Emperor Ashoka Glow tv: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Emperor Ashoka Glow tv: premieres on Glow tv on Tuesday 20 July 2021 at 18h00, replacing love or poison which ends the day before.

Emperor Ashoka is an Indian historical drama series starring Siddharth Nigam and Mohit Raina in the titular role of Emperor Ashoka. The show, directed by Prasad Gavandi, won numerous awards and nominations in various award categories, including the award for Best Historical Show. The show is based on the life of the great Indian ruler Ashoka, who was the third ruler of the Mauryan dynasty and successor of the great King Bindusara. The show follows the life of Ashoka since his childhood days where the character of a young Ashoka is played by Siddharth Nigam. The story revolves around how a young Ashoka faces various hurdles and overcomes challenges with the help of his trainer Chanakya, to eventually become the king of Magadha.

Emperor Ashoka Glow tv

Emperor Ashoka Glow tv

Emperor Ashoka In case you missed the first episodes: it follows the story of real life Emperor Ashoka who ruled the majority of the Indian subcontinent between the mind-bending years of 268 to 232 BCE.

He promoted Buddhism across Asia and was known as Ashoka the Great.

The series follows the problems he faced and how he dealt with them to become the ruler of an empire.

The show was created and written by author and screenwriter Faizan Mohammad. It stars Mohit Raina as Ashoka with Siddharth Nigam portraying the young version of the character.

Emperor Ashoka Glow Tv Full Story/Plot Summary:

This series begins when Emperor Bindusara Maurya rules Magadha. Helena, Bindusara’s stepmother conspires against her. Helena’s men attack Bindusara but he is healed by Subhadrangi, a Champa Brahmin woman, affectionately known as Dharma. Bindusara is impressed by her intelligence and skills, and eventually marries her. Dharma then has a baby. Bindusara asks Dharma later to accompany him to Magadha’s royal palace. However, Dharma insists that she lives in the forest and prefers a simpler lifestyle. Bindusara leaves her, promising to return to Magadha with their child after it is born. Noor, Bindusara’s third queen and Mir Khorasan her father, attempt to assassinate Dharma. Mir kills Mir Khorasan, her father, and attacks Dharma. Then he sets fire to her hut. Bindusara thinks Dharma is dead. But Dharma survives, and Dharma gives birth to a boy and names him Ashoka.

14 years later on Emperor Ashoka Glow tv

Ashoka, a young boy, lives in a hamlet with his mother. Chanakya meets Ashoka in Magadha. She learns about Ashoka’s true identity and promises Dharma that he will keep it secret from Bindusara and Ashoka. Chanakya and Radhagupta, his disciple, take them to Pataliputra where Dharma is made a royal doctor. Ashoka begins by being a horsekeeper. He impresses Bindusara on many occasions and the two form a bond that is hated by Bindusara’s oldest son Sushima, Charumitra and Mir Khorasan as well as Helena and Justin. Sushima, Ashoka, and Helena are at odds. Sushima plots against Ashoka several times, but Ashoka escapes each time. Dharma is one day attacked by men who kill her while she’s on her way to the forest. Everyone believes it to be the work a tiger. Ashoka is devastated but Bindusara consoles her and spends time talking to him. Later, it is revealed that Dharma is still living as Chanakya saw the attack coming. He therefore replaced Dharma by one of his spies. Chanakya suggests that Bindusara admit Ashoka into the Magadha royal school. Ashoka experiences difficulties initially and is bullied by Sushima, his associates, but Bindusara’s third child Siyamak and Acharya Akramak, the martial arts instructor, comfort him. Ashoka is trained by Akramak in warfare, and Ashoka decides to participate in the annual Magadha’s Best Warrior competition. Ashoka wins, despite all injustices and after a fierce, complex competition with Sushima, and other children from the royal school Magadha’s, However, he is tricked into believing Sushima is being attacked and tries to save him. But Sushima steals Chandragupta Maurya’s sword which is supposed to be taken to the finish. Ashoka is devastated and dejected, but Bindusara is still impressed with his performance. Bindusara decides to crown Sushima the crown prince after seeing his victory. Chanakya confides in Ashoka, and Chanakya stops Sushima from being coronated at the last moment. Chanakya tries to kill Sushima by removing his sword from him after the insults. Ashoka then reunites with Dharma who consoles him.

