Deception update Monday 3rd February 2020

Deception Monday 3 February 2020: Harsha telling Supriya that Pooja will not stay here, and says it is for Naren’s betterment.

Deception Monday 3 February 2020: Supriya says Naren is my son and says I will think of him before you. Neelima comes and tries to manipulate Harsha and tells that she said right that Naren is her son. Supriya says I didn’t mean that and says Harsha loves naren more. Neelima says if you don’t like any outsiders to interfere then why you are telling this. Supriya says I didn’t mean this. Harsha cries.

Naren asks Guru ji why did he come here? Guru ji says this house is not new to me. Satish comes and touches his feet, and says he used to teach us in college. Guru ji says lets sit alone and talk. Naren gets shocked.

Neelima provokes Harsha. Harsha cries and goes. Pooja tries to speak to Harsha. Supriya asks Neelima who is on Akhand jyoot. Neelima says she asked Lakhan to sit there. She thinks Guru ji made the two mothers fight and separate. They see diya off and Supriya lights it again and prays for Naren’s safety.

Guru ji asks Satish that he heard that he is giving certificate of finding God. Satish is shocked. Guru ji asks since when you have started this business. Satish says I didn’t understand what you are saying. Guru ji gets up angrily and says you are not stupid though and says coming to the point, stop letting Naren stay in your house and send him back to Hrishikesh. He says nobody can bring him on right path except me. Naren looks out and thinks he came here with a planning, but what? He gets Pooja’s call and she asks him if everything is fine. Naren tells her about Guru ji coming there with Rahul and Mama ji touching his feet as if they know each other. Pooja says I will reach home soon. Rahul hears them.

Satish says I have seen honesty in that boy’s eyes, and fondness for God and says his hopes are pinned on me now, and I won’t break his heart for your selfishness. Guru ji gives an angry look. Satish says I got this learning from you only, and says he will use all his knowledge so that Naren can find the answers. He says you have started business of your knowledge else you wouldn’t have kept this condition infront of Naren. Guru ji says Satish. Satish says bye and asks him to ask him if he needs his service. He says if you meet my Guru ji then I will be more happy to meet my lost Guru. Guru ji feels defeated.

Rahul asks Naren if he is still upset with him and says you didn’t talk to me once. Naren says I don’t hold grudges and says today is the day to hug enemies, and says may be I can find out God. Guru ji comes and asks Rahul to remember what did he do? Rahul apologises to Satish and says I am sorry. Satish and Kusum are shocked. Pooja comes running home and sees Guru ji and Rahul. Guru ji asks how are you and says you seems to be tensed. Pooja says I didn’t know that you will be tensed about the challenge, and says I hope you have manipulated Harsha too. He says your siddhi or sparsh will not harm anyone when your true colors are out. Rahul says may be it will be too late then. Pooja says it is waste to talk to you and asks Guru ji to pack his bags and says you have to leave. Guru ji says you talks with confidence, but I have tied your wings.

Rahul smirks and apologises to Pooja for his doing inside. Naren calls pooja and asks where did you go? Pooja says I will tell you later. Naren says Satish is worried, I tried to talk to Kusum but. Pooja says let me go and talk first. She comes inside and sees Kusum holding the stick. Kusum hits her with the stick, but Naren comes and holds the stick. Kusum asks him to leave it and says nobody will be able to save her today.

Pooja asks what did Rahul say that you both are upset with me. Kusum cries and says what to do? She says Rahul tried to take your advantage and you are yearning to stay in his house and even forgave him. Pooja asks her to listen. A fb is shown, Rahul tells Satish that he smeared on her cake in the farm house and apologises. Fb ends. Kusum says you would have told this to your Mama and says don’t know how many lovers you have. Pooja says mami. Kusum says if you have intelligence then you wouldn’t have roam with naren. Naren asks Kusum to feel proud of Pooja for her courage. Kusum says she haven’t won any medal and says people will say that mama and mami made her take prostitution’s route. Pooja goes to Satish and touches him, just then Satish falls down unconscious. Naren, Kusum and Pooja are shocked.

Rahul tells Guru ji that it was a master stroke and tells that Kusum must have scolded Pooja badly and Naren must be trapped by now. Guru ji asks him to second installment. Rahul says my hands are tied and says don’t know when you locker keys will come in my hand. Guru ji says smart and that’s why I like you. You will have money, power and position soon.

Doctor checks Satish and says we have to do surgery soon. Anuj says shall I cancel the function at home. Doctor says no and says he will visit tomorrow. Kusum scolds Pooja and asks her to go, and asks her not to come in room if she wants Mama to live.
Pooja is about to go. Satish calls her inside. Pooja runs to him and cries hugging him. Satish apologises to her and says I was not with you when Rahul misbehaved with you, and even today I couldn’t support you when you are on right path for someone’s betterment. He asks Kusum to let him talk to Pooja for few mins.

