Dream Girl Teasers February 2022

Dream Girl Teasers February 2022: Ayesha worries learning about Laxmi’s offer from Salman. Read Starlife Dream Girl February 2022 Teasers.

Dream Girl Teasers February 2022

Dream Girl Teasers February 2022

Star life Dream Girl Teasers February 2022

Tuesday 1 February 2022
Episode 5

Manav informs Ayesha not to be concerned over the press. In the meantime, Samar manages to mislead Laxmi and her aunt about his identity. Then, Laxmi finds out that she must create an portfolio in order to pass an audition. She decides to offer tickets to Ayesha’s film in theatres to raise the funds.

Episode 6

Laxmi assists Samar to sell the Samosas and earns some money for herself. Ayesha is thrilled over her film becoming an instant hit. Laxmi is able to get her portfolio completed. Ayesha is determined to not loose Manav for Nandini. Laxmi promises to instruct an employee of a security company who has been stealing her portfolio.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Episode 7

Samar is amazed by the determination of Laxmi to make her a renowned actress. In the meantime, Ayesha’s brother Karan is furious because Manav isn’t willing to let him go. In the next moment, Samar learns that Ayesha is looking for the right female lead. Laxmi is able to get into Navrang Studio, and plans to meet Ayesha.

Episode 8

Laxmi is in Ayesha’s room while pretending that she is blind. When she discovers what she really is, Ayesha tells her to go out. Manav says to Ayesha she is the best choice for Laxmi is perfect for the role of the lead in Samar’s film. Then, Laxmi is upset when she discovers that Ayesha has employed her to work as a PA and not an actress.

Thursday 3 February 2022

Episode 9

Laxmi is able to decide to agree to the offer made by Ayesha. Manav is thrilled about the arrival of his daughter. Later, Karan tricks Laxmi into performing a stunt. Laxmi is thrown off by Ayesha and apologizes to her. Then, Ayesha pretends to care for Laxmi in front of her employees. What is Ayesha’s plan for Laxmi?

Episode 10

Ayesha suggests a contest to Laxmi and she promises to win. Samar discovers that some miscreants lied to him. Ayesha decides to sack Laxmi as she believes she’ll fail the test. In the future, Nandini and Ayesha have an disagreement.

Friday 4 February 2022

Episode 11

Ayesha will be welcoming Meera returning to the home. In the meantime, Laxmi plans a strategy to defeat Ayesha. Later, Meera instigates Manav against Meethi. The following day, Ayesha’s workers are worried after reading an anonymous suicide note from Laxmi. Ayesha is worried after seeing Laxmi sitting on the floor.

Episode 12

Laxmi is able to fool workers who work at Navrang Studio. Meanwhile, Ayesha instigates Manav against Laxmi. Laxmi gets worried when Ayesha informs her of Manav getting angry with her and that he would like her to apologize to the employees. Then, Laxmi decides to visit Ayesha’s place to collect her jewelry.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Episode 13

Laxmi attempts to catch an image from Samar Sareen. Nandini is planning to segregate Manav and Ayesha. Ayesha is able to fool Nandini and prevents her from performing a puja for Manav. Then, Laxmi is shocked to discover Samar inside the Sareen House she manages to fool her.

Episode 14

Laxmi decides to dress as she is a swamini and goes into to the Sareen House. Ayesha recognizes Laxmi and is furious at her. Laxmi clarifies her situation to Ayesha and apologizes for the game. Then, Meera fumes at the Sareens since she demands to be quiet.

Sunday 6 February 2022

Episode 15

The workers from Navrang Studio play a trick on Laxmi and make her look like a snob. Meanwhile, Samar finds a job. In the evening, Laxmi helps Samar to sell samosas. In return, she has an idea for how to impress her colleagues. The following morning, Laxmi is determined to get forgiveness employees.

Episode 16

Meera instigates Ayesha against Meethi. While they are at it, Samar notices Laxmi is concerned because she’s failed to please her colleagues. Then, Laxmi vows to be the protagonist of Samar’s forthcoming film. Ayesha discovers Meera being afflicted with an inferiority disorder. Later, Ayesha misleads Samar about Laxmi.

Monday 7 February 2022

Episode 17

Laxmi decides to fool the staff at Navrang Studio by pretending to be selected to appear in Salman’s film. Samar manages to make couple of dollars through the sale of Samosas. Ayesha gets worried when she learns about the offer made by Laxmi from Salman. The following day Laxmi is stricken and acknowledges the truth.

