Deception update thursday 26th March 2020


Deception 26 March 2020: On Deception thursday 26 March 2020, Satish coming to Vyas Mansion to see Pooja. Pooja asks him to give pen and takes the pen.

She asks him to take her home. Satish says ok. Naren tells Satish that this house is of Pooja too and they are marrying tomorrow. Pooja says she will not marry him as he took me to hospital. Neelima tells Naren that it is not wise to marry a mental patient. Naren says he will marry Pooja on the decided date and tells that he will not leave her. Neelima asks then why did Supriya get the marriage cancelled and making the mandap removed. Rahul tells Surbhi that without their doing, marriage is cancelled. Naren asks Supriya why did she cancel the marriage. Supriya says how she can take part in marriage functions. Naren says they can marry in simple ceremony and says you are behaving like sasural people. Supriya says she thought of Pooja and that’s why have done this. Satish says even he agrees with Supriya and tells that let Pooja return to her house. Naren sees Pooja playing with the garland.

Satish says how she will understand marriage. Naren says Pooja always has done her duty, when I got the chance how can I back off. He says mahurat will not change. Satish says marriage will not happen tomorrow and asks Pooja to come. Naren tries to stop him. Satish pushes him. Harish holds Naren and tells Satish that Pooja is bahu of their house and is at their house. He asks him not to take her. Naren asks if this has happened after marriage, then would you have done the same thing. Satish requests them to let him take Pooja. Naren tells her all her sins are his now.

Pooja acts childish and asks Satish to take her home. She then comes running to Naren and wears garland from his hand. Everyone is surprised. Naren smiles. Pooja asks him to come with them and says my mama will take you in Anuj’s car. Naren says I will come soon with baraat and will give you wedding gift too. I will see who will stop me then. Satish asks Harish to give pooja’s case file and medicine. Harish gives them and asks Satish to call him. As Satish takes Pooja with him, Naren breaks down. Kusum and Anuj worry about Satish. Rachel comes there and tells that a black cat made the milk fall and also the marriage stuff. Kusum also gets worried. Rahul tells Surbhi that Pooja will go to mental asylum and then will go to Bade Babu directly. Harish sends Pooja’s stuff too and hopes God will heal their pain.

Naren imagines Pooja coming to him wearing bridal dress and asking him why didn’t he wear garland. She makes him wear garland. Naren cries. Tere naam ishq plays. Pooja asks Satish why Naren was crying and says she will give him coloring book next time.

Supriya cries hugging Harish and says she was good with memory loss and blames herself for Pooja’s condition. Anuj says Naren made Pooja mad. Kusum says now they have to become nurse to Pooja. Pooja comes and says she is hungry. Anuj says he will kill Naren. Satish says Naren is your sister’s husband. They come to kitchen and sees Pooja eating biscuit. Kusum scolds her and says your mum also got mad in her last days. Rachel tells Pooja that she will give her biscuit. Pooja says she needs orange biscuits and tries to get the biscuit box and makes flour box falls on Kusum mistakenly. She says mami is looking ghost. Kusum scolds her. Satish tells Kusum that don’t know what she had done with his sister and regrets to marry her. Naren recalls Pooja and cries. Meri bebasi plays….He says he will make her fine.

Kusum returns home at night and hides something in her shawl. Satish apologizes for his behavior. Kusum thinks about Rahul coming there and threatening her. He tells her that he has a solution to get rid of Pooja and asks her to come out of house. Kusum meets him outside. Satish tells Kusum that her motherly love can make Pooja well and asks her to check. Kusum recalls Rahul offering her money and saying this is first installment and says if you manage to send Pooja to an address then you will get more money. She asks what is this address. Rahul says mental asylum. Kusum asks what I have to do? Rahul asks her to give medicine to Pooja to make her extra mad. Satish asks Kusum to treat her as daughter. Kusum says she will give her medicine till she gets fine.

Naren tells Mayank that he found about a doctor who can treat her and says he will bring wedding gift for her. Mayank says I will also come with you. Supriya says she wants Pooja to be fine and return home. Pooja hugs Anuj’s car and calls him. Kusum adds tablets in Pooja’s milk and thinks she will call mental asylum now. Satish says your brother will come. Pooja sits in car and calls Anuj. Kusum asks Satish to make Pooja have milk. Satish asks Pooja to make milk and says your brother is coming. Kusum calls Rahul and waits for Pooja to show reaction of the medicine. Pooja drinks milk. Satish says I will call your brother.

Naren is in car and thinks he will get Pooja treated. Naina thinks Pooja will look good in bridal dress as she will have same thing on aarthi too. She says I am coming to you.

Pooja feels pain in her head and calls Satish. She gets angry and keeps the firewood in his car. Kusum gets shocked and calls Satish. Kusum beats her. Naina comes there and gets surprised to see Pooja mad. She thinks Pooja got mad like her mum. Satish comes out and sees Kusum beating Pooja and the car burning.


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