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Deception Monday 18 May 2020: Meghna telling Pooja that she will wear the ring once guilty is found. Naren thinks who is the criminal then if not Danish. Naren comes there and asks Pooja to get ready and says we are going to her sasural.

Pooja tells that she is going to shopping with Meghna. Naren, Supriya and Rahul come to Goenka house. Supriya says don’t know if they will take nek. Naren says we have come and will get their approval. Surbhi is about to fall, but Rahul holds her hand. Pooja comes to Police station with Meghna. Shivani says case is closed. Pooja tells her that the case is not yet closed and asks her to let Meghna meet Danish. Shivani asks are you out of your mind? Pooja says Meghna wants to meet Danish and requests her. Shivani says ok and says everything comes with a price and asks her to tell where were Naren for an hour that day. Pooja gets tensed. Supriya asks Mrs. Goenka to agree for the alliance. Just then Rahul brings media there. Naren tells Mr. Goenka that he knows how he used media. Reporters ask them to answer. Kunal tells that he is marrying Meghna with his parents support and thanks them. Naren asks them to accept the nek.

Surbhi says they shall have a group pic and says everyone shall know that Goenka and Vyas are together now. Kunal asks his mum to bring shagun plate. She goes to bring it. Pooja requests Shivani to let Meghna meet Danish for humanity sake. Shivani lets her meet Danish. Meghna checks his hands and hugs him. She then starts crying. Meghna nods no. Shivani asks Pooja what she is saying?

Pooja says Danish is not guilty. Danish cries. Shivani asks what is this new twist and says I want to talk to Meghna alone. Pooja pacifies Danish and asks why did you go to Vyas Mansion at that time. Pooja comes to Kusum’s house and asks why she was silent even after knowing that Danish is innocent. A fb is shown, Danish tells Pooja that Kusum saw him leaving for resort after taking Naren’s file, and tells that he was in a hurry to leave as he was scared as Naren’s car got a dent and he was going to get it repaired and asks her to check the car. Fb ends. Pooja requests Kusum to give statement, but she refuses and throws her out of house. Supriya asks Naren how he made this happen. Naren tells her that Mr. Goenka was sending meghna to US and that’s why he called Media to convince him. Supriya asks if she will be happy after marriage if we force her inlaws for marriage. Kunal says mom came with the nek. Pooja comes out of Satish’s house. Shivani says I can’t free Danish until she gives statement. Meghna asks Pooja to get the marriage date postponed and tells that she can’t marry while the rapist is around her.

Supriya is about to give plate to Mr. Goenka, but Pooja comes there with Meghna and stops them. She tells Naren that Danish is not the criminal and tells that until the real culprit is caught, this shagun thaali have to wait. Reporter says you have kept an ordinary employee to jail to save family member. Pooja says we have reopened the case. She says till then this plate have to wait.

Harish gets angry and asks why they have so much sympathy towards Danish. Pooja says Danish is not a culprit and says it is injustice to get innocent gut punished. Neelima asks Meghna to touch if hardik is guilty. She asks her to touch him, but Pooja stops him. Harish scolds Naren and says he is sure that Pooja can’t take this step without his help. Pooja asks Naren if he trust her. Naren gives him trust and support to her. Pooja says I know you have many questions in your heart and says it is simple for ladies to understand touch. She says I can identify your touch after 50 years even in crowd. Naren asks how to help you? Pooja says you can take us to that criminal and asks him to make the sketch.

Harish scolding Pooja. Satish asks Pooja to end the matter and make arrangements of Meghna’s marriage. Pooja says I understand your thoughts, but asks them to understand if she will enjoy her marriage if her criminal is around. Naren asks if she will start her life with Kunal? Neelima says it is best for her to marry and return to London. Rahul says she can marry at any time and asks what is the best deal? Surbhi says why Danish shall suffer being innocent. Kusum asks Satish to come and says pooja wants to disturb everyone. Shivani comes there and says matakali mami, you are always in hurry. Naren says you came early morning. Shivani says she thought they are available in the morning also. She tells that the case is reopened and also shows the sketch saying this is the tailor who knows the rapist. Pooja smiles and recalls asking Naren to make sketch of the tailor and asking him to make a sketch. Naren says I didn’t see him before. Pooja says I remember his face. Naren makes sketch. Fb ends. Shivani says criminal thought that he will be saved after kidnapping tailor and tells that she will come again tomorrow morning with him. She goes. Mr. Goenka, Sarita and Kunal looks on. Pooja says don’t know who is criminal. Naren says whoever he is, he will be punished. Supriya says she is very lucky to get Kunal as her damad. Sarita asks her to ask Pooja to drop the case. Rahul says it is matter of one day and says once he is caught then I will not leave him.

Hardik comes to Neelima and gives her tea. Neelima says don’t know who can do this cheap trick and tells that she is worried about Rahul. Naren says I still can’t believe that someone from our family is the accused. Pooja says Tailor didn’t identify anyone. Rahul helps Surbhi get up. Surbhi says my heart is saying that you are not a criminal. She says I guess everything will be alright between us. She says I wish our daughter will make place in your heart. She feels stomach pain. Rahul asks are you fine and says shall I call doctor. Surbhi says your daughter troubles me a bit. She asks him to get her medicine.

