Deception 28 January 2020 update: Naren saying you can’t go like this Pooja…you have to come with me.

Deception Tuesday 28 January 2020 update: He runs behind the bus and finally manages to climb on it and is hanging holding the window. Pooja asks him to get down and says you will be hurt. Naren says I need an answer and asks if you will come with me or not. He asks driver not to stop the bus until she agrees. He asks her to answer. Pooja agrees and asks driver to stop the bus. Malanga Re plays….

Rahul slaps manager for closing his expenses. Employee comes and asks Rahul to give experience letter for Pooja Goel. Rahul asks her to give him details of Pooja Goel.

Naren talks to Satish and says he wants to take Pooja home. Kusum says she will not go anywhere and says first you fired her and then asking her to return. Naren says we are repenting for our mistake. Kusum says she will call supriya and tell her. Naren says even she wishes the same. He asks her to come. Kusum asks who are you to show right on Pooja? She says Pooja will not look at you or your family. Anuj says mum is right and tells that Pooja have to join office in Delhi. Naren says let her decide. Anuj reminds Pooja of her promise. Naren asks Pooja, do you want to come with me. Rahul says this servant needs character certificate and gets her resume, says now I have her kundli. Naren says I know you want to come with me and asks her to come. Pooja stops and says sorry. Naren says injustice have happen to you and asks her not to get scared of anyone. Pooja says this is my decision. Anuj asks him to return home. Rachel says she can work in Pooja’s place. Naren says nobody can take Pooja’s place and says I will not go without her. Anuj says you haven’t bought her with job and asks him to go. Satish asks Pooja to tell what she wants. Kusum asks Anuj to call Police. Pooja holds his hand and takes him out of house. She tells him why you are after me, I don’t want to come with you. She says why shall I return and says it is her decision to quit and asks him to leave her and return home. She walks inside the house and closes the door. Kusum asks Rachel to go inside and asks Satish to rest. Naren stands in shock. Pooja sits down crying.

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Harish asks Rakesh to sign on the cheque of 50, 000 Rs for his employees fund. Rakesh tells that funds are not much and says once funds are available, I will give you money. Rahul says you have given lakhs of rupees in charity and not giving money to family. Naren knocks on the door and calls Pooja. He asks her to open the door and cries. Pooja also cries. Jogi tera mann……plays….She opens the door and sees him sitting outside the house. She closes the door. Naren hears the sound. Naren leaves.

Rahul tells Hardik that Harish transferred 7 lakhs rupees to Satish, Pooja mama. Supriya says we gave for her mama’s treatment. Rahul says last month, he gave 10 lakhs rupees to her. Neelima says what is in her and asks why did he give 10 lakhs rs. to her. Harish asks did I ever stop you to have anything. He tells that if Hardik would have given you lavish life. Hardik asks her to stop. Naren comes back and sees Pooja through the door. He says you said right with which right, I am asking you to come. He says I never know the reason and says he wants to share with the world that she is with him for rang gali children’s development.

Hardik tells that what wrong did Neelu say? He says it was my mistake that I never questioned you. Harish says we shall talk office matters in room. Hardik says I am your younger brother and that doesn’t mean that you suppress me. He says that naukrani will not get any more money from company account. Pooja closes the windows. Naren asks her to come for a day and says I brought invitation also. He says if you are so stubborn then I will not leave my stubbornness, says he will go with her to the award function else no. Pooja takes the invite silently and reads it crying. Kusum sees her and gets angry. She snatches card from her hand and says these are rich people work and burns it. Pooja tries to stop her. Pooja says this is not invitation card, but Naren’s goodness. Kusum asks her to mend her ways before it is too late. Naren is shocked. Pooja cries.

