told everyone about Rohan and beaten him a lot, because Rohan tried to harm Pari. Sonakshi says it means Rohan tried to harm Pari and her baby, Rohit saved her. Vimmi says yes.
Ajit says we are going home, Dr. Agarwal said progress is good. Rohit says good, don’t tell anyone.

He asks Naren to get fine soon, he can testify against Nishi. He asks Ajit to take masks and call him if he sees any symptoms, don’t bring dad to hospital, we will have follow ups from home. Ajit takes Naren and sees Sonakshi coming. Rohit goes to give Naren’s file. Ajit asks how are you. She nods.Sonakshi holds Naren and asks are you fine Papa. Rohit looks on. She asks is he better. Ajit nods. She says good, don’t take tension about Tanya, I have come to meet her, she will be fine. Ajit tells the room number. Sonakshi gets up. Naren holds her hand.

Rohit smiles. Ajit says dad showed body movement after accident for the first time, its a positive sign. She says take care of him Ajit. She goes. Rohit recalls Nishi’s words.Rohit says you both will be safe when you stay away. Sonakshi comes to Tanya. Tanya shouts on her and says you came to celebrate, Pari is pregnant with Rohan’s child. Sonakshi says please calm down. Tanya throws things. Rohit comes and pulls Sonakshi. He gets hurt on his back. Tanya shouts just leave. Rohit asks did you take revenge by disturbing Tanya, why did you come, don’t show fake concern, you won’t get anything. Sonakshi says I got to know that Rohan tried to harm Pari and baby, you saved her. He says I stopped him from doing any crime, else you would have sent him to jail. She asks are you cheap or mean. He says both, just leave, maybe you came to do fake care acting, that I melt and take you back in my life, this won’t happen, get it in your head and leave. She leaves. He cries and says sorry Sona, stay away from me and my family.

Sonakshi saying I gave my heart to a wrong person and he broke it, now my heart is safe with Sumit. Some time back, Suman asks why did you go to meet Tanya, Rohit is right. Sonakshi says I went to meet her, she lost her baby. Suman says they don’t need your sympathy, so much happened, you need to cut off with them. Sonakshi says you are right. Suman says you have to cut the emotional connection with them and move on, give a chance to Sumit, show Rohit that you can also move on. Sonakshi says you are right, I will show Rohit that I don’t need anyone, its my decision, I don’t want Rohit. Pari hears them and smiles.

She says baby, Tanya’s miscarriage happened, now your dad will just think of you. Rohit gets your wound dressing done. He gets letter from health ministry. He says its a big problem, I need to meet the doctors, ask Ajit and Yash are attending the meeting, we have to treat the patients in quarantine, I need 16 masks, wait, 21 masks, for Sonakshi’s family as well, all the masks will get sold. Sonakshi sees Munya coughing a lot and asks what happened. Sunita says I went to pick up my brother and got unwell. Rohit says Ajit, mention the patient’s symptoms well, its air borne and can spread easily. She takes Sunita to drop her. Sonakshi comes to meet Sumit.

She sees him wearing shorts. He says look here and there. She says wear clothes and come. He says come in after 20 seconds. He wears clothes and comes. He says sorry, I was in shorts, I was playing video games, is everything fine, Suman told me about Shukla’s offer. She says I came to tell you, you and me, we should have an affair. He asks what are you saying. She says you spoke to mom. He says yes, but how. She says then we shall start an affair, we are good friends. He asks did you meet Rohit and fight with him. She says its my life, my decision, Rohit has thrown me out of his life, we are separated since four months, I m not his wife, how did Rohit come between, are you ready for the affair, you have a problem with my divorce, do you have anyone in your life. He says I m also divorced. She says I have no problem with it, our affair starts now, we are GF and BF now, okay, congrats, take me for lunch tomorrow. He says yes. She goes. He says who starts an affair like this, who asks for lunch date this way.

Veena talks to Rohit on call. She says yes, we got Tanya home, Pooja is with her. She asks Pooja to make sure none goes to Tanya’s room, Rohan will stay in guest room. Rohan asks Tanya to listen. Tanya scolds him. Rohan gets a voice message from Pari. Pari says what if Tanya’s baby is lost, our baby is there, take us home, we will marry. He throws the phone. Sumit comes to Rohit and says there is an emergency. Rohit says there is also emergency, keep the mask. Sumit says I have to talk to Sonakshi. Rohit asks why is she doing Bhabhi’s role, she is lead actress. Sumit says yes, she is a heroine, she doesn’t listen to me. Rohit says ask her to do some business if she doesn’t get lead role. Sumit says I don’t know, she came to my house and said we will start an affair. Rohit asks what. Sumit says you would have done something. Rohit recalls his words.

Sumit says you both put me in trouble, I m thinking to go to London again. Rohit says idea isn’t bad, you both are friends, you are good partner for Sona, what’s the problem, there is good understanding. Sumit asks do you really want this. Rohit says yes. Sumit says idea is not bad, Sonakshi is a nice girl, right. Rohit nods. Sumit says she is much beautiful, her eyes, her hair…. Rohit recalls Sonakshi. Sumit says she is talented and caring, I felt I deserve a girl like her, fine then, if I get mad in her love, then you don’t come to ask for her, it will be a fight. Rohit says it won’t happen, take care of her, keep her happy. Tulsi comes. Rohit asks her to give masks to Sumit. She says Veena told about Malhotra’s party. Rohit goes. Sumit says Rohit and Sonakshi love each other, what shall I do, what did nurse say, Malhotra’s party, I also got the invite, Sonakshi, we will start the affair. Rohit meets his friend Nitin and congratulates. He asks them to keep hygiene and stay safe from virus. Sumit and Sonakshi come there. Sumit says I thought to get you in the party. Nitin greets her. Sonakshi says I know him. Nitin asks what’s Sonakshi doing with Sumit. The girl says Rohit’s ex-wife, don’t know what will Rohit do seeing them together. Rohit and Sonakshi take the same drink. Sumit asks what happened baby, its my fav drink. He asks Rohit did he identify his ex-wife. He says she is my new Gf.

Rohit says good. Sonakshi holds Sumit’s hand and says thank God Sumit, I m with you, I was mad, I gave my heart to a wrong person and he broke it, now I m with you, my heart will be safe. Sumit says the person will be mad who didn’t love you and value you, I promise to love you a lot. Rohit says perfect jodi, he is rich, he is an actor like you, I m warning you, be careful. Sumit says I didn’t come to do this, help me. Nitin asks everyone to come on the dance floor. Sonakshi says lets dance, we are perfect couple. Sumit and Sonakshi dance. Haan mai galat….plays…. Rohit gets angry. Sumit holds her and touches her hair. Sonakshi sees Rohit.


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