Dream Girl Starlife: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Dream Girl Starlife:  Starlife’s new novella Dream girl premiered Sunday, January 30th at 8pm, replacing the mismatched that ended the day before.

Bollywood is big.

This is Laxmi‘s dream.

She wants to be a dream girl in a movie inspired by her screen icon Ayesha.

Laxmi leaves the small town and embarks on a journey to uncover her future. Their mission is reflected by Samar, an actor who shares the same ambitions.

They meet, love and act.

Nikita Datta will play Laxmi in the role of debut TV, and Samal will be played by Mosin Khan. Mosin Khan is best known for starring in the long-standing Indian soap opera Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, which has not yet aired in South Africa.

Dream Girl

Dream Girl

Dream Girl Starlife Full Story/Plot Summary:

Navrang Studios is owned by the Sareens, a prominent Mumbai film family. Lakshmi Mathur, an aspiring  Dream girl living in Jodhpur, comes to Mumbai to fulfill her dream and fall in love with the Sareen family’s youngest unmarried son, Samar.

Samar’s cunning and ambitious sister-in-law, Ayesha Roy, overprotective of her power and title, wants to be the irreplaceable and India’s only dream girl. However, Lakshmi has a talent and a spark like hers to become a dream girl.

Lakshmi tries to prove her skills, angering Ayesha, who finds out that Samar and Lakshmi are in love. Lakshmi succeeds in every challenge Ayesha gives her, which makes her uneasy. Ayesha tricks her brother Karan (who has feelings for Lakshmi) that Lakshmi loves her.

In the end, Ayesha transferred all property rights from Navarang to her name and succeeded. Lakshmi and Samar get married. Property burned; Samar,  brother Manav (husband of Ayesha) and Karan were sent to put out the fire.

Samar and Manav are presumed dead in a car crash. Samar’s body is restored; Manav’s body was nowhere to be found.  Sareens discovers Ayesha’s “dark secret” is her twin sister, Aarti. They use Aarti (Aarti willing to help) against Ayesha for their studio (Navarang). Aarti pretends to be Ayesha and tells all  investors that she will pay them all their money  with interest.

There is a new entry in this series, Raghu. The story progresses and shows Ayesha trying to impress Raghu (similar to season 1 where a poor character named Lakshmi (played by Shraddha Arya) dreams of marrying a rich  businessman named Arjun Agnihotri ( played by Sudeep Sahir)).

Aarti attempts to restore Navrang  to its former glory.

Ayesha marries Raghu by tricking everyone into pretending to be Aarti as Aarti and Raghu falls in love after many encounters where Raghu thinks  Aarti is Ayesha and later he finds out that it is Aarti. Aarti’s face was burned and no one could tell who was Ayesha or Aarti.

Aarti plans revenge against Ayesha. Ayesha  always caused  pain and hurt to Aarti, but Aarti continued to forgive her. Now Aarti has a new face (Megha Gupta) and she appears as a powerful character and fights against Aarti (who  is actually Ayesha) to reveal her truth to everyone.

After some confusion, Ayesha’s truth is revealed to everyone by Aarti as ‘Shikha’ and Raghu (who helped Aarti with her face transplant and advice). But, Ayesha surreptitiously pretended to have amnesia about her 45th birthday and as a result the police were unable to arrest her until  she recovered. So she was allowed to stay at Sareen’s house until she remembered everything. Meanwhile, Aarti and Raghu get married and soon have a daughter.

Ayesha had her own intentions and when given the opportunity, she stole Aarti and Raghu’s daughter and escaped with the child, leaving her career, fame, and dream girl title (later gone) ruined for his wickedness) for one reason is his own niece. daughter and, to train the child, as the next DREAMGIRL.

