Deception Zee world Full Story, Plot Summery, Casts, Teasers


Deception Zee world Full Story

Deception Zee world Full Story

Deception Zee world Full Story: Deception Zee world is a modern day retelling of the love story between Menaka and Vishwamitra , and Menaka was an Apsara – a type of female spirit in Buddhist and Hindi culture. Vishwamitra was a sage, and a very enlightened person of ancient India who spent his time alone in divine reflection through meditation.
the god Indra was afraid of Vishwamitra because he was so powerful as a result of his goodness and devotion.
Indra Now sent Menaka to earth to seduce him with her beauty to break his meditation to reduce his powers and it worked as he planned!
But Menaka now wasn’t able to stay on earth with him, and Apsara spirits had to return to heaven, which made things complicated, especially because she had a daughter with him alredy.

Zee World: Deception Plot Summery:

Deception Zee world Series show revolves around Naren Vyas (Akshay Mhatre) and Pooja Goel (Sheen Dass).

Naren(Akshay Mhatre) is on the path of spirituality, living as a recluse and cut off from worldly activities. Lost in his own world of meditation, he is a concern for his mother Supriya Vyas and father Harish Vyas who belong to the affluent Vyas family. Pooja(Sheen Dass) on the other hand, is warm, confident and a complete people’s person who can take care of herself and is deeply rooted in family values. Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s parents want Pooja(Sheen Dass) to be Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s wife. Initially thinking Naren(Akshay Mhatre) to be another rich boy, Pooja(Sheen Dass) finally starts appreciating his genuine selfless nature. Naren(Akshay Mhatre) and Pooja(Sheen Dass) become best friends and Pooja(Sheen Dass) falls in love with him after he saves her from being raped by his cousin, Rahul. Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s wedding is fixed with Surbhi Singhania, the daughter of Harish’s friend Yash Singhania while Pooja(Sheen Dass) agrees to get married to Dr. Anand. Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s cousin, Mayank falls in love with Pooja(Sheen Dass). His love for Pooja(Sheen Dass) turns into an obsession and he kills Anand on Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s wedding day.

To save Pooja(Sheen Dass) from humiliation, Naren(Akshay Mhatre) steps in and marries her while Surbhi ends up getting married to Rahul. Soon, Naren(Akshay Mhatre) realizes that he also loves Pooja(Sheen Dass). Pooja(Sheen Dass) finds out that her horoscope has some problems and feign insulting Naren(Akshay Mhatre) and his family so they can separate. Supriya meets with an accident trying to stop Pooja(Sheen Dass) and becomes mentally unstable.

1 Year Later On Deception story zee word:  Pooja(Sheen Dass) returns to Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s life as Mrs. Kapoor. Naren(Akshay Mhatre), who was a simple and sober man, has become a ruthless womanizer. Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s friend, Ashish Kapoor, tries to solve Pooja(Sheen Dass) and Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s misunderstanding but Rahul misleads Ashish into believing that Pooja(Sheen Dass) has fallen in love with him. Ashish joins hands with Rahul and Surbhi. Naren(Akshay Mhatre) falls in their trap and proposes marriage to Surbhi. Pooja(Sheen Dass) records Ashish’s confession and stops Surbhi and Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s wedding. A guilt-stricken Naren(Akshay Mhatre) apologies to Pooja(Sheen Dass) but Ashish comes between and tries to kill Naren(Akshay Mhatre).

Pooja(Sheen Dass) shoots Ashish and Naren(Akshay Mhatre) takes the blame. However, Kapoor reaches the court on time and saves Pooja(Sheen Dass). Pooja(Sheen Dass) and Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s wedding preparations begin but Pooja(Sheen Dass) meets with an accident while praying for Supriya’s recovery. Supriya recovers and is able to stop Mayank’s father Rakesh from attacking Pooja(Sheen Dass). After her accident, Pooja(Sheen Dass) starts behaving like a child. Her uncle, Satish Gupta takes Pooja(Sheen Dass) with him to their hometown Dehradun. To stop her from being sent to a mental asylum, Naren(Akshay Mhatre) marries her and starts taking care of her.