Naren calling Pooja. Mayank and kids come there. Naren says you all. Mayank says we came to convince her along with you. Pooja thinks about Naren’s words, goes to Satish and holds his hand and says I need something, will you refuse me. Satish asks her to tell. Pooja says she wants to return to Hrishikesh for a day. Satish looks on. Just then they hear Naren knocking on the door and he asks her to see who came to convince her. Kids calls her. Pooja tells Satish that Naren got his destination and says may be he will lose it because of our ego. Kusum asks her not to go else she will break her legs. Naren knocks on the door. Anuj asks if this man is mad. Satish tells Pooja that if she thinks she shall go for a day then she can go, and says I will not ask you question. Anuj says you are saying this. Satish says they kept her with so much love and we can’t behave this way. Kusum warns Pooja again and says one day means one day. Pooja opens the door and smiles looking at them, says Mama permitted her to go only for a day. Naren looks at her with teary eyes. Malanga Re plays…..He goes inside and hugs Satish, thanking him. Anuj says I will also go with her, so that I can drop her to Delhi after function. Naren folds his hand.

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Harsha tells Supriya that these jewellery are of your marriage. Supriya says I don’t wear heavy jewellery, and says I have promised Pooja’s mami that they will pay for Satish’s treatment. Harish says no need to sell jewellery and says they will give money for Satish’s treatment from their company account, and asks Rakesh to pass Hardik’s cheque. Hardik says he don’t want his favor and tells that no cheque will be given to Pooja for company account. Fraud Guru ji comes and says if you are okay if grah lakshmi’s jewellery is sold.

Naren is driving his bike. Kids call his name. Naren smiles looking at Pooja. Harish thanks Guru ji for accepting his invite and coming to stay in his house. He asks Neelima to take care of him. Neelima nods. Guru maa asks Hardik not to hurt Bhabhi and says she is not less than a mum, and asks Supriya if he is saying right. Supriya doesn’t like Guru ji. Guru ji keeps the jewellery in the box and asks her not to sell jewellery and says it is symbol of married life. He says if a woman cries in the house then that house will never blossom. He calls Maa to Supriya. Supriya says you are welcome here, but we trusts on Kanha ji only. Later she talks to someone and says award function is kept at home. Naren sees Supriya and is tensed. Supriya smiles. Naren holds her hand and asks her to come. Harish is shocked to see Pooja. Supriya hugs Pooja and says sorry. She asks Naren to change his clothes as award function is going to start. Harish looks angrily. Supriya tries to talk to Harish. Harish says I am not interested in this award function. Guru ji pats on Rahul’s shoulder and they eye Pooja.


Mahila Samithi woman appreciates Naren’s work and everyone claps for him. Naren comes and sits with Supriya. Mahila Samithi people tells that they want to welcome his parents. Naren asks where is Papa? Supriya says some people are unlucky. Naren holds her hand. Supriya goes on stage. Gudiya says mum said where do we find people like Naren. Chandani smiles. Mahila Samithi woman asks Naren to come on the stage. Naren gets up and takes Pooja with him. He says he wants to say that he is not responsible for this award alone and says Pooja is also equally responsible for his work. Chandani gives them award. Naren and Pooja receive it. Chandani thanks Pooja and Naren and says you became angels for us. Naren thanks them for giving chance to them. Everyone claps for him. Pooja hugs Chandani. Naren gives interview to the media. Guru ji talks to Pooja and says I heard much about you. He tells something which is muted. Harish sees Naren and goes.

Later in the night, Pooja hears Neelima and Rahul talking to Guru maa. Neelima says that girl returned again and says I am worried. Guru ji says if you had done nice farewell then she wouldn’t have returned. Pooja is shocked and says they are together. Guru ji says she returned as Naren went to call her. He says it is okay, as Pooja is going far from here. Pooja will be in Delhi and Naren will be in my control. Rahul asks about Naren. Guru ji says once Pooja goes, we will shift Naren to math, and says once he reaches there, then it is impossible for him to escape from my captivity. Pooja is shocked and thinks she has to save Naren. Deception Tuesday update 28 January 2020 update

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