Eternal Love 18 March 2021 update: Ajit arguing with Veena and defending Sonakshi. Veena slaps him. Nishi says but where is that Sonakshi. Some time back, Sumit says you always felt that I m supporting Sonakshi, truth is Rohit did this, your bail, this mask, saving Sonakshi from producer, Rohit did it, I was just a medium. Suman feels bad. Tanya is sleeping. Pari takes a pillow and suffocates her. She says you and your baby have to die, so that Rohan accepts me. Tanya pushes her. She shouts Rohan. Rohan comes. She says Pari had come to suffocate me, she wants to snatch you from me and kill the baby. Rohan says how can Pari come, I was standing outside, enough now, there is no Pari here and there is no baby. Tanya gets shocked. Veena shouts Rohan, don’t trouble her, please leave he room. He goes. Suman says you love Sona so much, then why were you helpless Rohit that you made her away, why did you break her. Pari looks on.

Rohit cries and says sorry, I killed myself every day to do this with Sona, I love her more than myself, I can’t tell my reasons, I just wanted her to be safe and happy, I wanted her to hate me, I did this to keep her safe, trust me, I love Sona. Suman cries and hugs him. She apologizes. He says nothing will happen to her, I promise, I will find her, Sumit you be here, I will go with inspector and find Sona, I will find her, trust me. He goes. Sumit hugs Suman and consoles. Ajit calls Rohit and says I m with Naren, how is Sonakshi. Rohit says she isn’t infected. Ajit says thank God, she is fine, we want to meet her, what happened, where are you, tell me, stay strong. Rohit cries. Ajit says everything will be fine, we will get her. Rohit says someone has kidnapped her, don’t know who, Nishi is involved, keep an eye on her. Ajit says Nishi Bua…..

Rohit thinks of Sonakshi. Shayad kabhi….plays…. Veena slaps Rohan. She asks did you go mad, did you talk to Tanya like this, its your mistake, you are responsible, we have to treat her with love, else she will have a nervous breakdown, you did something that ashamed me, Rohit doesn’t care, he married a wrong girl, she got ousted, even then he is stuck, sons are pride of a mother, I feel you both will make me mad, where is Rohit. Ajit says he is busy, leave him alone, stop it. Nishi comes and looks on.


Ajit says you got blinded by hatred for Sonakshi and can’t see Rohit is in pain, he loves Sonakshi. Veena says she is unlucky. Ajit says no, he made her out of the house just for you, he still loves her, he sacrificed his love for you, Sonakshi is nice, she just did right for us, we did wrong with her, Rohit is trying to find her, she isn’t infected, even then she is sent to the camp, support Rohit, he needs you, else Rohit will go mad for her. Veena slaps him. Nishi looks on and smiles. Veena says don’t take her name, Sonakshi is a curse for my family, she ruined everything, I hate her. Nishi says good, but where is that Sonakshi, Rohit can’t reach her, where is she hiding. Suman says I know who can help us in finding Sonakshi. Rohit talks to inspector on call. Inspector says we got that man, we will find out. Patients are getting treated. Tulsi sees him and gets shocked. Rohit says I hope we find a way to reach Sona.

Tulsi asks why did you come in special ward without mask. Rohit gets shocked seeing the patients. Tulsi says you will be infected with super virus. Suman meets some tantric. He says there is much darkness, I can’t see anything, I can feel she is in big danger. Veena goes to meet Sonakshi. She takes food for Sonakshi. Sumit asks where is my daughter, who is doing this. He says she is still alive, she is in some secret chamber, she is feeling suffocated, someone has kept her tied. Sonakshi is seen sleeping. Suman asks where is she. He says she is in big trouble, someone dear is hurting her. Sonakshi wakes up. Veena lifts the dupatta off her face. Sonakshi says mumma you…. Pari calls Suman and asks did you find out. Suman says no, tantric baba will help. Pari asks what, you believe in that in today’s times, come home right now. Sonakshi asks why…. Veena recalls getting Sonakshi kidnapped.

Veena says have food. Sonakshi says go from here, I m infected from super virus, go from here. Veena says stop, nothing happened to you, else I would have not got you here, I went to meet Naren’s doctor and learnt that someone changed your blood sample. FB shows Naren seeing Sonakshi’s blood sample and calling out Rohit. She hears the man saying Sonakshi doesn’t have supervirus, what, I have to change the reports, fine. FB ends. Veena says I got to know that you aren’t infected. Sonakshi asks why did you get me here by kidnapping, I have to go. Veena says wait, you have viral. She asks doctor to inject Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks why are you doing this, what do you want. Veena says you have forced me to do this, you ruined my Rohit, I want you to stay away from his life. Sonakshi says you are mistaken, Rohit hates me. Veena says I also felt so, he made you out of Sippy mansion, not out of his heart.