Brief Information and Details on Dream Girl Starlife

  • Genre: Drama Romance Comedy
  • First Episode: 30 January 2022
  • Total number of episodes:148
  • Total numbers of the season: One
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original name: Ek Ladki Deewani Si
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil
  • Time Slot: Monday -Sunday 9 pm WAT, 10 pm CAT


Dream Girl Starlife Cast & Real names:


  • Shraddha Arya as
    • Ayesha Manav Sareen/Ayesha Raghav Rastogi (née Roy): Karan’s elder sister, Aarti’s twin sister, Manav’s widow and Raghu’s first/ex-wife.
    • Aarti Roy (Before Plastic Surgery): Ayesha’s twin sister and Karan’s elder sister.
      Shraddha Arya

      Shraddha Arya

  • Megha Gupta – Acted As ==> Aarti Raghav Rastogi (née Roy) (After Plastic Surgery): Karan’s elder sister, Ayesha’s twin sister and Raghu’s second wife.
    Megha Gupta as Aarti Raghav Rastogi (née Roy)

    Megha Gupta as Aarti Raghav Rastogi (née Roy)

  • Nikita Dutta – Acted As ==> Lakshmi Samar Sareen (née Mathur): Samar’s widow, Karan’s love interest and Rishi Mathur’s daughter.
  • Mohsin Khan – Acted As ==> Samar Sareen: Manav’s younger brother and Lakshmi’s husband.
  • Khalid Siddiqui – Acted As ==> Manav Sareen: Samar’s elder brother and Ayesha’s first husband.
  • Sudeep Sahir – Acted As ==> Raghav “Raghu” Rastogi: Ayesha’s second/ex-husband and Aarti’s husband.


  • Alina Kumar – Acted As ==> Tanya
  • Purvi Mundada – Acted As ==> Richa
  • Virendra Singh – Acted As ==> Rishi Mathur – Lakshmi’s father
  • Aparna Kumar – Acted As ==> Nandini Thakur
  • Chaitanya Choudhury – Acted As ==> Abhimanyu
  • Rukhsar Rehman – Acted As ==> Amrita
  • Geeta Tyagi – Acted As ==> Shanti Mathur/Bua Ji – Lakshmi’s aunt and Rishi Mathur’s sister
  • Allu Arjun as Pushpa Raj



Dream girl update Saturday 19 February 2022

The Episode starts with Laxmi coming for the audition by blackening her face and says a good audition. Prem is mesmerized by her talent. She says her dad asks her to see herself with her eyes, that she is beautiful, as just inner beauty matters. She says its all lie, as they all just see face beauty and everyone is just same. Prem stops her and says she will get the chance, he will take her audition. Laxmi is stunned and thanks him. She says she has given her audition, and turns to remove the black makeip and shows her real face. Karan is shocked.

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Karan says Laxmi… Prem smiles seeing her and claps for her., She says she is contestant number 150. Everyone likes her performance. Prem says someone impressed him after many years, your talent is your identity. She touches his feet. He stops her and gives his watch as a token of blessing, and says girls don’t touch feet, and says Manav would say the watch’s value, I got this from my Guru who told me to give this to someone deserving. Laxmi thanks him. Prem says good luck.Karan says he has the results and he will say the next round 10 contestants. Laxmi is also chosen and thanks everyone.

The girls say she acted well, congrats. Laxmi comes to Tina who has stolen her script and thanks her, as she gave her the best. She says failure has a victory hidden, blessing in disguise. Tina says she can’t win their hearts next time. Another girl defends Laxmi and says she is talented. Tina leaves. Sania says she is contestant number 6, and compliments Laxmi. Karan tells Laxmi that it was good. She stops and says as far as I remember, I gave similar audition in navrang for which she got hatred, and she was even cutting her hair, she feels strange to hear appraisal.

He says the work is not done, focus, this audition tape should not reach Ayesha, I don’t want her to know you participated, else your journey to top 5 will end. She says it will be good if he says good, if she obeyed him and run, she would have failed. He says why did he come to talk to her, she is showing tantrums. She says everyone is not selfish like him, and asks him to do his work.Laxmi’s dad worries as her phone is off. Bua ji says she had rehearsals, she will come, Samar is with her, he will take care. Laxmi comes home. Bua ji says her dad is angry. Laxmi hugs Bua ji and says she has shined in auditions, I will tell him the truth.

Bua ji says no, he will lose trust on you, I will talk to him. Bua ji praises Laxmi and her dad says if children’s dream break, parents also shatter. Laxmi hears them. She thinks she has lied, but can’t let her dreams break.Laxmi says the phone battery was off. Her dad asks about her mock shoot. She says it was good, I did well. He laughs and hugs her. She says everyone was shocked seeing my acting and liked it. Bua ji brings laddoos. He asks about Samar, where is he, did he not come to drop you. Laxmi thinks what to do. Samar comes and says its not good to have sweets alone.