The house of wax

Helena and her father Seleucus Nicator, along with the king Ujjain, plot to kill Bindusara’s entire family. They decide to torch a wax house and all their victims inside during Justin’s wedding with Princess of Ujjain. Chanakya realizes the plot but is kidnapped. Ashoka discovers a secret tunnel, and enters it to save Chanakya. He learns about the plot and uses his intelligence and strength to defeat the enemy’s attacks. He creates a safe passage for the royal family until they reach the tunnel used to escape by the enemy, thus saving the royal family. Bindusara gives Ashoka the sword of Chandragupta Maurya as a reward for his bravery, strength, and presence of thought. He also appoints him to be his personal bodyguard. He captures the king of Ujjain, and presents him to Bindusara. Justin decides to execute his mother’s death penalty. However Justin later discovers that Siyamak (grandson Mir Khorasan), is Justin and Noor.

Bindusara and Dharma are reunited

Ashoka learns from an astrologer about his birth and true dad. Chanakya assists him in devising a plan to expose Mir Khorasan, who tried to kill Dharma before, and to reveal the truth to Bindusara. Mir Khorasan is captured. Dharma asks Bindusara for Mir Khorasan’s life to be spared. Bindusara agrees to Dharma and Ashoka and they live happily together.

Sushima’s Regency

Bindusara, Chanakya and Sushima engage the princes in intense political debate. Although Ashoka has no prior experience in this field, he impresses everyone with the answers but ultimately loses to Sushima. Bindusara must go on an important conquest so he makes Sushima his regent. Sushima and Charumitra, his mother, are brutal in their ways. He flips the kingdom upside-down, tortures his subjects, and mercilessly harasses Ahenkara (princesse of Ujjain), his former love interest. Dharma and Ashoka are also subject to his cruelty. Shushima had previously fallen in love with Ahenkara, but as a Daughter of a Culprit he decides that he will marry her. He will also treat her like an animal his entire life. This discovery is made by ashoka. Ashoka disguises himself as Agradhoot, a warrior Agradhoot to end his tyranny and protect the people. Sushima discovers the true identity of Agradhoot and uses Agradhoot’s lookalike to ruin Ashoka’s image before the public. A drunk Sushima harasses Ahenkara mentally and physically. She nearly kills her brother because he refused to marry her. Agradhoot saves her brother. Agradhoot and Sushima engage in a fierce fight, but Sushima is badly injured and falls unconscious. Agradhoot suddenly awakens and charges him from behind. However, Ahenkara accidentally shoves a knife through Sushima’s stomach to save Agradhoot. Bindusara arrives just in time to see this and Ashoka is arrested. Chanakya realizes the truth and arrives just in time to bring justice to Ashoka as well as Ahenkara. Ahenkara’s wedding with Sushima is called off. She lives with her brother in Patliputra and moves into a new palace. Dharma saves Sushima’s life.

Noor, however, escapes the palace and heads to Daastan, her ex-lover, who is a Khorasani warlord. They invade Magadha, taking the royal family captive. As Noor is about killing Dharma, Ashoka arrives, defeats Daastan, and accidentally kills Noor. Siyamak is left devastated. Daastan is imprisoned, but he escapes with Mir Khorasan. Chanakya discovers about the incidents and blackmails Sushima, Charumitra and threatens to expose all they did in Bindusara’s absence if they don’t stop harassing Ashoka’s relatives.

Death of Chanakya

All the enemies of Ashoka, including Sushima’s mother, Helena and Siyamak (who want to avenge their mother), and prime minister Khallatak, who all want the throne badly, decide to join forces to kill Chanakya in an abandoned house and to frame Daastan for the murder. Ashoka is emotional broken and vows that he will catch and kill the murderers. Daastan is found and killed by Ashoka, but Daastan dies and reveals that he has nothing to do Chanakya’s death and that the real culprits still roam free.