Rohit telling Sumit about Sonakshi’s rare blood, the antibodies can be a solution to make an antidote for the virus, find her, meet the police. Sumit agrees. Some time back, Veena says Rohit still loves you, he was finding you when he got to know you are infected, when he learnt you have no infection, he ran to Suman to find you. Sonakshi says I accept he loves me, but I hate him, he insulted me and blamed me for being characterless, I don’t have anything to do. Veena says you think so, he doesn’t think so, you are his life, but I don’t want you to stay in his life, you are a big curse for Rohit and my family, I want you to stay away from Rohit, you will stay here until Rohit forgets you, please don’t make things tough for me, I don’t want to do this, but I m helpless. She goes. The servant says the man who kidnapped Sonakshi is in police custody. Veena asks are you mad, who asked you to kidnap her, if Rohit knows it.

Rohit asks Sumit to go and find out about Sonakshi. Sumit asks are you not coming, why. Rohit says I can’t come, are you alone now. Sumit gets away seeing Pari. He asks Rohit to say. Rohit says I m not well, maybe I m infected for super virus. Sumit asks what. Rohit says my blood has gone for tests, I just have 48 hours for the cure, just find out where is Sonakshi, don’t share this with anyone, fear spreads faster than disease. Sumit says I m worried for Sonakshi. Rohit recalls the reports. He thinks of talking to Sonakshi and noting down her medical details, her rare blood group. He says Sumit, Sonakshi can save the patients, her rare blood group can be used to make antidote. Sumit asks what. Rohit says her blood, antibodies can tolerate the infection for long, we can save the patients, find her, meet the inspector. Sumit says fine, I will go to the police station. He asks Suman to take care of Pari. Rohit asks Tulsi to make a list of patients who have Sonakshi’s blood group, release a circular to find people of that blood group, we can save the dying patients. Tulsi says I think you are thinking something.

Pari talks to Rohan. Suman comes. Pari lies. Suman snatches phone and scolds Rohan. She says I will kill you if you spoil Pari’s life, don’t dare to call Pari. Rohan worries. Suman asks Pari how much will she trouble them. She calls Rohit and says he isn’t answering, don’t know where is Sonakshi. Veena says what will happen if Rohit knows, what will happen now. Nishi comes and says Rohit git infected with supervirus. Veena gets shocked. Nishi says be strong. Veena says this should have not happened, I kidnapped her so that there is no stress in Rohit’s life, I m punished for my sins. Nishi asks what did you do. Veena says I took a wrong step in anger, Sonakshi is in our basement, I got her here. Nishi gets shocked. She asks why, when, how. Veena tells everything. Nishi says calm down, relax, we will strongly handle this, we can’t fall weak, don’t worry, I will handle him, I want to meet Sonakshi, take me to her. Naren looks on.

Veena shows Sonakshi to Nishi. She says I didn’t think and took a wrong step. Nishi says you go, I will handle her. Veena says please send her. Nishi says yes, you go and take rest. Nishi goes to Sonakshi and throws water on her face. Sonakshi wakes up and sees her. She says please let me go from here. Nishi says Rohit has threatened me, now he is infected, I will see how he gets saved. Sonakshi asks what. Nishi says yes, he is infected, he is with the infected patients, but you got saved, what’s the use, you got trapped here. Sonakshi says please stop. Nishi pushes her and goes. Sonakshi recalls Rohit and says you can’t die Rohit.

Rohit says convince that blood group people, their people can be an antidote, we will inject this infection to those patients, their blood will create antibodies and we can create a solution for it. Simmi says the people don’t want to take risk. Rohit says convince them. Veena and Yash come. Rohit says its risky, please go. Veena says I won’t go. He says you want to save me, get Sona, she can save my life. Veena asks Sona again. Rohit says you may hate her, Lord also wants us to unite, Sona’s blood group is rare, just she can save everyone, we can make antidote by her blood. Tulsi says yes, we can make the antidote. Rohit says just she can save my life, go and beg to her, ask her to save my life, else its just a matter of few hours. Sumit messages him….. The man didn’t tell anyone to the police, police has tortured him a lot. Rohit says don’t know where is my Sona, I hope no one is torturing her.


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