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Eternal Love 14 february 2021 update: everyone not believing Sonakshi. Sonakshi calls Tapasya. Tapasya asks what are you saying, why would I print this if you didn’t say it. Sonakshi gets shocked. Some time back, Rohit calls Yash to him. He asks Yash not to let Pooja read newspaper, switch off her phone, break it.

Yash asks what happened. Rohit tells everything. Yash gets shocked. Pooja asks what are you two gossiping. Rohit asks Yash to handle the situation. Sonakshi says I didn’t give this statement. Naren asks did she imagine and print this. Rohan asks how can media people print this if you didn’t say it. Sonakshi says trust me, Pooja is special to me, I protected her before, why would I do this. She asks Veena to trust her, she did many interviews with Tapasya before.

Naren says you are an actress and can do anything for publicity, but we belong to a respectable family. Rohit comes. She says Rohit, dad is not listening, I didn’t do this. Naren and Akash get angry on her. Rohit looks on. Naren shows the pics. He shows Sonakshi and Pooja’s pic. He says everyone is trying to break our private space, so that we make some mistake and they print it, is this life, I got the pics yesterday, you also get habitual to it now.

Sonakshi says it happens, I know what to tell the media, I didn’t share anything about my personal life before, please trust me. Rohit says enough….Sona. He holds her hand and says Sona is my wife, and I trust her, I know she is an actress, celebrity, famous, we aren’t habitual but we have to learn this, if she is saying that she didn’t tell proof to reporter, then she didn’t say. Naren asks will your trust stay the same if its proved that she is behind this. Pooja gets many messages. Yash checks and keeps phone away. Pooja asks why is my phone ringing so much, pass me the phone. Yash sees Vimmi taking the water bowl. He puts the phone in the bowl. Pooja asks what did you do, my contacts… Yash says it slipped from my hand, I will get a new phone. Vimmi says I read, if phone falls in water, then we should keep it in rice. Yash says you go and work. Naren says call Tapasya. Rohit asks why, do you want to believe a stranger, not your bahu. Sonakshi says I m not scared, I m true, we shall call. Tapasya asks what’s wrong, why will I print this if you didn’t tell me anything.

Sonakshi says I didn’t tell you anything such about Pooja, I just told that Pooja is like my younger sister, Pari. Tapasya scolds her and says you don’t have any right to question my work and integrity. She end call and says we have no rules in our work. Rohan asks how could you do this, I also love Tanya and I m loyal to her, you are supporting Sonakshi when she is wrong. Rohit and Rohan argue. Akash stops them. Everyone looks on. Akash asks them to end it now. Sukhmani says the matter is out, we have to control it now. Rohit says we will sort it out, Pooja shouldn’t know it. Veena says Pooja is always on her phone. Sukhmani says its good Nishi is not here. Sonakshi says please trust me, I will keep Pooja with me for the entire day. Naren says you won’t do anything. Rohan says I will ask Tanya to take care of Pooja. Yash comes and says Sonakshi will take care of Pooja, she is fine now, I damaged her phone.

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He says Pooja will be safe with Sonakshi. Naren says maybe you didn’t read the news. Yash says no, I know she won’t do anything wrong with Pooja. Nishi isn’t here, Nishi is my wife, I have right to decide this. Naren and Rohan leave. Veena says don’t know what’s happening. Rohit says we will manage, you handle Papa. Sonakshi asks Veena to trust her, she didn’t do anything. She says I will go to Pooja. She goes.

Akash says we have to do something. Rohit says I know what to do to solve this. Suman talks to Sonakshi on call. She says I was thinking how can Nishi and Yash’s daughter be so pretty, your interview was rocking. Sonakshi says I will talk to you later. Sonakshi shows her sarees and jewellery to Pooja. Pooja says its heavy sarees, you wear it every day. Sonakshi says you should know about my life, guess why I selected you today, I have a ebreak today, no phone at all. Pooj says I also have a ebreak because of dad, I will go and get a new phone. Sonakshi says we will go to a boutique and see the new collection, Rohit called and said he got a new phone for you. Pooja says wow, thanks. Sonakshi says Rohit did it, there is an interesting scene in the show today. Rohit calls Sonakshi and asks her to protect Pooja for 2-3 days until the news gets old. Sonakshi says Pooja is fine, I promise to protect Pooja, did you reach hospital. He says no, I have some imp work. He ends call and says I will clear your name. He takes the sweets to Tapasya.

Tapasya says so sweet of you Rohit. He says I wanted to say sorry for Sonakshi’s rude behavior, friendship between actors and journalists is imp. Tapasya says its okay, the sweets have a strange taste. He says it means its affecting, you really thought I came to say sorry, tell me, did Sonakshi tell you that matter or not, okay… you want to know about the strange taste, I have added such a drug that will affect your heart, you will have a cardiac arrest and you will die, have water, the drug will mix in water soon, tell me did Sonakshi tell that. She says you have gone mad, you want to kill me for a petty matter. He says its affecting my family, its not a petty matter, why did you do it. She says I was told this.