Takshashila captured

After Chanakya’s final rites are performed, Ashoka is dispatched to Takshashila in order to stop a revolt and the tyranny by Kichak, a former Magadha soldier who had betrayed Bindusara or Chanakya. Kichak now has a large army and, after capturing Takshashila he tortures and kills the people. Kichak plans to attack Magadha, and become the Emperor.

After many sacrifices and struggles, Ashoka prevails and kills Kichak in public. He also frees Takshashila of Kichak’s tyranny. He falls in love with Kaurwaki, the princess of Kalinga, and he accompanies her on his mission to liberate Jagannath, Kichak’s prisoner.

Exile of Ashoka

To the horror of Sushima, Ashoka is named the heir to Bindusara’s throne upon his arrival in Pataliputra. Sushima, along with his mother, uses black magic to destroy Dharma’s and Ashoka’s relationship with Bindusara. Mir Khorasan, Selucus Nicator and Helena then plan an invasion of Pataliputra. They seize the palace of Bindusara, and take him prisoner. Ashoka’s quick thinking and abilities allow him to rescue Bindusara, defeat Mir Khorasan, and Seleucus Nicator. Ashoka is unable to present the victims to Bindusara because Sushima, furious, has already killed them. Sushima steals the credit for the victory, impressing everyone. Helena, Selucus Nicator’s daughter, is arrested.

Helena, while in prison, reveals to Ashoka who killed Chanakya’s mother and then fakes her suicide. Ashoka goes on a rampage and murders Sushima before Bindusara. Ashoka kills Chanakya and is then chained and taken to jail. Bindusara is disgusted at Ashoka’s actions, and decides to leave him. Ashoka is exiled. Dharma and Vitashoka (Vit), her newborn son, accompany Ashoka to Ujjain. Ashoka promises to return stronger and avenge Chanakya’s death.

Emperor Ashoka Glow tv

Emperor Ashoka Glow tv

Ten years later On Emperor Ashoka Glow tv

Ashoka, also known as Chand is now a vicious, angry man who only wants to take revenge. Ashoka lives in Dharma’s house with Vitashoka, his younger brother. Devi, Dhaniram’s daughter, is so concerned about them. The black magic of Charumitra helps Sushima to become stronger over time. Siamak is now a calm, sane man who longs to see Ashoka die. Ashoka discovers that Sushima has entered a local wrestling competition and agrees to participate in it. In the hope of killing Sushima, he fights as Chand. Vit and Dharma arrive and stop Ashok. Bindusara recognizes them and forgives Ashoka. He asks Pataliputra to return.

Soon Ashoka discovers that illegal slavery has been prevalent in Pataliputra over the past 10 years, under the control of a mysterious individual named Kondana. Ashoka and Chanakya’s Grandson Radhagupta set out to solve the puzzle. After a thorough search, and through some of his rivals from Ujjain and acquaintances, they discover that Kondana’s real name begins with the letter “H”. The two discover that Kondana is Helena, who is still living. Ashoka doesn’t have any proof and is ridiculed at first. Lasandra, one of his old acquaintances, devises a master plan to expose Kondana. They succeed, Helena is exposed at the royal court, and Siamak is tricked to kill her.

Ashoka’s marriage

Bindusara invites many princesses to his wedding and decides to marry his sons. After a complicated sequence of events, Sushima marries princess Chanda and Ashoka is supposed marry Kaurvaki. Jagannath, who strongly disapproves their relationship, insults Bindusara, Dharma, and asks them to give Ashoka the throne at Magadha. Ashoka becomes angry and marries Devi instead.

Dharma’s demise and Ashoka’s revenge

Siamak tries to steal the royal stamp to sneak to Takashila on Ashoka’s wedding evening, but Dharma stops him. Ashoka is shocked when Sushim kills Dharma and suffocates Siamak. Ashoka discovers a fragment of a necklace believed to be Siamak’s while collecting Dharma’s ashes. Ashoka enters Takshashila to kill Siamak, believing that he is Dharma’s only murderer.

