Episode 36
Seb asked Paulo why he had decided to move to Manila and Paula told him that his parents were separating and he needed some peace. He also thanked Seb for having accepted him in his house.
Paulo was playing his guitar for the children at the foundation when Patricia went to join them but she fell down and got embarrassed so she ran away. Paulo spent the day trying to find her at the foundation but he did not see her again.
Kara was at work with Itoy when she received a call form Dina. Dina did not say who it was but she told Kara she knew where her daughter was since she was the one who took her. She also offered to tell Kara who paid her to do it but she needed Kara to pay her 5 Million for the information. She also told Kara not to tell the police or any of her family members about their arrangement.
The minute Kara got off the phone though, she told Itoy and Laura about the call. Everyone in the family eventually found out and they were worried about giving away so much money only to have the person be a prank caller. Kara said that she did not mind the money as long as there was a chance for her to find her daughter.
Sara arrived to get Becca’s things and learnt about what was happening as well. She was worried about Kara because she might be misled again but Kara said she had a feeling that the woman knew something because she kept calling and texting her. Dina called again and Kara took the phone on speaker so that everyone could hear her. Alex walked in and heard the call too. Seb called the police and they planned how they were going to handle the meeting.
Alex was stressed when she went to see Julio and he was able to thank her for taking care of his sister because she gushed about Alex. He then asked Alex why she seemed disturbed and Alex told her that Dina was planning to meet with Kara to tell her the truth about her daughter to get back at her for the secret she knew. Julio asked Alex what the secret was and Alex told him that Dina had been stealing from him for years. Julio could not believe it since he trusted Dina but he investigated the issue and found out it was true. He therefore agreed to help Alex with Dina.
When Sara got home to Becca, she was worried about the things happening to Kara and felt threatened that they might lead back to her so she decided that no one must ever know that Becca was not her daughter.
That evening, Chloe went to harass Sara at Club Felicidad and told her to leave Edward alone. Sara told Chloe that she should tell that to her son because he was the one who had been pestering her. She threw Chloe out of the club but Chloe said she had kept Sara away from Edward once and she would not stop until she proved that Edward was not the father of her daughter.
The following day, Sara went to see Edward at his agency. She slapped him because his mother went to insult her at her job but Edward said he did not know about it. Sara asked him if that would always be his defense and he said that his mother was wrong. He said he only wanted to be Becca’s father but Sara asked him whether he knew of everything she had to endure to give birth to their child. Edward countered by telling Sara that his father never acknowledged him and he did not want Becca to go through the same thing so he asked Sara to let him take care of his child and Sara agreed.
When Chloe saw Edward, she told him that she had gone to see Sara on his behalf so that she could let him see his daughter and apparently it had worked.
Kara was able to patch things up with Hannah who had accused her earlier of always taking Becca’s side and not loving her. She asked Kara to be careful as she went to look for Isabella and Kara asked her to pray for them to bring her sister back safely.
Kara got fake notes of 5 million and Seb accompanied her to the meeting place with Dina. The police were dressed as civilians so as not to raise suspicion and we ended as Dina arrived to meet Kara.



Episode 37
We started with Kara meeting Dina. She gave Dina the money and demanded to know where her daughter was. Dina laughed at Kara and asked her whether she really didn’t know the person who had orchestrated everything. She got a text then telling her that it was a trap and she immediately got hostile with Kara for trapping her. She held Kara at gun point and threatened to shoot if anyone approached them. The policemen at the scene charged in when Dina pulled out her gun and they started shooting at her. Dina abandoned Kara and ran off as the police charged after her. Julio had sent men to capture Dina and they got her in the car then ran off.
Ultimately, Kara and Seb were not able to learn anything because Dina ran away so they went home. Sara was at the house with Becca to visit too and they got to learn what happened. Laura asked Seb to take Kara to bed and when she was resting, Becca went in to see her and promised that that she and Isabella would soon be reunited. Sara saw them and when she was about to leave, she asked Andy the exact date that Isabella disappeared. Andy said he did not know but asked Kara to search on line for the video since Kara and Seb gave an interview right after the kidnapping happened.
Julio’s men took Dina to him and she was thankful to him for helping her get away from the police. Alex then appeared and started fighting with Dina because she almost gave her away. Dina told Julio that Alex was a snake but Julio gave Alex a gun and told her to finish Dina off since she had wronged her. Alex took the gun but looked hesitant to shoot Dina. She told Julio that she couldn’t do it so Julio took the gun away. Dina took the chance to run off but Julio aimed and shot Dina who collapsed. He asked his men to take care of the body then left with Alex and Dina’s money. The men went and dumped Dina’s body at a dumpsite.
When they got to the safe house, they learnt that the money was fake and the bag was full of paper. Alex was nervous after the incident and looked as if she felt sorry for Dina. Julio asked her whether she had suddenly grown a conscious but she only thanked Julio for helping her. Julio told her that she now owed him big time and promised to do anything she could to repay him. Julio’s suggestion was to sleep with Alex and she agreed to do it. She however swore to use Julio’s money and power to finish her plans because to destroy Kara and her family since she had already sold herself to him.
Seb and Kara talked to the press and offered 5 million to anyone who had any information about their missing daughter. They also showed a picture of Dina and asked for anyone who had anything about her to come forward.
Sara got a laptop at work and watched the video from Isabella’s disappearance and learnt that the same day that Isabella disappeared was the same day that she got Becca. This realization made her more fearful and she was staring out in space when Edward went to see her at the club.
Edward asked Sara what she was watching and she told him that it was a video of Kara. Edward told Sara that he had seen Kara on TV as well and they offered another reward for anyone who had information about Isabella. Sara asked him why he was there and he said that he was there to take Becca out. Sara had forgotten about it so she told Edward to come another time since she did not want Becca to go anywhere. Edward was disappointed but he insisted on taking Becca out. He even asked Sara to go with them so that she would not get worried about Becca.
Sara asked permission from Cynthia not to attend work so that she could go out with Edward and Cynthia agreed. Banjo was not happy with the arrangement and after they left, he asked Cynthia why Sara agreed to go out with Edward when she did not like him. Cynthia told Banjo not to meddle with Sara’s decisions because she knew what she was doing.
Becca had a fun time going out with Edward; she even asked him if it was his birthday. Edward said that he only wanted them to be friends. He asked Becca where she would go to school but Becca said that they were still saving so she had not enrolled yet. Edward offered to help but Sara refused his help. After playing on the swings with Edward, Becca asked money from Sara to go buy some water. Edward told Sara that Becca was independent and Sara said that it was maybe because they had gone through so much together. Edward told Sara that she had raised Becca well but said that they did not have to go through hardships because he was there now.
The police chief went to see Kara and Seb to tell them that they had been getting calls from people who said they had information but all they really wanted was the money so they were going to sieve through the information to see if there was something useful. Kara was depressed with the search and she told Laura that once they found out the person making them go through all the pain, she would make them pay.
When Sara and Becca got home, Becca thanked Sara for letting her go out with Edward because she really liked him. She said that she no longer bothered to know about her father since she had Banjo, Seb and now Edward, but Sara asked her not to get used to it because nothing in the world lasts. Becca said that she knew one thing that would always be with her and it was her Momma. She ran to Sara and hugged her.






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