Delhi darlings Saturday 25 April 2020 update: On Delhi darlings 25 April 2020 zee world, On a pleasant morning, the mother is preparing to hold a religious event because of the celebration on her sons achievement,

she also named her son after the god as she is really inspired by it, she has also decided to dress up for the event as she wants to look the best, she is however worried that she might be to overly dressed. She explains that she is always thinking of the solution to all their problems, she also has danced a lot which she loves.
Deepshika again goes to try her luck with her acting skills, she is still nervous however tries to give her best, the director is not convinced, he after a while asks her to move to the second scene as he feels she might not be able to do it, even when he gave her a lot of instructions on how to do it. She was not able to complete it as he is constantly stopping her, she request him to give her more time as she has to reach the party after which she will talk with her husband.
Pragati nagpal gets a call from her friend, she informs her that she was looking for a dress for Maniyas party, she requests that she come over, they both meet up and start to dance on a song, having a lot of fun, they again sit down asking each other about their happenings, she gets relieved when her friend informs that she is looking good.
Reena is getting prepared for the party, also seeking the advice of her daughter on what she should wear, they decide it and she mentions that her daughter has a lot of sense when it comes to dressing, so she always follows her decisions, when she starts to leave her daughter asks for something in return and when she agrees is when she is allowed to leave.
Manya is waiting for her guests to arrive however when they do not come she gets really mad however it cools down when they start to arrive she gets happy and they have a lot of fun, Ghujneet however has mixed feelings as she does not like the over excitement of the other group members which made her uncomfortable and desperately wanting to leave.
Manya also noticed it wondering that it might be because they are not really like each other, she lastely unveils the surprise which is that they will be together on the cruise ship, which further instigates the level of excitement in them. They again start to enjoy, she says that she knows they all were pretending to like it however she knew that they were jealous but would not tell her even if she asked.
Seema comes which angers everyone as they all were waiting for her, she explains that she got late from work however no one believes her, Manya feels that if she does not respect them then she will be all alone. Seema however gets angry explaining that even if they get late it is still the duty of the host to respect them. They all end the party and leave Manya. They decide of what they will do when they are together and think what they might wear, Reena is not overly conscious of her dress and does not need to worry.

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