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Eternal Love 5 March 2021 update: Veena slapping Sonakshi. Rohit gets shocked. Some time back, Rohit, Yash and everyone get shocked seeing Naren fallen unconscious and bleeding. Rohit shouts akmbulance.

They take Naren to the hospital. Rohit treats Naren. He comes out. Sukhmani asks how is Naren. Rohit says he isn’t fine, he is critical, he has multiple fractures, there is brain injury, we are trying. Veena says Naren has to live, he can’t die, he can’t leave me like this, I have to forgive him, he has to apologize, I can’t forgive him. Rohit asks her to calm down. She says he can’t leave me, you have to save him. She cries. Rohit hugs her. He recalls Sonakshi’s words.

Dimpy says senior surgeon has come, we are making Naren ready for the surgery. Pari calls Rohan. He disconnects. She gets angry. Suman says go and sleep, don’t have hope from him. Pari calls on landline. Vimmi says there is no one at home. Pari asks how did Naren fallen from the seventh floor. Suman gets shocked. Nishi cries and asks how is Naren. Yash says he is fighting for his life. Nishi says thank God, he is alive. Suman and Pari come. Tanya shouts on Pari. She asks Pari to get out. Sonakshi asks Pari to leave. Pari says I won’t leave. Rohit says Sona is right, go from here Pari, this is a hospital, there won’t be any drama, my family is facing many problems, Suman can stay. Suman asks Pari to go. Pari goes. Rohit says Dr. Agarwal wants to talk to us. Dr. Agarwal says spinal cord is crushed, there are six clots in the brain, Naren is critical, I think you have informed the police. Nishi asks why.

Dr. Agarwal says police will find out if it was an accident, or suicide, or did anyone attempt to murder him by pushing him down. Rohit says my team has informed the police, they would be coming. Nishi sees Sonakshi. She says how didn’t I think of it, this investigation is necessary, Naren can’t fall from the balcony, it wasn’t any accident, everyone loves Naren, who can think of killing him, it means he committed suicide, I can understand, Veena was in stress, but I also didn’t think, his life’s big secret came out and his reputation got ruined, I have seen his face, he was so humiliation when the Mahila mandal people came, so he called mumma, he wanted to make a will since he wanted to commit suicide, we should have shown him pity, I wish I met him, he would have spoken to someone before falling. Sonakshi says there was nothing such, I went to meet Naren, he was much normal.

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Nishi asks what, did you meet him, what did he say. Sonakshi says actually, I went to tell him that he should change his decision about the property, I wanted to tell him that his decision was wrong. Nishi asks why, he was so stressed, you went to talk about property, he was feeling. She asks Veena did she hear it, Naren hates Sonakshi and even then Sonakshi went to talk. Rohit says calm down, dad was fine, I know this. Sonakshi says yes, he was fine. Nishi says I m sure you told something to hurt him, maybe he tried to commit suicide because of you. Rohit says I don’t think so, this can’t be a big reason that Naren commits suicide.

Veena asks Rohit how can you be so sure, how do you know about their talk. Sonakshi says please, trust me, Naren spoke to me well. Veena asks what was the need to talk to him about property. Sonakshi says I thought of family and asked Naren to reconsider his decision, else family will break, I had heard Akash and Deepa talking, they were much upset with Naren’s decision. Deepa asks what are you saying, we didn’t say anything. Sonakshi says Akash said Naren’s decision is wrong. Akash says Naren is my brother, our relations are strong, we don’t interfere in each other’s decision. Sonakshi says Akash said he will drag Naren to court, I m not lying. Nishi says how can we believe you, Naren hates you, he can’t talk to you calmly, Akash and Deepa are denying this, maybe you went for Rohit’s share, you should have spoken to us. Sonakshi says I didn’t think of Rohit, its wrong. Veena slaps Sonakshi. She scolds her. Nishi smiles and asks Veena to calm down. Tulsi says police has come.

Veena asks inspector to ask Sonakshi, Naren is in this condition because of her. Nishi stops Ajit. Rohan says let police do the work. Inspector asks are you filing official complaint against Sonakshi. Rohit says my mom is in stress, Sonakshi can’t do this. Veena says Sonakshi was the last person who met Naren, why did he take this step. Inspector says we have to take Sonakshi for questioning. Suman says you can’t take her. Sonakshi says I will come with you. Rohit says you aren’t a reason for dad’s state, I trust you, you won’t go alone, I will come along. They leave. Veena looks on and faints. Rohit and Sonakshi stop seeing this. Rohit holds Sonakshi’s hand and rushes to Veena.