It is revealed that Pooja(Sheen Dass) has been feigning her illness to save Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s grandfather from Kapoor who has been threatening to expose that Naren(Akshay Mhatre) is not the biological son of Supriya and Harish. Kapoor kidnaps Pooja(Sheen Dass) who finally kills him to protect Kashinath. Planning on ending her act, Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s half sister Naina Goel reveals Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s secret to Naren(Akshay Mhatre) instead causing him to become furious with Pooja(Sheen Dass). Naina sets her eyes on Naren(Akshay Mhatre) wanting to take revenge on Pooja(Sheen Dass) who she thinks was always preferred by their father. Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s health deteriorates as a result of his excessive drinking. Pooja(Sheen Dass) finds out Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s real mother, Chandrika who is a prostitute. To hide this truth from the Vyas family, Satish and Pooja(Sheen Dass) lie that Pooja(Sheen Dass) is Chandrika’s illegitimate daughter while Naina is Satish’s legitimate niece. The Vyas family, except for Kashinath, start hating Pooja(Sheen Dass). Chandrika is allowed to stay with the family in the Vyas Mansion but is blamed for an attack on Supriya. The misunderstanding leads to Pooja(Sheen Dass) and Chandrika leaving the house.

6 Months Later On Deception Zee worldMayank is dead. Pooja(Sheen Dass) lives in Krishnapuri, a red-light area with Chandrika. Naren(Akshay Mhatre) is standing for elections and visits Pooja(Sheen Dass) everyday at Krishnapuri. Everyone thinks that Naren(Akshay Mhatre) does this because he loves Pooja(Sheen Dass) but only Chandrika, the Vyas family & Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s assistant Danish know that Naren(Akshay Mhatre) in fact hates Pooja(Sheen Dass). Pooja(Sheen Dass) continues to fulfil her duty of a wife.

Naren(Akshay Mhatre) hires a shooter to kill Pooja(Sheen Dass). On a trip to Dehradun, Naren(Akshay Mhatre) realises Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s trust in him and calls the sharpshooter to call off the attack. Naren(Akshay Mhatre) and Pooja(Sheen Dass) consummate their marriage. At Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s election rally, Pooja(Sheen Dass) is shot at and Naren(Akshay Mhatre) discovers that a woman called the sharpshooter to carry put the attack. He realises Pooja(Sheen Dass) was aware of his initial plan and apologises but Pooja(Sheen Dass) loses all trust in him. However, they team up to expose Naina as the culprit behind causing Supriya’s attack and resulting paralysis, framing Chandrika for the attack, killing Mayank, abducting a heavily pregnant Surbhi and planning to kill Rahul and marry Naren(Akshay Mhatre).

Kashinath reveals that Naren(Akshay Mhatre) is Chandrika’s son. A heart-broken Naren(Akshay Mhatre) leaves the Vyas Mansion. At an ashram, Naren(Akshay Mhatre) and Pooja(Sheen Dass) renew their marital vows. They meet Bela and Praveen, another newly-wed couple. Bela is an introvert while Praveen is an extrovert who often acts silly. Instigated by Rahul, Harish decides to kill Naren(Akshay Mhatre) but Harsha, Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s aunt, warns Pooja(Sheen Dass) and Naren(Akshay Mhatre). Naren(Akshay Mhatre) and Praveen meet with an accident and Praveen dies while Naren(Akshay Mhatre), needing a heart-transplant, receives Praveen’s heart. A strange change appears in Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s behaviour as he starts behaving like Praveen.

It is revealed that Bela is planning to take revenge from Praveen’s parents as they insulted her parents for dowry resulting in Bela’s mother’s death and her father’s blindness. Under Bela’s spell, Naren(Akshay Mhatre) abducts Praveen’s parents and Bela kills them but spares Naren(Akshay Mhatre) for saving her father. Bela, then, surrenders to the police. Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s adoptive sister Meghna (Sangeita Chauhan) is blind and is about to marry Kunal Goenka, the man she loves. On their wedding day, Meghna is raped and suspicion falls on Naren(Akshay Mhatre) as he was absent from the venue. Pooja(Sheen Dass) saves Naren(Akshay Mhatre) from the accusations. The next suspicion falls on Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s cousin Anuj Gupta, Danish, Rahul and Kunal. The real culprit tries to kill Surbhi and Pooja(Sheen Dass) as they discover his real identity. Surbhi loses her child. It is revealed that Rahul’s father, Hardik Vyas is the real culprit. Hardik is arrested and Meghna and Kunal are married.