He touches her dad’s feet and takes blessings and laddoos. He says he got late in photo shoot. He asks about Karthik. Her dad says he went for some work.Samar says he was there with Laxmi and asks her did she say the main thing to him. Laxmi says Prem Sareen gave me this. Samar says Papa’s watch and is stunned. He says I clapped for her. Laxmi says this watch is for Papa, and says Prem Sareen told her that only his two sons knows its importance, I want you to wear this, you deserve this, many girls have dreams but their fathers don’t let them fulfill their dreams, whatever I m is because of you. He smiles seeing the watch and says I m happy that you are fulfilling your dreams.

He says he will make pakodas.Meera hugs Manav. Ayesha sees her and asks Manav how did he come soon. Manav says he liked the location and looks like Meera is happy seeing him. Ayesha says she knows why Meera is happy. Meera goes. Prem tells Manav that auditions were good. Ayesha gives him water. Prem asks why is she looking worried. Ayesha says nothing, did you like anyone whom you think can be cast opposite Samar. Prem says he liked a girl, she has the thing we are finding, she stunned me. Ayesha thinks who is she, is she Laxmi. She asks who is it, she will have something. He says he does not remember the number, but remembers her face. She thinks to find out the girl.

Samar getting stuck in his jacket. He asks Laxmi to help him. She pulls it and falls down. They laugh. He makes her get up and gets closer. She says don’t worry, when I become dream girl, I will buy a good jacket for you. He asks why did she not call him. She says battery was gone. He asks what did she do that she impressed everyone. She says she followed his words. He laughs and asks what did I say. She says you told me that day, that become Laxmi Mathur and follow heart and do what I want, I forgot all heroines and did what my heart said.

She says everyone liked it, Prem Sareen told me that he has expectations from me, when my eyes opened, I saw… She asks is he listening and leaves his hand. He says yes. She says you sell samosas, but talk smart. He says he learnt from life. She asks is he jealous of Samar Sareen. He says he is not jealous, did she see him, and says he will be ugly, does she know him. She says no, he will he handsome. He asks about him. She says you are fake Samar Sareen, even you look good in rented clothes.

Karan sits working. Manav and Ayesha come to see auditions. She asks was he there all the time. Karan says yes, it was good, check it. She asks about Laxmi. He says it was all fine, check it. They see the video. Manav likes Tina. Ayesha says she does not have spark in her. He likes Sania and says we have to groom them. Karan thinks what to do to stop them from seeing Laxmi. He makes the water fall on the laptop and says sorry, I was taking water glass. Manav says its fine, we will see remaining auditions tomorrow.

Ayesha asks Karan about auditions. Karan says it was not good, Prem got old and Manav made him sit to give respect. She asks about Laxmi. He says she was making some lists in office, you have 10 days and she can go back, she can’t arrange 10 lakhs so soon. He leaves. Laxmi tells Samar that she went for Samar’s film audition and I felt he will be there, I would tell him everything. Samar smiles and says say it now. She asks to whom. He says Samar Sareen, as I m the fake one since few days, fine don’t say, your wish.

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She smiles and comes to him. She asks did he think she will not know him, she has his pic everywhere and dreams of him every night, that he is her hero Samar Sareen. She holds his hand and asks him to see in her eyes, whatr does he see. Zara zara hone laga kam faasle……….plays…………. he says nothing. She asks him to say as Samar Sareen. He says I feel like. She says as if we are lost in each other’s eyes and are away from everyone.They have an eyelock. She asks is she proposing Samar. She says he will propose me. He asks why does she think so.

He sits on the water pipe and water comes out. She says its raining. He says it looks its just on you. She asks him to see pipe and they shut the water leakage. She gets drenched and he tries to stop the water. She feels cold and she makes her wear his jacket. He holds her hand and air blows. Samar goes away from her. Music plays………………… She removes the jacket and leaves from the terrace.Its morning, Laxmi asks her dad why is he packing the bag. He says he has govt job and got few days leave, he has to teach students. He says he has seen her and is satisfied.

