Episode 31
We started with Kara taking the kids out of the bookstore. He asked Edward to go but he asked her if it was okay for him to say goodbye to Becca. Becca thanked Edward for defending her and gave him a hug when he asked for one.
When Kara took the kids home, everyone learnt about what Hannah had done and Seb was furious! He scolded Hannah thoroughly and told her that it was wrong of her to have stolen the crayons and make Becca take the blame. Hannah’s excuse was that she really wanted the crayons and Seb told her that there kids with less than what she had but they did not result to stealing. Hannah asked if they were going to return her to her aunt and Kara empathized with her. She told Hannah that they were only trying to tell her that what she did was wrong. Seb told Hannah that she had to be punished so he told her to face the wall until they told her otherwise and she was grounded for a month with no toys. Seb was starting to get scary so Kara asked him to leave the room.
Becca went inside to see how Hannah was and Hannah told her that it was her fault that her parents were mad. She said that Kara would have just bought the crayons if Becca was not there. Becca told Hannah that she would not force her to like her but she should not get her in trouble.
As Kara discussed the incident with her family, Itoy commented that Sara would lose it once she learnt what happened Hannah did to Becca. Alex found them talking and asked them what Hannah did.
When Alex went to see Hannah, she was mad too for what the child did and she told her that all she achieved to do was make everyone empathize with Becca. Hannah asked Alex not to be upset and told her that things would have been fine had it not been for the man from the audition. Alex learnt that Edward was with the kids at the store as well and she told Hannah not to worry because she would take care of everything.
Kara checked in on Hannah in her room and she apologized to her for what Hannah did. Becca seemed sad so Kara asked her how to cheer her up. Becca said she danced with her Momma and taught Kara one of their dances.
Alex went to see Edward at his office and offered her help to let him see Rebecca. She said she felt sorry for Becca who only wanted to meet her father. Edward was not convinced with Alex’s supposed good intentions and told her that going through Sara’s back to see Rebecca would only make her angry. He declined the offer and preferred to talk to Sara instead. Alex left her number with him in case he changed his mind.
When Laura and Itoy took Becca to see Becca, Becca seemed a little quiet and Sara asked what was wrong. They told her what Hannah had done and Sara almost lost it but Becca asked her not to get angry and Laura told her that the issue had been settled.
Sara had a lot to say to Kara when she went to visit her. She was angry at Hannah and also because Kara had been correcting Becca’s language. Kara told her that she did not want to fight when they had more important things to talk about like Edward. Kara told Sara that Edward had followed them to the bookstore and Sara told her that she had to keep Edward away from Becca otherwise they would have a very big problem.
Banjo and one of the workers at the club recognized the man who had put the drugs in Sara’s bag. They followed him and saw him meet the man who had been harassing Sara at the club. They figured that he was the one behind the drug incident because Sara rejected him. Banjo reported their investigation to the police and was told that they needed more evidence.
When Banjo went to visit Sara, Edward showed up as well. Banjo told Edward that he was Sara’s friend and was a father figure for Becca and Edward told him that he was thankful that Banjo had taken care of his daughter while he was away. Banjo told him that he would continue to do it because Sara was still mad at him.
Banjo saw Sara first and updated her on everything that he had found out. Sara asked him to do everything he can so that she could get out of jail since she was afraid that her daughter would get too close to Kara. Banjo asked her to stop being paranoid because her daughter would never replace her. He then told her that he had to leave and that Edward was waiting for her but Sara took the things Banjo brought for her and left.
Edward did not give up and begged Sara to talk to him otherwise he would return there every day. Sara gave him 5 minutes and Edward asked her to forgive him because he never knew she was pregnant nor that she went to Japan to look for him. Sara did not believe him because she got a text from him saying that he would not be responsible for the child. She told him that she had managed to raise Becca for 7 years without him so Becca did not need him. Edward called her selfish but Sara told him that he could never understand what happened to her and it did not matter whether he knew about her pregnancy or not. She left without taking any of the stuff he brought.
Edward realized that there was no way he could convince Sara to let him be with Becca so he called Alex and accepted her help so that he could get to spend time with Becca.
Episode 32
Kara and Laura were preparing to go see Sara in prison and Becca wanted to stay with them but Kara said that she had to stay behind because she had a cough and it might get worse if she went to the prison.
Sara was not glad to see that Becca was not with Kara and Laura so she asked them why they did not bring her. Kara told her that Becca had a cold and they decided to let her stay at home. Sara accused Kara of keeping her daughter away from her but Laura explained to Sara that she had to think about Becca’s health too and not accuse them of keeping Becca away.
Alex asked for Hannah’s help so that she could sneak Becca out of the house. Hannah was playing with Becca and Seb was watching them as he worked. Hannah said she wanted to go to the playground but since Seb was busy, Alex said that she could take Hannah and Hannah suggested that they go with Becca too. Becca was surprised and excited to hear that Hannah wanted to go with her. Seb decided to go with them after all and when he went inside to change, Alex told Hannah to feign a stomach ache. Seb thus had to stay and take care of Hannah as Alex took Becca to the playground.
When Alex saw Edward arrive, she told Becca to stay there as she went to buy something. Edward then approached Hannah as if he had seen her by chance and asked to sit with her as they waited for Alex. He bought Becca some candy as they waited for Alex and even brought a picnic bucket that he had brought along. Becca asked him how he had food and Edward said that he always packed food in his car. They ate together as they talk and Edward laughed at Becca’s charming antics. He even told her that he had not been happy for a while and spending time with her made him happy. Alex called Edward and told him that she had to get Becca back home so she asked him to hurry up.
When Kara and Laura arrived back at the house, Seb told them that Alex took Becca to the play ground. Kara and Laura decided to go get them and when they saw them, they were with Edward. Everyone accused Alex of planning the meeting with Edward when they knew that Sara did not want him meeting with Becca.
Seb was especially mad at Alex and he told her that he was getting tired of defending her because she appeared guilty. He asked if she planned the meeting with Edward and told her to let Sara be the one to make decisions about her daughter.
Hannah blamed Becca for making Kara fight with Alex so when Kara went to tuck Becca in for bed, she apologized for the misunderstanding. Kara told her that it was not her fault and told her to go to sleep because she started to yawn. Becca said that she would not be able to sleep because she missed her Momma. Kara told her that she could sleep there instead because she looked like her Momma. Becca scooted over for Kara and the two of them slept.
Alex only blamed Kara for making Seb scold her so she decided to pay her back.
The next day, Kara and Laura took Becca to see Sara. As soon as they arrived, Kara received an anonymous call telling her that her daughter was still alive and was closer than she thought. Kara had to leave immediately to report the incident to the police and Sara was sad because she could not be there to support Sara.
Kara and Seb gave a statement to the police and Kara told them that she heard a tout call out the name of the place that the caller was at. Kara then spent her time investigating to see if she could find her daughter. Alex told Hannah that Kara would start ignoring her since she was looking for her real daughter.
Edward got a call from his client telling him that they wanted Becca for the advertisement. Edward had a problem because he needed the parent’s signature and he was sure that Sara would not agree. Alex went to see him and told him that she would get the papers signed.
Alex tricked Kara into signing the papers by telling her that they were needed for supplies in the foundation. Kara was in a hurry so she signed the papers hurriedly without reading them. Alex took them back to Edward and told him that Kara signed the papers because she was Becca’s guardian.
Kara arrived home looking sad since she was frustrated with the search for her daughter. Becca asked Kara to think of her as Isabella and we ended as Kara gave Becca a hug.
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