Supriya thinks Harsha didn’t come to meet them. Mayank comes and says he will sit looking after the akhand jyoot. Supriya says she will come in 10 mins. Mayank prays to God and says he just wants Pooja.

Guru ji blindfolds Harish and signs Rahul. He tells Harish that darkness is in us and says we will get light of life in darkness. Harish says ok. Rahul comes and sits infront of him, says he needs signature on some cheques. Harish asks it is on whose names. Guru ji asks him to trust Rahul and sign. Harish signs on the cheques. Guru ji eyes the cheques. Rahul smirks.

Satish assuring Pooja that he can’t punish Naren for Rahul doings, and tells her to assure Naren that he will find his answers surely. Pooja gets happy. She asks him to give gift to Kusum of her choice. Kusum tells Sushma that she wants to get Pooja married and asks her to call everyone to the function and says whoever likes Pooja, I will get her married to him.

Naren is tensed. Pooja tells Naren that Mama ji told that he will find the God and said that God may be found tomorrow. She asks him to see the logic and tells the probabilities. Naren thinks how can this happen. Pooja asks him to see from her perspective. Kusum thinks tomorrow guys will bid for you and asks her to laugh today. She comes to Pooja and gives her dress, and says that she called Parlour lady also. Pooja thanks her. Kusum thinks once she marries, then her life will be fine. Naren looks for Pooja and says he is hungry.

Pooja shows her mehendi and asks him to eat and says she will eat later. Naren asks her to sit and makes her have food. Pooja is touched. Jogiya song plays….Naren says you said that God can found in the marriage and its rituals, but how is this possible and says God is found in freedom. He says function will be good, but God couldn’t be found. Pooja tells him that people get marry infront of them. Naren asks do you want to marry. Pooja says I will make you meet God and asks him to be with her. Supriya tells Neelima that Harsha is in her room. Neelima tells that she will not convince her and says Harsha thinks of herself as their saas and thinks Naren as her property. Anuj brings the stuff for Kusum and Satish’s remarriage. Sushma wishes Kusum and says many guys will be coming today to see her and says someone will like her. Pooja comes and gives something to Pandit ji. Sushma sees Naren with her and asks what you will say if they see Naren. Kusum thinks what to do. Naren serves drinks to guests. Harsha is crying.

Rakesh tries to pacify her. Supriya comes to convince Harsha and says Akhand paat will be incomplete without her. Harsha says when mum is there, why bua is needed. Supriya says she will come again to take her. Kusum asks Anuj to send Naren from here and says if anyone ask, what we will say. He takes Naren to side and asks him to go and not to spoil his parents’ anniversary. Pooja comes and tells that Naren is our guest and will be part of the function. She holds his hand asking her to come. Kusum comes and asks them to stop it and says if she sees Naren near the mandap then she will not sit in the mandap.

Naren tells Pooja that Satish and Kusum’s happiness matters a lot today and says he will stay out. Rakesh asks Rahul about the amounts debited from the accounts. Rahul says Taya ji signed on those cheques and shows the authority letter. He tells Hardik that Harish is blindfolded and people are saying that he took sanyas route while trying to stop his son from following sanyas.

Naren thinks how I will reach my answer sitting here. Pooja goes to kitchen and thinks what to do so that he gets the answers. She thinks about Satish’s words. Naren tries to peep inside through the window. Anuj asks Pooja to make him understand. Kusum sits on mandap. Pooja brings garlands and tells Naren that they are relations, and says these things join relations between two people. Naren says it is lifeless things. Pooja looks at him through the garland.

Naren asking Pooja what is this. Pooja shows the garland and says it is relation. She says there must be God in it and that’s why heads are bend down while wearing garland. Naren says it is just flower and thread. Pooja asks him to see from her perspective. Satish and Kusum are getting married inside the house. Pooja ties the ghatbandhan and tells Naren that this knot ties two people for life. She demonstrates rounds and tells that God exist in this also. Naren says it is just two people taking rounds. Pooja says they are one in God’s eyes. Satish and Kusum take rounds. Pooja shows sindoor and says this is God’s biggest proof. Naren says it is just red color and tells that God have to come out today. Kusum asks Satish to give her gift. Naren takes a pinch of sindoor and is about to fill pooja’s maang. Pooja stops him and slaps him hard, sindoor falls down. She asks what you are doing? She says it is just red color for you, but others don’t think this way. Naren says Pooja. Pooja goes and washes her face to remove the sindoor and cries. Naren calls her. She cries and goes inside. Naren looks at ghatbandhan and thinks if Sindoor is God’s prateik then what is wrong in it.

