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Eternal Love 19 february 2021 update: Sonakshi seeing the adoption papers. She says is Rani Pooja’s…. Some time back… Sonakshi asks how do you know about Rani. Rohit says she told her name.

She says it was late till pack up, how could I leave her alone, there is bus and auto strike, you know the incidents happening these days, you expect me to leave Rani or anyone alone on the road, this is the least we can do. He says I didn’t mean that, I get worried, you are simple, people can take advantage of it, you have fever, you didn’t say.

She says its normal, I got drenched that’s why… He says I m the doctor, sit here, thank God that Veena didn’t know this, she has different obsession with fever. He holds her hand to check pulse. He says remember, we met like this for the first time, you were wearing 100-200 bangles, I couldn’t check pulse, you would have liked it seeing a handsome doctor in front of you, you are lucky to get me, a charming and handsome guy, your heart would have skipped the beat. She shows temperature, 99. She says its normal, you are lucky, you got the chance to hold Parvati’s hand, many people want to take a selfie with me. He says yes, I m lucky to have a beautiful wife, but…

She says what but. He says nothing, actually no, you will feel bad. She says no, tell me. He says you are already getting hyper. She says no, I m calm, tell me. He asks sure. She says sure. He says you are a top actress, you are beautiful but you don’t have that factor. She asks what. He says that she has. She asks who, you don’t watch TV. He says Vimmi was watching TV, I was passing by and saw her gorgeous face. She asks who. He says Ishimaa. She says Divyanka Tripathi from YHM. He says she is so pretty, her name is Divyanka… so sweet, you know her. She says yes, I know her husband also. He says she got married at a young age, call her home, invite her. She asks why. He says she is special, her personality is great. She says my fever is increasing, you go and watch her show on hotstar or tv. He says you are jealous of Divyanka. She says I m not jealous. He goes.

Shankar gets Rani’s bag from the car. He says maybe Sonakshi bought a new bag. He gives the bags to Vimmi. Vimmi takes it to Sonakshi’s room. Rohit teases Sonakshi. Sonakshi says Vimmi, come here, you are watching a lot of shows, how did Rohit know about Ishimaa. Vimmi says you know Ishimaa. Sonakshi says go to Ishimaa. Rohit asks Vimmi to go. Rohit holds Sonakshi and hugs her. She says you did mistake to marry me. He says no, Divyanka has everything, but she isn’t my Sona, you are arrogant but cute, pretty, and eyes are more prettier, I was teasing you and pulling your leg. She smiles and says I didn’t get taller. He says so funny but you got jealous. She says you shouldn’t like anyone else than me. He says but there is someone before you, my mom. She says mumma is allowed. He says my Sona is the best. He hugs her.

Its morning, Rohit asks Sonakshi to come and sit. He says fever got away and you started working. Sonakshi sneezes. Vimmi gets ginger tea for her. Naren asks is everything okay. Sonakshi says nothing, rain… Veena says Sundari is going to stay with us for a week. Naren says its good. Rohit says you will stay at home all day and rest. Sonakshi says its just dubbing today, no shoot, I will ask Netra to send someone home. Pooja comes and hugs Naren. She goes. Nishi asks why did you get late today. Pooja says I went to the sets with Rohit yesterday, Sonakshi is a rockstar, it was a rain sequence, we will watch the show tomorrow on the projector screen together. Veena worries. Suman says its a lead actress role for star plus show, go and come, I would have come, but Pulkit is coming from the hospital. Pari says okay. Nishi asks what, Rani met Sonakshi. Rohit says I have a strong feeling that something will go wrong.

Sonakshi talks to Netra on call. She says send Sanchit, I have the script. She gets Rani’s bag. The bag falls. Sonakshi gets Pooja’s pics and also the adoption papers file. She gets shocked. Shankar comes and asks what’s the work. She asks him about Rani. He says she got down midway. She calls Netra and says I want help, I want Rani’s address, please find out, I m sorry, I can’t tell you anything. She says I have to tell Rohit about Rani. Rohit says I will talk to Sona. Nurse comes and says come fast, they are angry on Pulkit for some wrong medicine. Rohit keeps the phone and goes. Sonakshi says is Rani Pooja’s…. She leaves.

Suman asks how shall I ask Netra to stop the episode from telecasting. Veena says Sonakshi is our bahu. Suman says you knew Sonakshi is an actress, and she can continue her work after marriage, your husband is a gynac, can you ask him not to touch any other woman. Veena says you are crossing your limit. Suman says now you understand. Veena says I don’t want any problem in Rohit’s life. Suman says he supports her, he went on sets to motivate her. Veena says other members may have problem, Naren is a respected gynac, he doesn’t want anyone to taunt him about Sonakshi. Suman says he should learn to answer them back and you should learn to end his old thinking, rather than ending Sonakshi’s career. Veena goes. Sonakshi comes to meet Rani. Rani opens the door.

