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Eternal Love 1 January 2021: Sonakshi saying we will do what you say, Netra ji, Pari come with me. Yash goes to Nishi. She packs a bag. He says I know you are angry, believe me, I m ashamed, I m sorry, listen to me, where are you going. She says I m not going anywhere, all this is yours, you are going, you decide if you want to go to your mom’s house, Sippy guest house or a hotel, you can’t stay in this room, please get out. She shouts. Naren comes and asks what’s this. She cries.

She says I m sorry, ask YK why I said it, ask him what he told me just now. Naren asks what did you say YK. Rohan comes and asks what, don’t tell me, YK and Nishi started talking again, what was the topic. Nishi says ask YK, take me out. Rohan says okay, YK come. Naren asks Rohan to learn being quiet. Rohan says I was joking, I m sorry. Nishi says get out. They leave. Nishi shuts the door and cries. Naren apologizes to Yash. He asks Rohan to keep Yash’s things in the guest room. He says I don’t know what has happened, you both are angry, calm down a bit. Sukhmani says if you are fighting because you went to the hospital to see your mom, its not your mistake, I m with you. Yash says no, its my mistake, I will pacify Nishi. Sonakshi, Pari and Netra come to Sippys. Guard says Parvati madam, you here. Sonakshi asks on which floor does Sippys stay. Guard says the entire building belongs to them, whom do you want to meet. Sonakshi says Dr. Rohit, can I go in. Guard says yes, come.


Netra says they are quite rich, that’s why they asked for 15 crores compensation. Rosy calls Rohit and says Sonakshi has come here to meet you. Rohit says tell her I don’t want to meet. Sonakshi says you had sent me the notice, just come down, I m waiting. Akash asks Yash to come and have snacks. Yash sees Nishi. Ajit jokes on Yash. Rohan asks him to mind it. Nishi taunts Yash. She calls up Pooja and says she isn’t answering my phone. Tanya says she is busy with the shoot, she will take some time to come home. Pari says I don’t think he will come, we shall go. Sonakshi asks her to be quiet. Veena comes and says what are you doing here. Sonakshi says yes, she is Netra ji, my producer and this is my sister. Veena says I know, congrats, please come in. Sonakshi says no, we will wait here. Rosy says I had called. Veena says you are our guest, I insist, please come.

Ajit says I m going in the party. Sukhmani asks where are you going. They see Sonakshi. Rohan says another drama. Maid gets happy and greets Sonakshi. Rohit comes there. He says I just told you that I don’t want to meet. Veena and Naren ask Rohit to remember his manners. Sonakshi asks what’s this, you are rich and have a lawyer at home, so you file case on people to pass time, why, isn’t there much work at the hospital. She asks Deepa not to talk in between. She says I m talking to Rohit, who has filed defamation case on me. Deepa says Rohit and I filed the case, you will be punished. Sonakshi says compensation of 15 crores. Deepa says yes.

Sonakshi asks seriously, 15 crores, I didn’t know that Rohit can heal his sister’s pain by getting money. He asks can’t I use my power when you did this to make your sister win. She says you are blinded by anger, you can’t reach the real culprit. He asks her to come to court and talk, only you will be ruined with this case. She says you don’t know media, Pooja will be ruined. He says you are afraid for yourself, don’t worry for Pooja, Pari will not have any crown or career. He says Netra ji, when the audience know Sonakshi’s truth, lets see what imagine she has and your show has. Ajit says let her talk first. Rohan slaps him. Rohan asks is anyone saying something be quiet. Sukhmani asks how dare you talk to him like this.

Rohan says I m fed up of all these arguments. Naren asks him to go to his room. Ajit gets upset and goes. Rohit says as soon as you came here, you made two brothers fight. Sonakshi asks did I, are you mad. She asks them to make Rohit understand. She says we tried our best to stop the media, if this matter goes to court, everything will be exposed, Pooja will have to go through the same pain again. She says you are a lawyer, you would understand this better, lawyers insult a person, Pari and Pooja would be defamed. Nishi says Pooja got insulted, how did Pari come in between.

Sonakshi says Pari was the target of that incident, not Pooja, Pari exchanged the dress with Pooja’s dress. Yash asks why did she do this. Nishi says Pooja is my daughter. Sonakshi says I wanted to explain this to Rohit, I went to fix a hook to Pari’s dress, Pari come and tell them the truth, this is not the truth to get scared, tell them. Pari says when I went to change my dress that day…. She tells everything. Sonakshi says I feel someone else tampered with the dress and then Pari exchanged her dress and this incident took place, I hope now you believe me, we can’t do this with Pooja, Pari was the target, but Pooja became a victim.

