Delhi darlings update Sunday 17th May 2020

Delhi darlings update Sunday 17 May 2020: Shaloo begins the morning with prayer so since the day is special she got even early and is ready to go to the Mandir and prepare for the function which she has decided to host, she has made the plan for the prayer but when she called her driver to confirm his wife did not let her speak with him which has made her angry. She also starts to joke with the cab driver who is a silent person and not interested in her talk.

Pooja along with her entire family is waiting for her son to bring the car which they have just bought, she is also really impressed with the car, and she explains that her son is really happy and not able to control himself, so they all go in their new car for a long drive.
Seema is going to her friend’s party which is some distance away from her home and she is also trying to reach there even though she is stuck in traffic.
Manya is hosting her friends success party as she has gained tremendous success, Rosie comes and they both sit to have a talk when she mentions that Seema is coming, Manya does not look really happy about it even though Seema greets her without any feeling of ignorance. They both sit, Manya is still not able to forget what happened with Rashmi so is ignoring her.
Shaloo reaches the Mandir and is very late so she gets there just before closing but still gets it then afterwards goes there to try the famous lassi, she instead of going for work starts to have street foods including the tikki,
Neha comes to meet Rena, she explains that she is really confused so she called her, she shows the pictures which she had and then they decided the details of the dress, Rena was happy with what she had decided to wear.
Pooja is very happy to relive her memories with regard of the party, she along with her friends are looking for what she should wear but they force her to search something from her wardrobe against her wish, she eventually accepts it.
Seema decides to meet with Manya after everyone has left, she then goes to greet her and sits with her, they were talking about what was going on in their lives, they agree that they are still busy with parties, Seema explains that her mega event is coming, Manya explains that they were once friends and she even took her on Jalesh, she wanted a function which she allowed but then after coming back she would not invite her on her party. Manya and Seema both are talking with each other trying to clarify the issues however they are not contented, Seema mentions that if she does not want to talk then she should not have come, Manya explain if she had no interest she would not come. Seema is not happy she says that they came to her each and every function even when it was a burden on her health. Manya mentions that she had hijacked her party, Seema is not on the same page explaining how she can do it with just one sequence when she had a lot of other functions, Manya does not share the same feeling. Seema mentions that the runway sequence was for her they both are disagreeing, the crew arrive and take some advice from Manya, and Seema says that she cannot leave but Manya takes off.
Manya explains that she has faced a lot of things while being quiet but cannot listen to anything from Seema ever again, she therefor leaves the Venue.
Shaloo is still looking searching in the market, she sees a dress in a shop and decides to buy it, she goes in there and is really happy with what she has bought, and she also buys something to gift her friends something which they can take back. She is really optimistic about a successful event.

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