Delhi darlings update Sunday 10 May 2020; Everyone is sitting having a lot of fun, they are worried about where Manya is as she confirmed that she will be the first one to arrive, they introduce Manya and Reena, everyone is not happy that some of their friends are late, they plan to impose a tax however Pari makes them understand that it is suitable for the first time.
Sona comes and is amazed to see that Manya along with Shaloo have prepared themselves a lot, Pari enlists the rules that anyone who does not come will have to pay a fine, they all agree that they will surely come.
They all ask about what each of them have become, Shaloo has become SriDev, Pari is Mastana, and Manya has decided to become one of her favorite actors. Reena says that she has taken on Sonam Kapoor because she tries to be like her and it was just because of her daughter that she took it on.
Sona feels that they have all been very late in the dance schedule of their Kitty so must start the performances, Pari takes out a name and it is Manya who has the first performance she feels that she will make her husband as well as her husband proud, Shaloo is very impressed with the dance they feel that she has done justice with her character, Pari explains that she has done a course and will truly be good.
Manya as soon gets down from the floor is praised by everyone, then the next name is taken out is of Pari who gets on the dance floor and however Manya is not satisfied with her performance feeling that she has copied it from her. Then there is next performance however it is not dance and they recreate the scene from Shahrukh Khans film, which they have a lot of fun doing.
Sona gets on the stage, from which Manya is truly impressed she feels that she should also be just like her when she gets old, then it is the chance of Reena to go on the stage however she is nervous as she has not prepared it, she is not able to give it her full attention, Manya comments that she did not like it as it was not according to their standards.
Pooja then goes to the stage disguised as Poo from k3h, she completely takes on the character which really impresses Pari as she likes it even commenting that she first was not sure of her capabilities.
Deepshika finally goes on the stage and when the dance begins she in an attempt to change the theme calls a guy from the crowd however this bold step is not appreciated by most of her friends who complain that she has done something which is below their standards when she ends Pooja says that the guy was trying to flirt with her,.
Shaloo is the one who is left she tries to dance, Pari explains that she is trying to be the character but her crown is not complimenting her dress code and it does not look good, her dance however is enjoyed by everyone and they all compliment for being SriDev, Pooja hugs her as soon as she gets off the stage. Manya is very happy with the way everything is happening.
They all ask Reena how she felt, they also make her feel comfortable, Reena is also happy to be with them, when it is about to end the Shaloo invites them all for a function which she is going to have in her house, they all explain that they are also spiritual, they then plan who will have to organize the next Kitty, it is Sona who has no problem in taking the next responsibility.
Reema reminds them that they had planned having a kitty on a spa, Shaloo explains that she might not be able to come because her husband will not allow it and then they plan to invite him also, Manya asks then why was he not willing to meet them on Jalesh she explains that it was because they are all very beautiful, however the gang does not like it saying that she does not have to worry about it.


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