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Dream Girl June 2022 Teasers

Dream Girl
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Dream Girl June Teasers 2022: Raghu and Aarti have a romantic time. Ayesha congratulates them on their marriage. Read Starlife Dream Girl June 2022 Teasers;

Starlife Dream Girl June 2022 Teasers

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Episode 243

Ayesha (Aarti) Ayesha (Aarti) misleads Rakesh regarding Aarti (Shikha) as well as then entices Rakesh to murder her. With the help of Ayesha, Rakesh is attempting to shoot Aarti. He is at Navrang Studio acting as a journalist. Aarti and Raghu are suspicious of Rakesh when he is preparing for her fake interview.

Episode 244.

Raghu is confronted by Manav and Karan for mistaking him and attempts to convince them of Ayesha’s real identity. Rakesh succeeds in a fight with Aarti (Shikha) who escapes away from Navrang Studio. Then, Raghu is worried about Aarti’s disappearance, and is quick to locate her.

Thursday 2 June 2022

Episode 245

Raghu finds Aarti (Shikha) who is missing and attempts to save Aarti of Rakesh and his gang. But, he fails his efforts. Rakesh kidnaps Aarti and keeps her in his home. Aside from that, Ayesha (Aarti) misguides Manav and Karan regarding Aarti. Aarti seeks escape from the prison.

Episode 246

Aarti (Shikha) is able to escape Rakesh and his gang with the aid of Raghu. The two later make a police complaint against Rakesh. Manav is a friend of Aarti. Ayesha (Aarti) Aarti is stunned to find Aarti alive. Aarti criticises her for her misdeed.

Friday 3 June 2022

Episode 247

Ayesha (Aarti) is desperate to destroy Aarti (Shikha). Raghu attempts to inform Manav as well as Karan of the plot of Ayesha however, they are unable to believe. Then, Rakesh sneaks into Manav’s home and tries to murder Aarti. But Aarti shoots Rakesh in self-defense. Raghu and Manav have a good time. Aarti.

Episode 248

Aarti (Shikha) thank Manav She also thanks Manav Karan for taking good care of her. She expresses her gratitude to Raghu. Manav discusses ways to get his film noticed and also discusses the scenes with Raghu. Ayesha (Aarti) Aarti is thrilled to discover the background of the film. Raghu and Aarti declare their love for one another.

Saturday 4 June 2022

Episode 249

Ayesha (Aarti) will not rest until she can take on Aarti (Shikha) in the filming of a fight scene in the film. Aarti offers a suggestion to Manav about the film’s scenes. Manav and Karan lead the shoot in the village. Ayesha and Aarti are fighting while shooting.

Episode 250

The film team is on the edge of its seat as Ayesha (Aarti) Ayesha (Aarti) and Aarti (Shikha) fight each in the course of filming the fight scene. Ayesha pretends to be innocent as she tries to murder Aarti. But, Raghu recognizes her deed and hates her for it.

Sunday 5 June 2022

Episode 251

Raghu denounces the behavior of Ayesha toward Aarti. He exposes her in front of Manav as well as Karan. In rage, Ayesha discloses her identity and then tries to murder Aarti. Then, she tries self-inflict burns. But she is saved, and she is admitted into the hospital.

Episode 252

The doctors inform Manav along with Raghu that Ayesha suffers due to memory loss. However, Raghu believes she’s faking it! He would like to see her arrested for the crime she committed. Karan calms Raghu as well as Aarti and demands that they make a knot.

6 June, Monday June 2022

Episode 253

Manav is furious with Ayesha for lying to Manav and his family However, she is determined to demonstrate her innocence. Raghu as well as Aarti happily get married with a law firm, Karan as well as Manav. A doctor has claimed that Ayesha suffers from memory loss. Raghu is suspicious of her motives.

Episode 254

Raghu and Aarti are having a romantic night. Ayesha is happy for them and congratulates them on their wedding. She tries to attract Manav however, he turns away from her. Raghu, Aarti and Manav are suspicious of the motive behind her. Ayesha attempts to make them realize that she suffers from amnesia.

Tuesday 7 June 2022

Episode 255

Ayesha is irritated by Manav, Aarti and Raghu for spotting her motive. She decides to stay in the hospital. The news of her disappearance is shocking to Manav. But, Aarti manages to find her and expresses care for her. The doctor informs Manav that Ayesha suffers from amnesia.

Episode 256

Manav is thrilled to watch Aarti and Ayesha enjoy time with each other. However, Raghu is concerned because he suspects that Ayesha is behind the plot. Raghu develops a strategy and seeks out the help of the police as well as doctors to aid Ayesha recuperate her memory.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Episode 257

Raghu, Ayesha and Manav are thrilled to learn that Aarti is expecting. Aarti’s demands are ignored, but Raghu can manage to soothe Ayesha. Raghu and Aarti have the birth of a girl. Ayesha is thrilled about it. Ayesha’s amnesia continues to worry the doctor. What’s Ayesha’s secret?

Season’s End!

The court has ordered both the police as well as the medical professional to detain Ayesha. But, Ayesha continues to put her act together. A woman is hired to kidnap Raghu-Aarti’s child.


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