E.tv Scandal! Teasers July 2020

E.tv Scandal! Teasers July 2020: Romeo believes he is responsible for his own personal tragedy. Dintle cooks up a plan to get back at a colleague. Read Full Scandal! July Teasers 2020

E.tv Scandal! Wednesday 1 July 2020
(Episode 3596)

Xolile is forced to come clean and matters are taken out of her hands. Gloria takes her frustrations out on a loved one. Lerumo and Neo receive information which shocks them.

E.tv Scandal! Thursday 2 July 2020
(Episode 3597)

Romeo’s warning puts a villain between a rock and a hard place. The new face of NFH is appointed. Tebello faces serious consequences for his actions.

E.tv Scandal! Friday 3 July 2020
(Episode 3598)

Romeo finds a reason to heave a sigh of relief. Phindile opts for a surprising course of action to express her gratitude. Neo gets to the bottom of what really happened at Tebello’s school.

E.tv Scandal! Monday 6 July 2020
(Episode 3599 )

Chumani decides to take a big leap of faith. Rorisang is determined to get answers, come hell or high water. Tebello is the victim of a lack of evidence.

E.tv Scandal! Tuesday 7 July 2020
(Episode 3600)

Chumani keeps a truth from one sister but reveals it to the other. A Safe n Clean staffer turns to tradition in a quest for revenge. Lerumo finds himself in trouble with an officious official.

E.tv Scandal! Wednesday 8 July 2020
(Episode 3601)

Boniswa is forced to beg for an intervention. Rorisang’s growing suspicions move her closer to crossing a line. Tebello realises he has found true friendship.

E.tv Scandal! Thursday 9 July 2020
(Episode 3602)

Xolile discovers where her mother’s fear for the future lies. Gloria witnesses something that unsettles her.  Tebello’s fate is decided.

E.tv Scandal! Friday 10 July 2020
(Episode 3603)

Romeo discovers meetings have been going on behind his back and demands answers. The Ngemas are less than impressed by Omphile’s latest fad. Tebello learns and shares a fundamental lesson about difference.

E.tv Scandal! Monday 13 July 2020
(Episode 3604)

Romeo eavesdrops on a conversation and hears something not meant for his ears. As Rorisang’s bitterness grows, so does Gloria’s suspicion. Tebello takes a bold step which surprises some of his schoolmates.

E.tv Scandal! Tuesday 14 July 2020
(Episode 3605)

Boniswa confesses a horrific truth to Xolile. Rorisang goes down a darker road as she flirts with danger. Lerumo worries about Tebello.

E.tv Scandal! Wednesday 15 July 2020
(Episode 3606)

Chumani discovers that he has been believing a terrible lie. Phindile has an enemy in the house ready to get payback. Lerumo is furious when he discovers what happened to Tebello.

E.tv Scandal! Thursday 16 July 2020
(Episode 3607)

Chumani is shocked by a horrifying truth, which is not the only skeleton to emerge from his mother’s closet. Phindile becomes convinced that she is in danger. Lerumo can’t be angry about an awfully big adventure.

E.tv Scandal! Friday 17 July 2020
(Episode 3608)

A dark solution to Chumani’s dilemma takes shape in his mind. Dintle comes up against a lack of enthusiasm. Rorisang and Caiphus have each other’s backs.

E.tv Scandal! Monday 20 July 2020
(Episode 3609)

Romeo and Chumani reach the same decision, but both appear to be plotting  something sinister. Dintle celebrates a nearly forgotten milestone with a pressing appointment. Things get serious at work and Gloria takes a stand.

E.tv Scandal! Tuesday 21 July 2020
(Episode 3610)

Chumani crosses his moral lines. Dintle makes a score, but it comes with terms and conditions. Rorisang finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place.

E.tv Scandal! Wednesday 22 July 2020
(Episode 3611)

Boniswa is horrified to discover that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Dintle attempts to sell some tall stories. Rorisang has to beg for assistance from a foe.

E.tv Scandal! Thursday 23 July 2020
(Episode 3612)

Chumani manages to stay in control of the bizarre circumstances he has created. Phindile gets a tip off but finds out she is horribly wrong. Dintle is thwarted and struggles with the idea that her work is worthless.

E.tv Scandal! Friday 24 July 2020
(Episode 3613)

Romeo does some spying and uncovers an appalling secret. Dintle hustles on over-drive to prove a point. A prominent figure from Phindile’s past arrives in Johannesburg.

E.tv Scandal! Monday 27 July 2020
(Episode 3614)

Romeo is worried that Chumani is going to reach the point of no return. Dintle is riding high but not everyone is pleased for her. Phindile battles to put distance between herself and her past.

E.tv Scandal! Tuesday 28 July 2020
(Episode 3615)

Chumani gives his prisoner a taste of their own medicine. Dintle’s success comes at a cost – and she will have to find a way to pay it. Phindi discovers that good things are happening for her.

E.tv Scandal! Wednesday 29 July 2020
(Episode 3616)

Boniswa is forced into a very difficult confession. Dintle’s dream is so near and yet so far. Phindile is promised the world by someone from her past.

E.tv Scandal! Thursday 30 July 2020
(Episode 3617)

A building implodes with two people still inside it. Dintle tries to be the bigger person but it gets thrown back in her face. Phindile gets an unexpected call from someone who has an agenda.

E.tv Scandal! Friday 31 July 2020
(Episode 3618)

Romeo believes he is responsible for his own personal tragedy. Dintle cooks up a plan to get back at a colleague. Phindile is confronted with a situation which could see her becoming infamous.

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