Rohit says you should be a part of a detective serial, Pooja became a victim instead Pari, what nonsense, are we fools, that you come and give us a story. Sonakshi says I m not lying, don’t talk anything about my profession. He says Netra ji you have such stories in the show, Sonakshi came here to do this drama. Sonakshi says fine, you think its a lie, please you don’t let this matter go to court, you will regret a lot, I came here because… He says your reputation will shatter, you came here with your producer. She says I came thinking you are smart, you are the best surgeon, your family is very well known, you and your family will also lose reputation, I m a woman, I can’t think of doing this, I suspect someone else is the culprit, we can find him and prove him guilty, you have to believe that you are blaming wrong people. Rohit calls security. Sonakshi, Netra and Pari leave. They see Pooja coming. Sonakshi asks how are you. Pooja turns away. They leave.

Pooja saying the shoot was good, what were Pari and Sonakshi doing here. Rohit says Pooja has to know the truth. He says whatever happened with you, we are filing defamation case on Sonakshi. Suman is worried. Lawyer says maybe matter gets resolved. Sonakshi comes home. Suman asks did they take the case back. Sonakshi says no.

Pooja says I don’t want any case Rohit, mom, dad, what do you want, everyone will know, why are you doing this, I m tired, you all want this case, no, I will not let this happen, I don’t want any case. Rohit says fine, I will take the case back, if this happened with me, would you leave the culprit without teaching a lesson, I felt so weak at that moment, when you were on stage, I don’t want Rastogis to do same thing with any other girl. Pooja says I will become a joke. He says this won’t happen, don’t worry. Deepa says don’t worry, the case will be in judge’s chamber, your name won’t come, trust me. Rohit asks do you trust me or not, I just want to punish Sonakshi and her family. He hugs Pooja.

Pari says I will lose my crown, Sonakshi trapped us by this idea. Suman says we can’t give them 15 crores. Sonakshi asks did we do anything wrong, we shall go to court and see what happens, we have time, we went there to clear the matter, nothing will happen to your career, trust me. Pulkit asks Suman to sleep. Lawyer leaves. Sonakshi thanks Netra for being with her. Netra says go to court and see, don’t worry for shooting, call me if you need help. Sonakshi thanks her. Suman worries. Pulkit asks Sonakshi to sleep. She says I m feeling scared, we are right but we don’t have any proof. He says you have truth, you always say that one has to face hurdles but it leads to the goal. Suman feels unwell. Sonakshi says same thing happened with dad, he was right, a false case was put on him, he couldn’t bear the anxiety and he silently left us. He says you have faith in yourself, we have faith in you. Suman tries to turn to get water. He says just we will go to court. Sonakshi says no, they have to be with us. The glass falls down. Sonakshi hears the sound and rushes. Suman falls down. Sonakshi and Pulkit get shocked and shout to Pari.

Rohit asks are you not sleepy. Veena says I know you have been stubborn since you were a child, you are sensible too. He says I don’t want to talk about Sonakshi. She says if Sonakshi was a liar, she would have not shown courage to come here, listen to me, you should have listened to her. He says you are too innocent. She says maybe she was going to tell us about the culprit, every story has two sides, you talk to her once, withdraw the case. He says the surgery went for long hours, I m tired, can I sleep, good night. She goes.

Pari cries. Sonakshi sees Suman inside the ICU. She says I m very scared, I hope she recovers. The lady says she is Parvati. Nurse says yes, her mum suffered a heart attack. Sonakshi asks doctor what happened. Doctor says her heartbeats are irregular, we are trying our best, we have to do angiography, I have to consult a senior doctor. Sonakshi asks him to hire any heart surgeon. He says don’t worry, the best heart surgeon is my friend, I will call him. Rohit is sleeping. Doctor calls him up. Rohit’s phone is switched off. Doctor calls on the landline. Rosy says sorry, Rohit is sleeping. Ajit takes the call and says its me Ajit, why didn’t you call on Rohit’s phone. Doctor Vishal says I called him, his phone is off, we need Rohit’s help for my regular patient Suman Rastogi. Ajit says sorry, Rohit won’t come. Sonakshi asks what. Vishal says Rohit won’t come. Sonakshi says you call any other doctor soon, please. Vishal goes.

The lady asks is your mum inside, you are Parvati right. Sonakshi says yes. The lady says everything will be fine, don’t worry, I want to take one selfie with you, please smile a bit. Sonakshi says a selfie now, my mum is critical. The lady says don’t worry, my husband is admitted here, the hospital is good. Sonakshi says not now please. The lady says I just asked for a selfie, you are so arrogant. She goes. Sonakshi says what’s this, is it arrogance, is it any time to ask for selfie, my mom is in the hospital, am I just Parvati for them, I m Sonakshi, someone’s daughter, they forget it so easily that Parvati is just a character, there is a common girl behind it, who can get upset and need support. Pulkit calls Sonakshi in. Sonakshi and Pari go to Suman. Suman says promise me, Pari’s carer will be fine, the case….. Sonakshi asks her not to think much, get well soon. Pari asks her to take rest.

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