Karthik says her morning alarm will ring and dad’s pic will come. She gets sad and goes to make food. Samar comes to her. She stops him and takes him out. She asks why did he come. He says its my house too. She asks him to be silent and not say anything. She cleans his jacket. He looks at her. Music plays…………… he smiles seeing her.

The Episode starts with Samar having breakfast with Laxmi and her dad. He says he will take him and show Mumbai. Her dad says he has seen Mumbai before. Samar says see anything new. Laxmi says he has seen everything. Her dad asks him to go for rehearsals, he has a wish, if its possible, he wants to see her new world, he wanted to see her working and hearing her getting appraisal. She says shooting is cancelled today. He says fine, I will see rehearsals, and Navrang studios will have other shooting. Samar coughs and drinks water.

Her dad asks is this possible. Samar says fine and she gets angry. He says sorry. Manav says sorry to call everyone so soon, we have less time, I want to review all the preparations and asks his dad to help. Kaan plays the sponsors video and media will also publicize them. Manav says nice, we will get good launch for Samar. Prem says they all are forgetting that this is not beauty contest, they are finding dream girl, her talent should be over Ayesha.Manav says yes, it means we have to identify Ayesha’s strong points and make rounds. He asks them. Karan says acting and dancing. Manav says wrong, its her connection with audience, people thinks she is one of them, they have to impress classes and masses, think how to make rounds. Manav and Prem leave.

Karan says he will decide, think what to do in round 2. Laxmi cleans the plates. Samar asks shall I help. She asks why did he say so, does he think he is real Samar Sareen, what will I do now.Samar says he told me. Laxmi says how to take him to Navrang, if Ayesha sees him, she will not leave this chance and say everything, I have a burden to lie to him, if he knows, he will take me along in evening. Samar asks her not to get annoyed, he will do something. He says he will find some way. She says there is no way. He asks her not to be upset, we will think and get some idea.

He says he will make fake world of Samar Sareen and makes her smile. Ayesha tells Meera that its her imp shoot today. She asks is she going somewhere. Meera says she is going with friends. Ayesha recalls that guy and says I want a favor, I have to go for some important work, can you stay at home with Meethi. Meera agrees and asks her to go for shooting. Ayesha asks did I upset you. Meera says no. Ayesha says I promise next weekend we will go together. She finds it strange that she agreed so easily. She leaves.Sona sees Ayesha going and says her work is imp to her than kids. Ayesha leaves. Meera calls Dhruv and says she is coming, everyone left, wait there, I will come. Ayesha leaves. Meera comes out and guard stop her, saying she can go by car. She says she will go by auto. She leaves.

Samar brings Bua ji, Laxmi, Karthik and her dad in car to some shoot set. They see the film city and like it. Bua ji asks is this bus stop. Samar says its vanity vans. Bua ji asks how does he know all this. Laxmi says he said its his friend’s set. Samar says our set is there and treats them well. Samar asks his friend did he manage everything. He introduces him as director. Karthik asks is he Manav, your brother. Samar says no, he went to see locations. Laxmi’s dad asks her to get ready and they will sit. Laxmi asks Samar what is he doing. Samar asks her to get ready fast and they can leave soon. Samar’s friend says I don’t have script, how will you do scene. Samar asks for a pen and paper, he will write the scene.


Laxmi and Samar start acting a scene. Laxmi says she can’t lie to her dad, she wants to tell them everything. Bua ji thinks what is she saying. Laxmi cries and says dad, I don’t want to lie to you, I m sorry for lying, its all for my dreams, I m very selfish. Sona asks Meera to come for lunch and does not find her anywhere. She sees her clothes on the bed and says where did she go. She says her phone is off, its not good, she did so before going rehab. He runs to ask servants and asks the guard.The guard says she left with a bag, she refused for car. Sona calls Manav and he gets worried. He says I m coming and tells Prem. Nandini says Meera is missing, and now Sona will call me. Sona calls her and Nandini asks whats she saying, she is her daughter, where did she go, I m coming.

