Eternal Love Teasers December 2020 Star Life

Sonakshi Rastogi opens up about her life as an actress, while Rohit Sippy, a surgeon, recalls his past after receiving an award. How will their lives get entwined? Read Eternal Love December 2020 Teasers

Eternal Love Teasers December 2020 Star Life

Eternal Love Teasers December 2020 Star Life

Starlife Eternal Love December 2020 Teasers

Eternal Love Wednesday 16 December 2020
(Episode 1)
Sonakshi Rastogi opens up about her own life as a celebrity, while Rohit Sippy, a physician, recalls his previous after getting an award. How can their lives become entwined?

(Episode 2)
Rohit preps to get a complex operation while Sonakshi is set for her take. Afterwards, a weary Sonakshi faints while shooting at a dancing sequence.

Eternal Love Thursday 17 December 2020
(Episode 3)
Sonakshi will not hear Rohit’s medical information. Afterwards, Sonakshi’s mother confronts her while Rohit is full of anger.

(Episode 4)
A frustrated Rohit matches Sonakshi on the collections of KPK while Sumit and Netra indulge in a dare. Afterwards, Rohit and Sonakshi assert on TV sequential content.

Eternal Love Friday 18 December 2020
(Episode 5)
Nishi makes a bargain with Suman while Rohit is overwhelmed to satisfy his family . Elsewhere, Sumit hatches a diabolical strategy against Sonakshi.

(Episode 6)
A mad Sonakshi slaps Sumit afterwards he misbehaves with her. Rohit recalls the improvement he’s made as a physician. Afterwards, Sonakshi stains Rohit in grave threat.

Eternal Love Saturday 19 December 2020
(Episode 7)
Sonakshi rescues Rohit however he fails to enjoy her gesture. Afterwards, she panics on visiting some authorities in the check place while Netra gets some surprising news.

(Episode 8)
In Netra’s insistence, Sumit apologises into Sonakshi. Afterwards, she overhears Rohit’s dialog, which compels her to take a radical measure.

Eternal Love Sunday 20 December 2020
(Episode 9)
Rohit is made to telephone Sonakshi to inaugurate the new wing of this hospital. Afterwards, he has impressed with her address in the media conference.

(Episode 10)
The Sippys praise Sonakshi in the celebration, but she’s hurt when Rohit remains unimpressed. Afterwards, he stops her from fulfilling a young fan in his hospital.

Eternal Love Monday 21 December 2020
(Episode 11)
When Sonakshi spends a night at the hospital, she chances upon her ex-boyfriend Karan. Afterwards, Rohit gets a shocking phone call at the middle of night.

(Episode 12)
Sonakshi narrates the events into the Sippys and apologises to them to be overdue. Afterwards, Rohit gets into a heated debate with her.

Eternal Love Tuesday 22 December 2020
(Episode 13)
Veena and the servants do everything they can to heal Rohit’s fever. Afterwards, he seems at Sonakshi’s doorstep to recover a precious product.

(Episode 14)
Hell-bent on getting back his watch, Rohit spends the night on a seat. Afterwards, Sonakshi tends to him after learning about his ailing health.

Eternal Love Wednesday 23 December 2020
(Episode 15)
Sonakshi struggles to divert the press, while Nishi and Suman possess a struggle. Afterwards, Sonakshi apologises into the Sippys on TV and plays a healthy deed.

(Episode 16)
Even though Suman’s behavior bothers Sonakshi, Pulkit consoles . Afterwards, Rohit and Veena are awed by Sonakshi’s calm demeanour.

Eternal Love Thursday 24 December 2020
(Episode 17)
Rohit saves Sonakshi out of a tragedy while Rohan lands himself in trouble. Afterwards, a mad Suman is taken aback by Sonakshi’s fearless action.

(Episode 18)
Nishi seeks revenge against Suman while the police barge to Sonakshi’s home to detain Suman. Elsewhere, in a fit of anger, Pari shouts alcohol on Pooja.

Eternal Love Friday 25 December 2020
(Episode 19)
Rohit struggles for Suman published while Sonakshi creates a challenging choice. Afterwards, Rohit is taken aback when a nurse supplies an odd reaction to his query.

(Episode 20)
Rohit seeks Nethra’s aid seeing Sonakshi while Nishi and YK rebuke each other. Elsewhere, a shattered Suman conveys her feelings into Sonakshi.

Eternal Love Saturday 26 December 2020
(Episode 21
Sonakshi is desperate, recalling her late dad while Netra intends her next shoot Rohit’s hospital. Afterwards, Netra creates a shocking revelation into the latter.

(Episode 22)
Rohan intends to choose Tanya out for a romantic supper. Later at the hospital, Rohit humiliates Sumit facing everyone.

Eternal Love Sunday 27 December 2020
(Episode 23)
Sonakshi gets a sudden offer as a desperate Rohit creates a mysterious phone call. Afterwards, Pari is left in tears following a dispute with Suman and Sonakshi.

(Episode 240
Sonakshi is not able to acquire over Pari’s words while Rohit is decided to make things right. Afterwards, she’s amazed by Karan’s outrageous demand.

Eternal Love Monday 28 December 2020
(Episode 25)
Sumit manipulates a designer that Pari includes a wardrobe malfunction. Afterwards, Sonakshi and Rohit become a heated debate prior to the event.

(Episode 26)
A chance encounter brings together Dr. Rohit and Sonakshi, a TV celebrity. Starting off on a foot, they are soon astounded at one another’s worlds. And what begins then, is a one-way trip.

Eternal Love Tuesday 29 December 2020
(Episode 27)
Pooja is devastated after a wardrobe malfunction during the ramp walk. Afterwards, she shoots sharp offenses in Sonakshi.

(Episode 28)
Rohit retains Sonakshi liable for Pooja’s wardrobe malfunction. An enraged Naren slaps Pooja while Pari’s confession disturbs Sonakshi.

Eternal Love Wednesday 30 December 2020
(Episode 29)
Sonakshi makes a bargain with Ashish to prevent Pooja’s information from being printed. The following day, the Sippys are shocked to see the paper.

(Episode 30)
Rohit yells at Sonakshi because of his error while Pari is shocked to hear Pooja’s new prospect. Afterwards, Sonakshi’s hunt contributes to a very important clue.

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