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He says who told you, tell me. She says treat me first, I will die. He says I have the antidote, tell me the truth, decide if you want to stay alive or die. She says Pari, Praniti Rastogi told this to me. He gets shocked. He angrily breaks the syringe. She asks what did you do, I will die. He throws water on her face. He asks do you feel fine now, you got habitual to write lie and believe a lie, I m a doctor, not a murderer, the sweets has vitamin B, you won’t die, your immune system will get better, you got scared thinking you will die, I had to play with your mind to protect my wife and family, I wish I could kill you, you just see your profits, you don’t think how this harms others, you should be ashamed. Pari asks Rohan not to get angry on Sonakshi, its not her mistake, such things don’t get hidden. Rohit comes to meet Pari. He looks at her.

Pooja reading the news. She gets shocked. Sonakshi looks on. Some time back, Rohit gets angry seeing Pari. He asks have you gone mad Pari, I wish to throw you down the balcony, did you make all this a drama, why did you do this. She asks what did I do. He shows the newspaper and says don’t lie to me, Tapasya told me the truth. Pooja says thanks, the shopping was good, what’s the next plan. Sonakshi says spa. Veena calls and asks is Pooja fine. Sonakshi says I can’t hear you. She asks Shankar to stop the car aside. She says Pooja is fine, don’t worry. Rohit asks how did you know about Pooja’s adoption. Pari says I heard you and Sonakshi talking that day. He asks didn’t you think about Sonakshi and me, my family will be ruined because of this one mistake, you don’t like Pooja, but you like Sonakshi right.

Pari says sorry, I had a fight with Pooja that day, she taunted me about my dad. He says so what, you didn’t think of Sona, everyone will blame her and my decision to marry her, I can teach you a lesson but you are family to me, disgusting Pari. She says sorry, I will come and say sorry to Pooja. He says don’t do anything now, don’t come to my house, I beg you, don’t tell Sonakshi about this, her heart will break, I cannot see my Sona cry, disgusting. Pooja asks for water. Shankar says its over. She says I will get it. He says I will get it. She says its okay. She goes to the stall. Sonakshi says I will take Pooja, don’t worry, trust me. Suman sees Rohit leaving and calls him out.

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She says what happened to him. The man says your phone came in the papers, you are shown on tv also, you are Parvati’s relative right. Pooja says yes, she is famous, anyways thanks. Sonakshi sees the man going to give newspaper to Pooja. She runs and throws the newspaper. She falls down. Pooja holds Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks why did you get down the car. Pooja says I didn’t give him money. She goes to give money. The man asks is your Bhabhi fine. Pooja says yes. She picks the newspaper. Sonakshi shouts. Pooja gets shocked and cries. Sonakshi takes her. She tries to console Pooja. Rohit gets Sonakshi’s call and is shocked.

Sukhmani says Sonakshi said Pooja won’t know, then how did this happen. Rohit says I m sure Sonakshi tried her best. Rohan says media got to know this from Sonakshi. Rohit says Sonakshi didn’t do this. Rohan asks who did this. Rohit says I will slap you. Veena asks what’s this misbehavior. They see Pooja. They all try to act normal in front of Pooja. Yash asks are you fine. Pooja cries. Veena asks how was the day today, was it fun. Yash says Nishi called, she said she bought half London for you, she is coming back next week. Rohit says yes, my appointments got cancelled today, why don’t we go for dinner today.

Veena says Pooja isn’t fine, call the hospital, Rohan. Deepa says Tanya is confused about baby name, we will go to her. Pooja asks am I adopted. She cries. Sonakshi says listen to me Pooja. Veena cries. Everyone worries. Sonakshi slaps Pooja. She asks her to be strong. Pooja hugs her. Sonakshi says I m sorry, calm down. Yash says you are my daughter, all this is nonsense. Pooja says listen to me, please Sir. Yash gets shocked. She goes to her room. Yash says she isn’t calling me dad. Rohit and Veena console him. Rohan gets angry on Sonakshi. He asks why are you silent, did the media do this again, or any stranger told her. Sonakshi says sorry, I tried, but …. Rohan says you leave it. He goes. Sonakshi says I was careful but… Yash says enough Sonakshi, stay away from this matter and Pooja, you don’t know real emotions, its my mistake. He goes. Veena says Yash is right, we will manage Pooja, you don’t worry, you prepare for tomorrow’s shooting. She goes. Sukhmani says we could have handled this well. Everyone goes. Rohit sees Sonakshi crying. She says I tried. He hugs her.


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