Sonakshi threatening Rani. Rani says yes, call the police, everyone threatens me, they know my truth. Some time back, Sonakshi comes to Rani’s house. She shows the bag and asks what is this file doing in your bag, tell me the truth, I want to know it. Rani says I will tell you the truth, do you have courage to bear it. Sonakshi asks what truth. Rani says I don’t want to talk, give my bag and go. Sonakshi asks what’s the truth, tell me. Rani says give me my bag. Sonakshi says I will call the police. Rani says yes, call the police, let the truth come out, what is my mistake, everyone threatens me, Nishi, YK and your husband… Sonakshi asks Rohit? Pari comes for the auditions. She sees Rohan. She says you…

Sonakshi asks how do you know Rohit, Nishi and YK. Rani says I m bearing all the pain and punishment alone, I was young, just 19 year old, I wasn’t sensible, I fell in love and made a mistake, but how long will I bear the mistake. Sonakshi says calm down, I m confused. Rani says they know about me, they know that Pooja is my daughter. Sonakshi is shocked. Rohan says its me, your Rohan, who else. Pari tries to go. She says let me go. He stops her and asks what’s your problem, what is wrong with you, Suman wants you not to work with me.

Sonakshi asks what are you doing, you are Pooja’s mum, where did you go all these years, you saw adoption news and came, since Pooja is part of rich family, why are you lying, answer me. Rani cries and says I told you, you won’t understand, you are not a mother. Rohan says I can’t live without you, how can you leave me, you love me right. Pari says no, I do not love you. Rohan says lie.

Rani asks lie, are the papers a lie, no, its my truth, Pooja was so little when I had to leave her at an orphanage, I got separated from her, its been 21 years, I had to stay away so that she lives a good life, which I could never give her, I was an unwedded mother, what would she get if I kept her with me, a life of humiliation, I m relieved that she is living with a big family, everyone loves her, I didn’t think that she will know that she is adopted, but she got to know, I know she is much hurt, I saw her on the sets yesterday, I wanted to go and hug her, I m her mum, I didn’t raise her, I didn’t see her childhood, I have just seen her growing in these pics, I want to hug her, please make me meet her once, I beg you.

Pari pushes Rohan. She says you didn’t do anything, I did wrong. She cries and says I made a big mistake, I m scared, if you know, you will also hate me. Rohan hugs Pari and calms her. He says I know you would have not done it intentionally, please tell me. She says I told Tapasya about Pooja’s adoption. He gets shocked. She says I m very sorry, I know I made a big mistake, Rohit, Sonakshi, Suman and even Pulkit scolded me, I didn’t know Pooja will attempt suicide by hearing that adoption news.

Rani says you don’t believe me, look at this letter. She says that man gave this letter to Nishi when he adopted Pooja, you will believe your husband’s uncle right, go and ask him. Rohan says its okay, I trust you. Pari asks what, you are trusting me, everyone scolded me and beaten me, you are not saying anything, I m really very sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt anyone. Rohan says I just know one thing, my Pari can never do anything wrong, I love you. Pari hugs him. Rohan kisses her and gets close. Akash asks how did you get this letter. Deepa asks are you in some trouble. Sonakshi asks is this true, come with me. Rohit asks Pulkit to do allergy tests and give medicines. Pulkit says sorry and goes. Rohit sees missed calls and calls Sonakshi. He says maybe she went for dubbing. He calls Veena and asks is everything fine. She says my mood is bad, why did you call me. He asks what happened. She says don’t irritate me. He asks where is Sona. She asks Vimmi and says she went out. He says she can’t rest for a day. She says you go and ask Sona. Netra says this rain dance is superhit. Sumit says yes, but its a family show, this will be bold. Netra says I understand, but there is much competition, you and Sona look lovely, this song is final. Sumit says I hope there is no problem in Sonakshi’s Sasural.

Akash and Deepa check papers. Deepa says these papers are genuine, Rani is saying right, Nishi, Yash and Rohit know Rani. Akash asks why did they hide about Pooja’s dad. Rani says I didn’t wish his name to come out, he didn’t want the child. Akash says tell me his name, I want to know. Rani says he is no more, he didn’t marry me, I was happy that Nishi accepted my daughter and saved her from illegitimacy stain, I just want to meet Pooja once, I will go away and never return, I promise. Sonakshi says calm down, I will meet you soon. They leave. Rohit calls Sonakshi and asks where are you. Sonakshi says I want to tell you…. Akash signs her. She says I came on lunch with Akash and Deepa. He says go home and find out why is mom upset, I have a surgery, I will finish and come. She says fine. She ends call and asks why didn’t you let me ask Rohit, Rani wants to meet Pooja once, we know Pooja won’t go with her.

Akash says Rohit knows everything, even then he didn’t let Pooja and Rani meet, there would be some reason, we have to be careful else… Deepa says maybe we know everything and maybe something is missing. Sonakshi recalls Rohit and says yes, he gets hyper sometimes when we talk about the adoption. Deepa says we have rights to know her real parents, but we have to know Rohit, Nishi and YK’s point of view.


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