Episode 18

Ayesha and Amrita are planning to humiliate Laxmi at the event. On the other hand Laxmi is convinced that Ayesha is genuinely inviting her to the celebration. On the following morning, Laxmi feels humiliated when the staff from Navrang Studio laugh at her costume.

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Episode 19

A few employees from Navrang Studio humiliate Laxmi at the party. Ayesha pretends to be caring for Laxmi and holds her. Then, Karan and Ayesha make an agreement to take Laxmi to Navrang Studio. With faith in Ayesha, Laxmi blindly signs the contract signed by her.

Episode 20

Laxmi does not realize she has signed the contract without thinking. Ayesha is a victim of Laxmi and is ill-treated by her. Samar asks for help from Laxmi to cook meals for him. Then, Karan plays a trick on Laxmi and causes her to hurt her fingers. The staff at Navrang Studio take their revenge by intimidating Laxmi but she doesn’t surrender.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Episode 21

Ayesha is furious with Laxmi for taking her fish away. Then, Samar manages to cheer Laxmi up. In the meantime, Ayesha manages to mislead Meera. On the next day Manav is back home from business and discovers Ayesha injured. Ayesha will take the initiative to make Laxmi quit her job.

Episode 22

After learning that Laxmi has made arrangements for the meeting of an Japanese group in Navrang Studio, Karan infests the studio with rats. Samar disguises himself before entering Navrang Studio. Then, Laxmi tries to get rid of the rats. Samar gets an order for his samosas from Navrang Studio.

Thursday 10 February 2022

Episode 23

Laxmi is depressed because Ayesha is furious over her ruining the opportunity to meet with the Japanese. She hides the situation with her dad. Samar lies to the Sareens by posing as an Samosawala. But Manav recognizes Samar and defuses his plot. Later, Samar motivates Laxmi.

Episode 24

Laxmi decides to show her worth to the people at Navrang Studio. On the next day Laxmi substitutes for Ayesha in a cycling competition. While she is there, Samar worries about the sales targets set to him by the boss. In the future, Karan plans to stop Laxmi from finishing the race. What is Karan making plans for?

Friday 11 February 2022

Episode 25

Laxmi gets stuck in the ditch when one of the other participants presses her. Samar is determined to meet his sales goal. Laxmi finds a way to join the race and clinches the last place. Samar’s boss is furious with him for not meeting his sales goal. Meanwhile, Nandini vows to prove her worth to Manav.

Episode 26

Ayesha is planning to use her dog friend’s against Laxmi. Laxmi is scared when she sees the dog. Karan tricks Laxmi and convinces her to care for the dog. Then, Laxmi strives to train the dog, and she is punished for going into the parks!

Saturday 12 February 2022

Episode 27

Laxmi is spending the night with her puppy in the Navrang studio. A group of robbers break into the studio and threat Laxmi. The robbers are able to get Ayesha’s laptop. Karan and Ayesha claim Laxmi of stealing laptops. Then, Laxmi finds Ayesha’s friend’s dog missing!

Episode 28

Laxmi is the one who files a complaint regarding the dog that is missing. She decides to employ an impersonation dog and presents her with Ayesha. But, Ayesha manages to recognise the fake and decides to capture Laxmi. Then, Ayesha blames Laxmi for being reckless.

Sunday 13 February 2022

Episode 29

Karan is a tyrant Laxmi before the staff at Navrang Studio. Karan decides to cut her hair in order to get her out! But, the dog of Ayesha’s friend is able to stop Karan at the right time and is able to save Laxmi. Laxmi promises Karan that she will fulfill her goal of becoming the girl of her dreams.

Episode 30

Ayesha provides Laxmi to be her body as a double as part of her film. Karan executes Ayesha’s plan against Laxmi. While filming, Laxmi falls unconscious as she tries to perform the stunt. She is later shocked to discover Ayesha’s true colors.

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Monday 14 February 2022

Episode 31

Laxmi is shocked to see Ayesha acknowledging her efforts in performing the act. She is disappointed that she believed in her idealized icon, Ayesha. In the meantime, Nandini finds out that Ayesha is lying to Meera. In the end, Laxmi decides to quit her job at Navrang Studio.

Episode 32

Laxmi confronts Ayesha when she comes to her home. Ayesha is unable to accept the resignation of Laxmi, and threatens blackmail, claiming that she must fulfill her obligations under her contract. Samar discovers that Laxmi is employed at Navrang Studio. A miscommunication develops in the relationship between Laxmi and Samar and they end up having an argument.