Naren meets spy who tells that once DNA report comes, it will be proved that he is the real heir of Vyas family. Pooja comes there and says real culprit will be caught, and for that we have to go home. Surbhi feels pain and thinks where did Rahul go? she tries to call him and thinks why is he not picking the call. She sees someone. Naren and Pooja are on the way and is stopped by a woman. She sits in his car and asks them to drive the car. Naren says we were waiting for you. Shivani uncovers her veil and tells that their truth forced her to help them in their plan. Naren and Pooja thank her. Shivani says you are doing this for justice and to prove Danish innocent. Naren says he will not leave the rapist.

Surbhi sees basement door open and thinks Rahul must have come to smoke here. She goes there calling Rahul and sees Tailor kept captive there. She says this is the same tailor, everyone is searching. Naren and Pooja are still on the way. Pooja says if criminal is not caught then I will take case back. Shivani says I will come in this get up and want to see who is the clever man. Surbhi tries to make him gain consciousness and looks for water, but there is no water. Surbhi sees someone coming there holding knife and asks him to move back. Man comes to Tailor and stabs him. Pooja and Naren come back home and hear Surbhi’s scream. Shivani says we shall check the house. Criminal then turns to Surbhi. Naren is checking outside. Man runs behind Surbhi to kill her. Surbhi sees his face and says you? She gets shocked and says she will tell everyone. She pushes him.

Naren, Pooja and Shivani come out of house, and say there is peace inside the house. He pushes her off the stairs. She screams in pain. Rahul comes there and asks what happened? Naren, Pooja and Shivani come there. Surbhi says basement. Naren says nothing will happen to you and your baby. Rahul says I will take her. Everyone come there and asks what happened? Rahul takes her to hospital. Naren, Shivani and constables come there and see Tailor dead. Naren says criminal must have pushed Surbhi off the stairs. Shivani asks if she saw his face. Naren says her life is still risky.

Rahul is taking Surbhi in car along with other ladies, and tells that he will not leave the person who did this with her. Surbhi tries to say, but faints. Naren comes there and asks what happened to her. Pooja asks what was in the basement, at what Surbhi was signing? Shivani says we got dead body of the tailor who knew the rapist. Pooja says Surbhi must have seen him and he made her fall down from the stairs. Rahul says I will not leave that person. Shivani says that killer is from your house only. Surbhi is brought on the sketcher and she points his finger on Harish. Rahul shouts at Harish and says you hate Meghna, but Surbhi was your bahu and my wife. She is carrying my baby in her womb. Harish tells that he is innocent and tells that Surbhi is his bahu, he was with Supriya when she slipped from stairs. Rahul says he is feeling helpless not to punish him. Naren asks Harish to arrest his Papa. Supriya tells that it is a misunderstanding. Shivani arrests Harish and takes him to Police station. Meghna tells Kunal that she wants to go from there, and have troubled everyone. Kunal hugs her and smirks.

Harish tells Shivani that he is innocent and was with Supriya at that time. Doctor informs Rahul that they couldn’t save Surbhi’s baby and even she is critical. Rahul asks her to save Surbhi else he will burn everything. Pooja makes him sit and tries to pacify him. Naren cries and tells that he couldn’t protect Meghna or Rahul’s daughter. He says I can’t believe that Papa can do such a thing and says what we will tell Meghna. He says she can give us solution and comes home. He asks Meghna to come with him. Rahul blames himself and tells Pooja that he has killed his baby. He tells that he had cursed his baby when he comes to know that she is a daughter. Harsha tries to pacify him. Doctor asks them to get Surbhi’s reports. Pooja says she will bring and sits in car. She goes in one of her family member’s car. Naren brings Meghna to the Police station and asks Shivani to let her meet Harish once. Shivani refuses but he insists. He comes to Harish and says I am innocent. Naren says we have come here to prove you innocent.

Harish sees Meghna and says why did she come here, and asks them to take her away. Naren says Meghna knows rapist touch and asks him to let her touch him. Harish says I will not let her touch me and says I am good in jail than letting her touch me. Supriya asks him to try and understand. He feels hurt and asks them to go. Supriya hugs Naren and cries. Shivani says your father’s destiny is jail now, I can’t help you more. Pooja gets sherwani button’s box and thinks it will be a proof to protect Harish now. She calls him. Naren tells her that he don’t think how to save papa. Pooja says we have other way and asks him to reach hospital. Naren tells Shivani that he knows that they are troubling her a lot and tells that he needs her support as Surbhi’s life is in danger. He calls Pooja and tells that Shivani’s men are here. Naren tells Doctor that he wants to talk to her. Pooja comes to Rahul and asks about Surbhi. Rahul says she is bleeding profusely. Naren tells Rahul that they will save Surbhi. Naren and Pooja sign each other. Doctor goes to treat Surbhi, but couldn’t save her. She informs everyone. Rahul gets shocked.