Supriya asks Harish, did you call me. Harish says Guru maa made me see the dream in where Naren got better and started becoming good soon. Guru ji asks Supriya to get blind folded. Supriya says it is wife’s duty to bring her husband back to light. Harish gets angry. Guru ji asks him to calm down. Pooja walks inside the house. Kusum thinks what happened to her and where is her other dupatta. Rachel thinks to ask her. Naren comes to Pooja holding her dupatta and keeps it. He observes the ladies and goes. Rahul gives cheque to Guru ji and says it is second installment. He says he has a doubt and says I think Naren will win this challenge. Pooja thinks of her words and recalls everything. Naren comes to her and says I know you are very upset, but listen to me. He says I was just trying to find God and reach my answer. Pooja says you care for your answer and not for others’ emotions. Naren says I didn’t think that you have different thinking.

Pooja says there shall be limits to friendship too and tells that there is something in the rituals too. Naren says I will go in the morning and don’t want to find God, whose search makes anybody cry. Pooja cries hearing him. He gets Supriya’s call and she asks how are you? Naren asks why sindoor is so meaningful to girl and asks if a guy fills a girl’s forehead with sindoor, then do marriage happens. Supriya tells that filling girl’s forehead is to support her and be with her all life. She says girls’ emotions are attached with this and they are bonded by a relation. Naren ends the call and looks on. Supriya prays for his safety. Kusum talks to Sushma and asks if someone liked her. Sushma says someone liked her, but they are old fashioned and want bahus to wear ghunghat and don’t let them work. Kusum says ok and says she will convince Satish and Anuj and asks her to send sweets with them. Naren hurts him holding the thorn..

Naren thinking about his actions and Pooja’s reaction and hammers the table. Pooja thinks why she is upset when she knows Naren. She thinks even Naren is right, how can lifeless things connect people and then thinks there might be some connection with the God, that’s why it connects two people. Naren removes his shirt and lie down on the nails table. Supriya calls Pooja and tells that Naren sounded tensed and asks about the sindoor. Guru ji calls Kusum and talks about Pooja’s alliance. Kusum says Pooja’s alliance talk is going on with someone else and asks him to call later. Later Guru ji gets someone call and calls him Bandu and tells that his motive to send him to Vyas family is fulfilled and that Neelima and Rahul is in his control, Harish is still blindfolded and Pooja will be marrying soon. He asks that person to come soon and ends the call.

Pooja worriedly goes out and asks Naren to get up from the table. Naren says he is punishing himself. Pooja makes him get up and cries, and says you would have punished me, not yourself. She says you wants to reach God, I know. Naren says my prayers are not right and that’s why I couldn’t get him. Naren says I did wrong with you and you cares for me so much. He look at her eyes and says if God do exist then this simplicity, honesty etc would have been in his eyes like you. He runs and brings aarti. He tells her that he found God in her eyes. He lights the aarti plate and does his aarti. Pooja asks him not to relate him to God and says I am a normal human. She says you have God in yourself and that’s why you see God in yourself. Naren says who is this God, who don’t know his own identification and says I will make you identify yourself soon. She goes inside.

Anuj comes and asks if she has gone mad? He asks what happened to her dream of starting dance academy etc. Pooja asks what happened? Anuj says Kusum is fixing your marriage and groom’s family will be coming tomorrow. Pooja says I will talk to Mama. She goes to Satish. Kusum tells her that Mama gave her gift that she will marry before Savan. Pooja is shocked. Satish says we are not forcing you and everything will happen with your wish.

Rakesh calls everyone in the hall and tells Harish that 6 crores is transferred to unknown accounts and says we don’t have any money now to pay the tax etc. Harish recalls signing cheques for Rahul. Rahul says you have signed cheques for company. Harish says I don’t know when did I sign? Hardik asks how to punish you. Kusum talks to Sushma and tells that she will be finally relieved now. Pooja thinks about Naren’s words and gets ready. Her earring falls down. Naren picks her earrings. He says today is the special day for you and says all the best. Her earrings fall down again. He picks it up and says there is no pressure on you, just hear your inner voice. I can’t believe that you are going to get married and says I am really happy.

Harsha comes there with Mayank and tells Hardik that he is our big brother. Neelima asks Harsha not to interfere. Harish asks Rahul if he is sure that those cheques haven’t reached in wrong hands. Hardik defends Rahul and asks if he will question Naren. Neelima acts to support Harish. Hardik says his mental condition is not right and asks him to leave MD position. Rakesh says how can you say this. Rahul says we will call the board meeting and tell about his doings and then they will kick Tau ji out of business. Mayank asks how can you talk like this. Harsha asks them to sit and talk. Hardik tells that the business will have partition. Guru ji thinks Bandu is playing the game and thinks everyone will be shattered. Kusum comes to Pooja’s room and sees Naren.

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