Deception Thursday 6 February 2020: Naren asking Pooja to order food. Pooja asks if she will have paneer paratha. Naren says no and checks the menu.

Deception Thursday 6 February 2020: Surbhi looks on upset as they talk. Supriya tells Harish that someone was sending letters to Surbhi all these years and says as far as she remembers, Naren haven’t written any letters. She asks if he send those letters to him. Harish says he wrote letters to Surbhi and sent her Naren’s pics, as he tried to lower Bhola Babus favors which he needed for business. Supriya says you have done your son’s investment. Naren asks Pooja to have food. Pooja looks at Naren and thinks she has left letter in his room. Naren tells Surbhi that Pooja is again lost and asks what she thinks? Surbhi says she doesn’t know Pooja well, but one thing is sure that their bonding is strong.

Naren says his choice is unique. Supriya tells Harish that his work gave wrong impression to Surbhi and she started dreaming to marry Naren. Harish says it is good and says they have to marry in future. He asks her to understand, else pack their bags and get rented house. He says he wants to set Naren’s life before his death.

Rahul calls Guru ji and asks where is he? Guru ji says he is going to change Pooja’s kundli and set her life, and says he is going to Satish and Kusum’s house. He says Pooja and Naren’s life will change. Surbhi gets angry and jealous seeing Naren and Pooja’s bond and love, and eats chilli. Pooja asks Naren to get sweets for her. Naren goes. Neelima tells Rahul that Yash used to send gifts for Naren and says she will initiate his marriage talk with Surbhi. Rahul says he likes Surbhi. Neelima smiles.

Surbhi asks Pooja if she is in love with anyone. She tells that she is in love with someone and that love never get less. She says she has written the letter for him and reads the letter before Pooja. Pooja is shocked to hear I love you Naren from Surbhi. Supriya takes Harish to temple and says I can understand your confusion and only Kanhaiyya can solve it. She asks him to light akhand jyoot which he set off last time. She says God will show the way and asks God to help Harish. Surbhi asks Pooja if she has written good.

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Pooja nods yes and tells that since 15 years, Naren has been writing letters to her and must be waiting for her to confess love. Pooja gets emotional and tells that Naren never told her anything. She says I am just his friend and I think you need to be with him. Naren comes back and see Pooja going. Surbhi says she might have remembered something. Naren looks on.

Pooja cries hugging lamb. She goes home and cries. Jogiya song plays while she recalls their moments. Anuj calls Pooja and asks how is she? Pooja says she is fine and asks about Mama. Anuj says next week is his operation. Pooja says she will come soon and ends the call.

Rahul gives gift to Yash. Yash refuses to take it as he is younger than him. Neelima asks him not to make Rahul as stranger. Yash takes the gift and tells that he has a pain in her foot due to long flight. Neelima praises him and says you can’t be tired until surbhi marries. Yash says he has only one wish that Surbhi shall marry Hindustani family. Rahul keeps Yash’s foot on table to show his humbleness. Neelima asks if he has seen someone. Yash says he has someone in mind.

Harish asks Surpriya to do something for him. Pooja thinks she has to go from Naren’s life and see Harish and Supriya standing. Supriya asks where you are going and why you are drenched. Pooja hugs her and says she has to go as Mama will have operation soon. Harish says you can’t go leaving Naren and says they have fixed Naren and Surbhi’s marriage years back and Naren didn’t know anything about it. Pooja is shocked.

Harish telling Pooja that they have fixed Naren and Surbhi’s marriage in their childhood. He thinks if Bhola Baba gets angry then they will come on road. Supriya asks Pooja to convince Naren for marriage with Surbhi. Pooja says why you are worried and says Naren used to write letters to Surbhi since many years and likes her, so why he will refuse. Harish tells her that Naren never sent her any letter and says I used to send letters and pics to Surbhi so that Bhola Babu keeps on investing in my company. Pooja is shocked. Supriya tells that Yash doesn’t know that Naren wants to go on a sanyas route and says he thinks that Naren works in the office. Harish asks Pooja to do last favor on them and convince Naren else they will come on road. He says think it as my helplessness or selfishness. Supriya says your Mama ji needs you, but at this time, only you can take care of Naren.


Naren searches for Pooja. Pooja says Naren will get angry knowing you both have played games with her. She says we have made him sansari with much difficulty and asks him to think about Surbhi who is dreaming to have a normal life with Naren. Harish says I know my mistake, but what to do? Pooja says you can’t force him. Supriya says if Naren refuses this relation then he will not be happy as Surbhi’s curse will not go waste. Naren calls her. Supriya says he is coming here and asks her to talk to Naren in the morning. Pooja thinks about Harish and Supriya’s words. Naren comes to her room and asks what happened? Why did you come without informing me. He asks why you are behaving strange and asks her to share with me.

Pooja thinks about Harish, Supriya and Surbhi’s words. She shouts at him and says she don’t want to go with him and says if you want then you will let me take breathe. Naren asks if you are done and asks Surbhi if she said something to her. Pooja says if she can’t sit peacefully. Naren asks her to sit and not to come following him. He thinks don’t know what happened to Pooja today. Pooja recalls writing letter for Naren. Naren sees the letter kept there. She thinks she has to get the letter back before he reads. Naren comes to her and says you were worried for this thing. He asks her to say and says he is standing infront of her. Pooja says she knows that his destination is something else, then also she wants to ask, asks can I become part of your search for forever. Naren says even you have trapped in this question and answer. It turns out to be Pooja’s dream. She thinks I can’t complicate the things by telling my feelings to you. She thinks what she could do, she fell seeing his goodness, why you are so good. She thinks if loving him is a mistake, but he is part of her mistake. She thinks don’t know how she will convince Naren to marry Surbhi.

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Supriya wishes Naren on his birthday. Naren says don’t know why she is upset and says so much work is pending. Pooja is coming there and thinks she has to be normal infront of him. She comes there and asks him to give files to her and says today is your birthday. Naren says you was upset with me yesterday. Supriya asks Naren to cut the cake brought by Pooja. Pooja thinks of Harish and Surbhi and hide her feelings. Naren says Pooja. Pooja runs from there taking the letter in her hand. Harish stops her and says I hope you have thought of way to convince her. Pooja says she wil try. Surbhi shows the shirt which she bought for Naren. Pooja asks her to gift the shirt which she bought for him. Surbhi says then what you will gift him and asks her to take the shirt which she bought for Naren. Pooja nods.

Pandit ji tells about Krishan Gatha. A song plays..ek radha ek meera. Surbhi wishes him happy birthday. Naren thanks her. Pooja thinks may be Naren and Surbhi are made for each other, how to make myself understand.


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