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Episode 33

Samar incorrectly believes that Ayesha would like Laxmi to remain in Navrang Studio, and hence she drafts the contract. Ayesha is shocked to discover Laxmi returning to Navrang Studios. Laxmi takes revenge on Ayesha after she makes fun of her. Then, Karan gives an assignment to finish.

Episode 34

Laxmi is furious in anger when Ayesha makes fun of her. Manav advises Ayesha that it’s the right time to launch Samar and plans to hold a contest in hopes of the search of a new girl. Ayesha is worried about Laxmi being a part of the contest. Is Laxmi be able to learn more regarding the contest?

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Episode 35

Samar is informed about the ‘Dream Girls’ contest that is run by Navrang Studio. Manav gets Ayesha to become the judge in the contest. Karan is threatening Ayesha and demands her to meet with Manav regarding his launch. Ayesha is unsure regarding Laxmi being the new Dream Girl.

Episode 36

Laxmi discovers about the contest ‘Dream Girl Laxmi learns about the contest and Samar persuades her to participate in the contest. In the meantime, Ayesha plans to stop Laxmi from taking part on the competition. Then, Samar agrees to accompany Laxmi to pick a wine according to the rules directed by Ayesha.

Thursday 17 February 2022

Episode 37

Samar is intoxicated after tasting the wine. At the same time, Ayesha is sure that Laxmi is not qualified to compete in the competition. In the next moment, Laxmi refuses to believe Samar when he claims that he’s Samar Sareen. After a few minutes, Ayesha is surprised on discovering Laxmi in Navrang Studio.

Episode 38

Laxmi is seeking Karan’s assistance in submitting the application form in the event. Karan offers to assist her win the contest. Then, Nandini plays a trick on Meera. In the meantime, Samar is relieved that Laxmi is able to reveal his identity. Laxmi’s father and brother are visiting her.

Friday 18 February 2022

Episode 39

Laxmi is lying to her father to convince him that Samar has been Samar Sareen. Samar manages to deal with her father and brother by making them believe that she is not. Laxmi wants Samar to stay the night on the balcony. In the evening, Laxmi gets worried about the audition.

Episode 40

Laxmi is preparing for her auditions at Navrang Studio. While she is there, Ayesha asks Karan to not permit Laxmi to take part in the audition. Then, Laxmi is worried as one contestant stole her script. Karan laments Laxmi for not taking care.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Episode 41

Karan opposes Laxmi from performing the an audition in Navrang Studio. But, Laxmi wins Prem’s heart by her amazing performance and is well-liked from the competitors. Laxmi acknowledges her father for helping her in achieving her goals. Ayesha is keen to learn about the audition of Laxmi.

Episode 42

Samar and Laxmi enjoy a long time of bonding. Laxmi shows her affection for Samar and helps him realize her feelings for him. Ayesha and Manav look at a video of the audition and decide the performance of the contestants. Karan manages to conceal the audition tape of Laxmi from Ayesha.

Sunday 20 February 2022

Episode 43

Samar is thrilled to spend quality time Laxmi with her loved ones. While they are there, Manav and Prem discuss the contest for dream girls with the staff of the studio. Samar is trying to soothe an unhappy Laxmi and they both engage themselves in a film shoot. Laxmi’s father is impressed by her acting abilities.

Episode 44

Laxmi gets scared seeing Karan in the shooting and runs away from Karan and hides from. While, Nandini is worried about Meera and Manav encourages her. Laxmi’s father is thrilled by the opportunity to interact with famous actress Ayesha. But, Ayesha does not want Laxmi to be successful at her profession of acting. Laxmi is unhappy about the film’s shoot.

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Monday 21 February 2022

Episode 45

Laxmi struggles to believe in Ayesha’s concern for her. The Sareens are happy after the police have located Meera. Ayesha confronts Nandini after she accuses her of deceiving Meera. Kartik confronts Laxmi for her desire to pursue acting. But, Samar tries to convince Kartik about Laxmi’s dream.

Episode 46

Samar is a prankster who plays Laxmi. Ayesha is trying to get Manav realize her love for Meera. She dreams of becoming the perfect girl. Karan is secretly informing Laxmi about the contest for dream girls and provides her with the rules of the contest. Manav is thrilled to get acquainted with Samar.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Episode 47

Manav is thrilled to hear Manav is happy to learn that Samar loves someone. He is then shocked to hear about the suicide of Nandini. Laxmi is eager to take part in the photo shooting with Samar. Ayesha discreetly keeps her eye on Laxmi as she shoots and doesn’t want her to change.