She smiles. Samar says go and tell them, they will not see you with pride and walk with bend eyes, they will not trust you again, are you trying to be great, if this lie is giving them happiness, whats wrong, bad time will pass, lie can turn true later. Laxmi’s dad cries and claps for them. The director says fantastic shot. Laxmi hugs her dad and cries. Her dad says it did not look she is acting, it was great. Karthik asks her dad did he understand the scene. Her dad says yes, she did not wish to lie to her dad and marry her lover, we also gave her these values.Karan comes there. Laxmi sees him and is shocked. Samar turns to see, seeing her scared face. Samar sees Karan and gets tensed. He thinks Karan can create problem for Laxmi and worries.

Samar seeing Karan and getting tensed. Laxmi hides from Karan. Nandini cries and blames Ayesha for this. Manav comes and asks did they find anything. Nandini cries and hugs him. Sona says mum can worry for kids, Ayesha got ready and left, she did not give time to them, Meera is not her daughter so she does not care. Samar asks Bua ji to take them. Samar faces Karan. Karan asks why did he come infront of everyone on shoot before the movie launch, he did not know his training is over. Samar says he came as Raj Samosewala.They have a talk. Karan says he will come in 5mins to met director. Karthik and his dad see whats happening, is this any temple. Karthik says its filmi temple. Karan says he is using well and bringing poor people to show shooting, such people are not allowed in Navrang.

Samar says they are my friends, mind your language. Karan says fine, artist is sensitive, I like it. He says Ayesha is shooting here. Samar is shocked. Karan says lets meet her. Samar says I will come later and leaves. Karan says there is something, that he is scared and not meeting eyes, not wishing to meet Ayesha, there is something, I wish to get this secret to use it against you on right time.Samar comes to Bua ji. He says why did Laxmi take so much time to change, where are uncle and Karthik. She is shocked seeing Ayesha. Samar turns and says Laxmi’s vanity is also there. Laxmi’s dad sees Ayesha and shows Karthik. Karthik says she is very beautiful.

Ayesha smiles. Bua ji asks Samar to see they are going to meet Ayesha, stop them else Ayesha will tell them everything.Laxmi gets down the vanity van. The media takes Ayesha’s autographs. Laxmi’s dad calls her name and Ayesha hears it. Samar and Bua ji rush to her. Karthik says Ayesha is here, won’t you meet her. Bua ji says she is working now, and she meets her daily in office. Her dad says I want to meet her and thank her. Karthik asks her and Samar to make them meet. Laxmi says next time, you will miss train. Samar says her shooting is going on. Her dad says it will take 2 mins. Ayesha hears Laxmi’s voice and thinks how is she here.

Samar asks Laxmi and Bua ji to go to car, he will manage. Samar meets her and she is glad seeing him. He says his friend shoot is going and he came to meet her. Laxmi worries and says don’t know what’s going on. Ayesha meets Laxmi’s dad and says his daughter become her assistant, and says she can’t become anything else than assistant. Its Laxmi’s imagination. Ayesha asks Samar to come and talk. Samar says your assistant is my friend Payal, her father and brother wanted to meet you. She asks him to call them.

She greets them well. Her dad thanks her for supporting his daughter. Ayesha thanks him as Navrang has efficient people, and says Payal is good. Samar lies saying her character name is Payal. Her dad says about Laxmi and does not take name. Samar says we will go now. Her dad says I don’t see many films, but I came here as I wanted to thank you, for giving everything to my daughter, I request you to take your autograph, I will keep it in my temple. Samar sees Laxmi’s pic in his waller and worries. Ayesha gives her autograph and her phone rings. She talks to Manav and asks how did Meera go, I m coming, don’t worry. She says she has to go and cancels the shoot. Samar asks what happened. Ayesha says Manav has some urgent work, and leaves.

Manav talks to inspector and tries to find Meera. Ayesha comes home and asks what happened. Nandini and Sona scold her and asks what does she know how a mum cares for children, she is dream girl, an actress, and just time pass with my children. She blames her and says if my children were with me, this would have not happened, if anything happens to her, I will not leave you. Prem says its not Ayesha’s mistake. Sona scolds Ayesha and asks did she do her duty, she is just Manav’s lover and wife, not the good mum and good bahu. Ayesha looks at Manav.

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