Rohit speaking to Munya and Sumit about Sonakshi. He says she could be infected with the super virus. Sonakshi faints. Some time back, Sonakshi says Sumit please don’t come close. He asks what happened, don’t you like my touch, we are having an affair, so this will happen. She says I know, but I don’t feel right. He asks is there a problem, you still love Rohit. She says its nothing like that. He says you are a big fool, you still love Rohit. She says stop it, I will go to washroom and come. She goes. Sumit says I will make you admit it. Rohit asks what’s this misbehavior, touching her hair and waist. Sumit says she is my GF, its my right. Rohit says shut up. Sumit says you shut up, you asked me to date her when I asked you, you look at yourself, you are restless, you both are mad, you love her and she also loves you a lot. O meherbaan…..plays…. Sonakshi cries. She says I told Sumit that we are having an affair, what’s wrong if he is touching me, do I still love Rohit, I don’t want to love him. Rohit says no, she can’t love me, she has to hate me. He takes a drink.

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Its morning, Suman reads the news of super virus. Sonakshi comes holding her head and stumbling. Suman greets her morning. Sonakshi recalls Rohit’s words. Suman asks aren’t you fine. Sonakshi says I have much cold, stay away from me. Suman says I will give you antibiotics. Sonakshi says I wish there was some medicine to make one out of heart. Pari comes to have breakfast. Sonakshi asks her to go to her room. Suman says Munya didn’t come. Sonakshi says Munya is unwell, I asked her to take rest for some days. She calls Munya and asks about her health. Munya says doctor came to the chawl and asked me to get blood test done. Sonakshi says fine, call me if you need anything. Munya is called by the doctor. She falls there.

Rohan hears Tanya talking on the call about the baby. He gets shocked. She asks Rohan is he ready, baby will have breakfast now. He says what happened to Tanya. Rohit checks the patients. A man dies. Tulsi says its an emergency, there is a patient from govt. Hospital. He gets shocked seeing Munya. He asks is it confirmed, shift her to special ward. He says I just hope Sona is fine. Suman asks where are you going, you need to take rest. Sonakshi says I have to meet the lawyer. Sumit comes home and says you look unwell. Sonakshi says stay away, you will also get the infection, its just viral. Sumit asks her not to go out. Suman says I also told the same, Sumit will become a good Jamai. Sumit looks here and there. He says I got these masks for you, this virus is serious issue, it will be good we stay safe, wear it. Suman says you take good care of Sona and us also, a good-hearted Jamai can do this. Sumit says I wish I could say that Rohit thinks so much for you.

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Nishi asks staff to wear masks and keep washing hands, super virus is spreading fast. She instructs them. A parcel comes for Tanya. Tanya says I ordered a cradle for baby. Everyone worries. Nishi asks what’s happening. Yash says Tanya is in trauma over her baby’s loss, she has to come out of it. Munya asks will I die. Rohit says don’t worry, we will treat you, whom did you meet. She recalls Sonakshi. She says save Sonakshi. Sonakshi coughs. Munya says she dropped me home, she held my hand. Rohit goes and calls Sumit. He asks did you meet Sona. Sumit says yes, I gave her the masks. Rohit asks is she alright.

Sumit says no, some viral infection, maybe because of climate, she has gone to meet her lawyer. Rohit asks why, she could be infected with super virus. Sumit asks what. He stops driving. Rohit says you could have got her for tests if she had symptoms, Sumit you are educated, come on, call her and get her home. Sonakshi gets dizzy. Suman asks what happened, you are unwell, I will call the doctor. Rohit leaves for Sonakshi’s house. Pari asks what happened. Suman says Dr. Patil’s phone is still busy. Pari says message him, I will see Sonakshi. Suman says stop, don’t go in. She asks Sonakshi to open the door. Sonakshi says I don’t want you or Pari to come here, call a doctor.

Rohit reaches and runs. Suman checks the door. She sees Rohit and asks how did you come here. He says Sona is unwell, where is she. She asks how did you know, go to hell, she isn’t at home, go. He says then call her and find out, she maybe infected with super virus. Suman and Pari get shocked. He says you have read about virus, your Munya is admitted in my hospital, Sonakshi maybe suffering from virus, where is she. Pari says she is in her room. Rohit knocks the door and says open the door. Sonakshi says what’s Rohit doing here. She recalls his words and says I don’t want to see his face. She asks Suman to ask Rohit to leave. Rohit says fine, don’t see my face, you could be infected, you have to get blood tests done, its imp. She says its not related to you. He says I have come here as a doctor, virus is risky. Sonakshi recalls their moments.


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