Ashoka’s ascension to the throne

Kaurvaki saves Ashoka in this manner, but she is shocked to learn about Ashoka’s intimate relationship with Devi. Jaganath hurls Karuvaki into a waterfall and accuses Ashoka. Karuvaki is in a coma and Ashoka saves him. Bindusara is then induced to cardiac arrest by Sushim, who reveals the true father of Siamak. Khallatak teams up with Ashoka to reveal the only way Sushima could be killed. Ashoka is shocked when Sushim admits that he is the murderer of Chanakya Dharma and Bindusara. Ashoka and Sushima get into a tense duel in an act of rage. Ashoka tricked Sushima into entering a pit filled with lava, and he was killed. Ashoka is thus made the third emperor Magadha. Devi decides to end her marriage in order to live with Ashoka, Kaurwaki and Kaurwaki. However, Kaurwaki convinces Devi to return to Kalinga. Devi gives birth to their son Mahindra, who Ashoka misses. A widow Chanda becomes pregnant carrying Shushima’s child. She curses Ashok for her hsuband-death. Devi becomes pregnant with her second child, but Radhagupt leaves Ashoka because Ashoka has become selfish and left Devi. Devi gives birth to their daughter Sanghamitra.

Conversion to Buddhism

Ashoka decides to capture Kalinga, and wage war against them. Although he eventually captures Kalinga, he causes a lot of bloodshed and kills millions. He is traumatized by the loss of human life. Later, he decides to stop using violence and embraces Buddhism. He spreads Buddhism throughout the world with the support of his children, ministers and friends. This is Chanakya’s dream fulfilled. In the history of india, no one has been like the King and Ruler ashoka.

Emperor Ashoka Cast & Real names Glow Tv:

Main cast

  • Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka Maurya aka Chand ==> Mohit Raina
    Third Maurya Emperor, Samrat Bindusara and Queen Dharma’s first son; Vitashoka’s brother; Susima , Siyamak and Drupad’s half-brother who was Susima’s enemy; Devi and Karuvaki’s husband; Mahinda , Tivala and Sangamitta’s father.
Mohit Raina

Mohit Raina

  • Siddharth Nigam ==> Young Prince Ashoka aka Vanaraj


  • Empress Devi Kajol Srivastav ==>  Dhaniram’s daughter, Ashoka Maurya’s first wife; Mahinda and Sanghamitta’s mother.
  • Queen Kaurwaki Soumya Seth ====> Princess of Kalinga; Jagnnath and Vasudha’s daughter, Ashoka Maurya’s second wife , Tivala ‘s Mother.
  • Reem Sheikh ===> Young Princess Kaurwaki


  • Head Queen Dharma Pallavi Subhash ==> Samrat Bindusara Maurya’s second wife, Ashoka Maurya and Vitashoka’s mother.
  • Samrat Bindusara Maurya Sameer Dharmadhikari ==> Second Maurya Emperor; Chandragupta Maurya and Durdhara’s son; Helena’s step-son; Justin’s half-brother; Charumitra, Dharma, Noor and Subrasi’s husband; Susima, Ashoka, Dhrupad and Vitashoka’s father.


  • Prince Sushim Maurya Ankit Arora ==> Samrat Bindusara and Charumitra’s son, Ashoka, Vitashoka , Siyamak and Dhrupad’s half-elder brother who was Ashoka’s enemy, Ahenkara’s Former Fiance and Love Interest , Chanda’s husband.
  • Sumedh Mudgalkar ==> Young Prince Sushima, Ashoka , Siyamak and Dhrupad’s half-elder brother who was Ashoka’s enemy
  • Acharya Chanakya Manoj Joshi ==> Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara Maurya and Ashoka Maurya’s teacher who advices them on ruling the empire; Radhagupt’s teacher.

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