Episode 48

Ayesha believes that Laxmi might be the top 10 contestant in the ‘Dream girl’ competition! Karan is a secretive Ayesha about Laxmi’s participation and also supports her. Laxmi manages to hide their auditions from Manav along with Ayesha.

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Episode 49

Samar says she is proud of Laxmi to take her love to act seriously. She believes that she is in love with her. Aside from that, Ayesha is distressed believing that Laxmi is the winner of this year’s Dream Girl contest. Karan announces the outcome for the show. Ayesha is stunned when Laxmi has been chosen for the finals.

Episode 50

Laxmi is overwhelmed by being chosen to participate in The Dream Girl contest. But, Ayesha is unhappy with her achievements and doesn’t wish for her to be the dream girl. Because of her anger, Ayesha vents her anger at Karan for his support of Laxmi as Manav believes that Ayesha is in fact worried about Laxmi!

Thursday 24 February 2022

Episode 51

Ayesha and Laxmi are in a dispute over the contest. Samar chooses to make a proposal to Laxmi and implements his plan. Laxmi suggests Saniya the chance to stay at her house. Samar suggests Saniya in lieu of Laxmi. Ayesha is nervous regarding her prospects. Nandini is a teasing Ayesha regarding her participation in the Dream Girl contest.

Episode 52

Ayesha is angry with Nandini’s closeness to Manav and is determined to keep them from coming near. Samar spends moment with Laxmi. Ayesha attempts to convince Karan be aware of her love for his welfare. She organizes a grooming session to participants in the Dream Girl contestants while Laxmi is irritated by Ayesha’s gesture.

Friday 25 February 2022

Episode 53

Ayesha suggests a tablet to Laxmi with the intent to make her look less beautiful. Samar attempts to win her love while she concentrates in winning the Dream Girl contest. Nandini is irritated by Manav and Ayesha’s sexy relationship. Karan informs the contestants of the contest for brand ambassadors.

Episode 54

Laxmi’s lip allergy hurts her chances of being a Brand Ambassador contest. Ayesha ridicules Laxmi for being overly confident. Sania is selected to shoot the ad. Manav gets angry with Karan for not being responsible and decides to remove Karan out of this Dream Girl project. Karan is irritated by Laxmi and Laxmi, but Samar is there to take charge of her.

Saturday 26 February 2022

Episode 55

Laxmi can clear up Manav’s doubts regarding Karan while Ayesha is delighted to bother Laxmi. Manav is again appointing Karan to his Dream Girl contest. Ayesha lies to Karan on Laxmi. Laxmi is sad because Samar is spending his time in Sania. But, Samar manages to placate Laxmi.

Episode 56

Ayesha uncovers Nandini’s false injuries to Manav. Nandini attempts to gain back Manav but without success. In the meantime, Karan plans to stop Laxmi from taking part in the competition. Laxmi gets scared when she is trapped in the room. Ayesha is delighted to hear about Laxmi.

Sunday 27 February 2022

Episode 57

Karan discovers that Ayesha has lied to him regarding Laxmi. Samar discovers that Laxmi hasn’t made it to the Navrang Studio and she is rescued by her from the studio. Karan realizes the mistake and is sorry. While he is at it, Ayesha is surprised finding Laxmi at Navrang.

Episode 58

Ayesha is furious at Karan having seen Laxmi at Navrang however, he responds. Karan promises to make Laxmi her next Dream Girl. Then, Laxmi learns that her father is in the ICU and she breaks down. Samar persuades Laxmi to show her skills. Manav is awed by Laxmi because of her performances.

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Monday 28 February 2022

Episode 59

Manav confesses that he had lied to Laxmi about her father in an attempt for him to see how she reacts. Ayesha is unsure when Laxmi takes the victory. Then, Laxmi stops Ayesha from divulging the truth about her to Manav. Karan suggests Ayesha to shift her perspective toward Laxmi.

Episode 60

Ayesha is unsure over losing her Dream Girl position to Laxmi. In the meantime, Laxmi celebrates her win with Samar. Karan is planning for a proposal to Laxmi the next day. Samar creates Laxmi unhappy by spending moments with Sania

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