Angraj (Sahil Uppal), Harish and Supriya’s biological son, enters the Vyas Mansion. Angraj sets his eyes on Pooja(Sheen Dass), who he had used to evetease and harass before her marriage, and starts plotting to kill Naren(Akshay Mhatre). On the day of Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s birthday, Anuj shoots Angraj trying to save Pooja(Sheen Dass) but Naren(Akshay Mhatre) shoots Anuj to defend his half brother resulting in both Angraj and Anuj dying causing tension between Naren(Akshay Mhatre) and Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s families.

Angraj is revealed to be alive and gets a plastic surgery and returns with Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s face and kidnaps the real Naren(Akshay Mhatre). Angraj (as Naren(Akshay Mhatre)) takes Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s place at home. After an interesting twist in the plot, Supriya herself kills Angraj.

Deception Zee world Full Story

Deception Zee world Full Story

And the story ended with Supriya managing Angraj’s foundation, Rahul and Surbhi having a baby boy, Anuj’s wife Rachel (Sandhya Mehta) gets married to Rahul’s half brother Arjun Vyas (Khushwant Walia), and Pooja(Sheen Dass) gets pregnant with Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s child.


Zee World: Deception Cast:

  • Akshay Mhatre as Naren Vyas
    • Veer Bhanushali as Young Naren Vyas
  • Sheen Dass as Pooja Vyas
  • Sahil Uppal as Angraj Vyas (before plastic surgery), Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s half-brother
    • Akshay Mhatre as Angraj (after plastic surgery)


  • Kanwarjit Paintal as Kashinath Vyas, patriarch of the Vyas family, Hardik and Harish’s father
  • Avinash Wadhawan as Harish Vyas, Kahinath’s elder son, Naren(Akshay Mhatre) and Angraj’s father
  • Jyoti Gauba as Supriya Vyas, Harish’s wife, Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s adoptive mother, Angraj’s biological mother
  • Jaya Binju Tyagi as Chandrika, Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s biological mother
  • Vijay Kalvani as Hardik Vyas, Kashinath’s younger son, Harish’s brother
  • Parul Chaudhary as Neelima Vyas, Hardik’s wife
  • Ankit Vyas as Rahul Vyas, Hardik and Neelima’s son
  • Ritu Chauhan as Surbhi Vyas, Rahul’s wife
  • Khushwant Walia as Arjun Vyas, Hardik’s illegitimate son, Ritu’s second husband
  • Chaitrali Gupte as Harsha Kaushal, Kashinath’s daughter
  • Farukh Saeed as Rakesh Kaushal, Harsha’s husband
  • Tushar Khanna as Mayank Kaushal, Harsha and Rakesh’s son
  • Gulki Joshi as Naina, Pooja(Sheen Dass)s half sister and Mayank’s wife
  • Danish Kapai as Danish, Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s personal assistant
  • Khalid Siddiqui as Ashish Kapoor, Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s obsessive lover
  • Saptrishi Ghosh as Yash Singhania, Surbhi’s father
  • Mamta Verma as Shilpa Singhania, Surbhi’s mother
  • Sangeita Chauhan as Meghna Goenka, Naren(Akshay Mhatre)’s blind adoptive sister
  • Rakesh Kukreti as Mr. Goenka, Meghna’s father-in-law
  • Kuldeep Mallik as Satish Gupta, Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s maternal uncle
  • Chitrapama Banerjee as Kusum Gupta, Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s maternal aunt
  • Rohan Rai as Anuj Gupta, Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s cousin, Kusum and Satish’s son
  • Sandhya Mehta as Rachel / Ritu, Anuj’s widow, later Arjun’s wife
  • Ashmita Jaggy as Inspector Shivani Gupta
  • Rishabh Shukla as Babaji/Guruji
  • Suhani Dhanki as Chandni, a harlot
  • Arti Gupta as Dr. Kiran, Danish’s wife
  • Suraj Kakkar as Dr. Anand, Pooja(Sheen Dass)’s ex-fiancé
  • Neha Marda as Bela
  • Pawan Mahendroo as Bela’s father
  • Krishanu Rathore as Praveen, Bela’s husband


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