April Teasers

Dream Girl April 2022 Teasers

Dream Girl April Teasers 2022: Samar, Laxmi and Karan console Manav and decide to fight back against Ayesha. Below are Starlife Dream Girl April Teasers 2022.

Dream Girl April 2022 Teasers

Dream Girl April 2022 Teasers

Starlife Dream Girl April Teasers 2022

Friday 1 April 2022

Episode 122

Naina is watching Raksha Bandhan along with Abhimanyu along with Kartik. Ayesha pretends to be an entrepreneur selling pizza. She is at Abhimanyu’s residence to watch Abhimanyu as well as Naina but Abhimanyu found her!

Episode 123

Karan speaks about what he thinks with Ayesha however she is unable to reconcile with him over his support for Naina . Karan warns Naina to be on guard for Ayesha. Ayesha is determined to find Naina when she goes to Navrang Studio. However, Naina (Laxmi) ruins Ayesha’s plan!

Saturday 2 April 2022

Episode 124

Manav is involved with Ayesha. Ayesha gets scared after finding some rodents inside her house and accuses Naina (Laxmi) of provoking her. However, Manav manages what is happening. Karan is stunned to find Samar is a drug addict. Samar is a huge drug user.

Episode 125

Ayesha along with Manav are shocked when they discover that Samar is taking medication because of suffering. Manav is a friend of Samar. In response to Ayesha’s request, Manav requests that Samar aid Naina (Laxmi) to assist her in writing scripts. Naina (Laxmi) does not have any desire to collaborate with Samar but Karan is able to convince her.

Sunday 3 April 2022

Episode 126

To trap Naina , Ayesha delegates Samar as her right hand. She is a nuisance to Naina as she works with Samar. Samar is unhappy over Naina (Laxmi) because she is taking care of him in a rigorous manner. Ayesha keeps an eye on Atul And Naina (Laxmi) and tries to deceive Samar about them.

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Episode 127

Ayesha is the one who provokes Samar to express his frustration with Atul. Manav is irritated with Samar and demands that he be careful around Naina (Laxmi). Ayesha attempts to reveal Naina’s (Laxmi) identity and deceives Samar on her. Manav helps Atul and collaborates with him to promote the film.

Monday 4 April 2022

Episode 128

Manav and Atul Are impressed by Ayesha’s performance on filming. Ayesha attempts to expose the Naina’s (Laxmi) secrets to Samar but she is unsuccessful. Karan as well as Abhimanyu advise Naina (Laxmi) not to be wary of Ayesha’s plot. Karan and Ayesha confront one another. Ayesha is a spy at Naina (Laxmi).

Episode 129

Ayesha gives a few shots for the film of Atul while Samar goes to the studio. Ayesha is involved in an accident while shooting. Samar’s health deteriorates because of an overdose of drugs. Naina (Laxmi) finds herself concerned about the condition of Samar. Karan attempts to help Naina (Laxmi) find out about the plans of Ayesha.

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Episode 130

Samar’s addiction to drugs has left Naina (Laxmi) unhappy and she decides to tell her secret to Samar. Aside from that, Karan and Abhimanyu are dissatisfied over Naina’s (Laxmi) choice. Ayesha is successful in misleading Naina (Laxmi) as well as Samar. Naina (Laxmi) is the one to reveal who she is to Samar.

Episode 131

Ayesha is delighted to fool Naina (Laxmi) as well as Samar. Samar is relieved when Naina (Laxmi) revealed her secrets to him, and they’re happy to be back together. Abhimanyu, Karan and Naina (Laxmi) attempt to get Samar be aware of the wrongdoings of Ayesha against them.

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Wednesday 6 April 2022

Episode 132

Samar promises Karan of not exposing Ayesha and claims to be loyal to her. Ayesha is concerned about Samar and is determined to release herself from the case of Laxmi. Certain reporters accompany Ayesha as well as Manav to court. During the trial the advocate attempts to prove the offence of Ayesha against Laxmi.

Episode 133

After hearing Abhimanyu’s confession the judge declares Ayesha in innocence. Karan is outraged by Abhimanyu for disclosing Naina’s (Laxmi) secret, and attempts to convince him about Ayesha’s plot. Naina (Laxmi) is the first to reveal her name, but fails to show Ayesha is wrong.

Thursday 7 April 2022

Episode 134

Ayesha thanks the media while they congratulate her. She wins Abhimanyu’s trust and is found innocence in court. Abhimanyu wants to see Ayesha. Then, she celebrates her birthday with Manav.

Episode 135

Ayesha isn’t willing to meet Abhimanyu. Samar is shocked to learn what is the real story behind Ayesha along with Abhimanyu. Manav listens in on Ayesha and Abhimanyu’s conversations. He demands Ayesha to be honest or leave the home.

Friday 8 April 2022

Episode 136

Ayesha attempts to prove herself innocent. But, Manav makes her realise her wrongdoings towards Laxmi, Karan, Samar and Abhimanyu. Ayesha regrets her decision, however Manav splits with her. Samar is trying to console Manav who is upset. Manav.

Episode 137

Samar attempts to understand Manav. Ayesha is determined to reconcile with Manav however, he hates her for sinning against Manav. Ayesha is devastated when the Sareens don’t bother her. However, she is thrilled to learn that her film “Shakti The Woman” has been successful!

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Saturday 9 April 2022

Episode 138

Ayesha attempts to soothe Manav. He is however certain that Ayesha isn’t loyal to Manav. Manav chooses to split with Ayesha and demands Ayesha to sign the divorce papers. Ayesha organizes a party with her friends Manav, Laxmi, Samar and Karan. In the end, she humiliates them.

Episode 139

Ayesha says to Manav she has promoted Manav that she promoted the Navrang Studio and its films. Manav is furious at Ayesha for requesting a 50 percent from the Studio. Prem consoles Manav. Ayesha and Manav are awarded a couple’s prize. Manav is reluctantly attending an interview.

Sunday 10 April 2022

Episode 140

Samar, Laxmi and Karan are consoled by Karan, Samar and Laxmi Manav before deciding to fight against Ayesha. Ayesha gets a phone message from Simla concerning her aunt’s death. Manav assures Prem that he won’t give up to Ayesha and that he will divorce her. Karan is named creative director.

Episode 141

Atul talks about his movie with Ayesha and helps her prepare for the shoot. But, Ayesha pretends to be sick and cancels the photo shoot. Karan is shocked to learn of Ayesha’s visit Simla. In another instance, Ayesha gets some confidential work completed in Simla. Manav is skeptical about Ayesha’s plans.

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