Decisions Telemundo Storyline, Casts, Teasers

Date: On Monday, 27 April 2020 Telemundo premieres a new season of a series that’s different to its usual shows.

Decisions, also known as Decis!ones, is a crime anthology series consisting of new stories for each episode.


It’s been running on Telemundo for over 15 years – not as an ongoing series but with different seasons.

This one is subtitled “Some Win, Others Lose” and it first premiered on Telemundo in America on 19 December 2019.

As far as we know, none of the previous seasons have aired in South Africa before – let us know if you remember something we don’t!

Besides the anthology aspect, the other difference between the show and the majority of Telemundo’s other series is that each story is based on a real life tale.

Each episode focuses on a different intense decision and the impact it has on the main characters.

The series stars some Telemundo faves including Jorge Luis Pila (Behind Closed Doors, The Fan, Part of Me), Laura Flores (Woman of Steel, Queen of Hearts) and Litzy (Maid in Manhattan, Chritsmas Miracles).


The new season—is more inclined towards thriller, suspense and action—tell stories that are affecting ordinary people today. Inspired by high profile research, cases of human identity, social and political struggles, each episode focuses on a transcendental decision that will change the lives of the main characters in a moving, extraordinary and radical way. At the end of each episode, current statistics related to the central plot will be included, which were prepared by Noticias Telemundo to create awareness and reflection on the issues.


Decisions Telemundo Cast:

  • Christopher Millán as William
  • Litzy as Rocío
  • Ricardo Kleinbaum as Duncan
  • Kendra Santacruz as Grace
  • Yamil Sesin as Benny
  • Salim Rubiales as Pedro
  •  Jorge Luis Pila as Carlos Díaz
  •  Alejandra Villafañe as Lorena
  • Fiona Horsey as Elena
  • Mónica Gaviria as Lucía López
  • David Páez as Abelardo López
  • Daniel Espinosa as Director
  • Adriana Bustos as Presentadora de TV
  • Jessica Kehayias as Teresa Vanes
  • Adriano Zendejas as Emilio Savater
  • Laura Flores as Helena Savater
  • Ana Cristina as Alicia Tovar
  • Javier Díaz Dueñas as Detective
  • Roy Verdiguel as Jaime
  • Alejandro Maldonado as Alicia’s mother
  • Javier Jattin as Andrés Arango
  • Elizabeth Minotta as Emily Ramirez
  • Ricardo Vélez as Diego Arango
  • Daniel Toro as Tomás
  • Hibened Carreño as Dayana
  • Isabela Amado as Nataly
  • Laura Cano as Karen
  • Marcela Bustamante as Andrés’ mother



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