Doctor telling Rahul that they couldn’t save Surbhi and she died at 2:07 am. Rahul is shattered and cries. Naren hugs him. Later Neelima asks Supriya not to light diya infront of Surbhi’s pic. Supriya asks her if she don’t know her jija ji. Neelima asks her to go. Pooja says you can’t ask Maa to leave. Neelima says Supriya will not sit in my Bahu’s condolence meet. She pushes Supriya, but Naren holds her and asks Neelima not to trouble his brother. Rahul brings Surbhi’s ashes and cries. Shivani brings Harish there and asks him to give condolence and come back to police station, says it is your house now. Neelima holds Harish’s collar and says you didn’t leave even Surbhi. Harish says I didn’t do anything and says I am innocent. Rahul gets angry and says he will not let his reflection fall on Surbhi ‘s pic. He says you are rapist and murderer for me. Naren tries to talk to him, but Rahul takes Surbhi’s pic inside. Harish says I am innocent calling Rahul. Dada ji says stop it and asks Harish to leave from his house for forever. Harish says bau ji you also and feels helpless. He cries badly. Pooja comes to Naren and asks him to let his weakness go away with tears. She says you are my strength and if it breaks then how will I prove Papa’s innocence. Naren says I can’t play this game anymore, Papa was insulted so much and I couldn’t do anything. I will tell everyone about the real criminal. Someone hears them. Pooja stops Naren and says we will have all proofs against the culprit, just wait for 12 pm.. Culprit drops the watch. Naren tells Pooja that someone was listening to them and asks her to go and bring that last proof back. He says he will take care here.

Supriya asks Pooja if she is going? Pooja says yes and says she wants to get justice for Surbhi and meghna. Dada ji asks Pooja not to go anywhere and says my heart is shaking. Pooja says I will go and come back soon. Dada ji says I will have food with Naren and you. Pooja nods. She waves bye to Naren and leaves. Jogiya song plays…She looks at the house and steps out. Suddenly their family portrait falls down. Harsha thinks how did it fall down? She picks it up. Meghna tries to help her, but Harsha says she will do. Meghna says if I have no place in this family portrait? If I am stranger here? She thinks she don’t want to become reason for this family breakdown. Pooja reaches the jungle and tells Naren via blue tooth that we will have proofs against that criminal. Supriya lights diya infront of Surbhi’s pic and tells that we couldn’t protect you. She says your uncle didn’t push you and says only you can protect your uncle. She asks her to help her reach the criminal and cries.. Suddenly lamp set off. Pooja calls Naren and tells him that she is walking with the pendrive towards the car. The culprit walks behind her. Pooja turns and looks at him. She says you…you can’t bury the truth. The culprit shoots at Pooja.

Rahul misses Surbhi and their baby. He says now I understand your value. I had always cursed you and took away two lives. He says I don’t have right to live and says sorry mom…this is my punishment. He aims gun on his forehead to shoot at himself. The culprit shoots at Pooja and she falls down recalling her moments with Naren. She closes her eyes.

The culprit takes the pendrive and smashes it under his feet. He digs the land to bury Pooja. Neelima comes and stops Rahul at the last moment, just as he is about to shoot himself. He says you don’t want this baby. Rahul says it was my mistake. Naren worries for Pooja. He sees Hardik drinking. Hardik asks him to sit and says life changed so much. He says he has planned so much for his grand daughter. Naren says how can anyone do this with Meghna and Surbhi. Hardik says he hates Harish for doing bad with Surbhi and Meghna. Danish calls Naren. Naren asks did you enquire about Pooja. He gets shocked.

Naren getting Danish’s call and asks if anything is found about Pooja. He goes. Hardik gets up and looks at Surbhi’s pic. He recalls attacking Surbhi and burying Pooja. He says Sorry Surbhi, Sorry Pooja. He says I have to kill both bahus to save myself. Naren comes back. Hardik asks did you talk to Pooja? Naren says don’t know where she went suddenly? Hardik says Pooja will return soon. Pooja returns indisguise as soul and asks Hardik why he is giving false console. Hardik is shocked. Naren is still talking on phone. Pooja says it is your sin effects. Hardik slaps himself and coughs. Naren asks are you okay? Hardik asks why there is smoke in the house. Naren says may be you are drunk much. Hardik asks are you not feeling suffocation? Naren asks him not to stress himself and tells that he is going to search Pooja. He goes past Pooja and asks Hardik to inform him if Pooja returns home. Hardik turns to Pooja and finds her gone. He drinks again. Surbhi comes there and says you don’t care about your bahus. Hardik says you both are trying to make me mad and tries to go, but door is locked. He turns and sees surbhi and Pooja standing. Pooja says we were your bahus and asks why did he not feel pity on his grand daughter?

Hardik says you both are fooling you, how can you be alive. He says you both are dead now. Pooja and Surbhi smiles and come near him. Pooja asks why did he do this with bahus and a daughter and says if you don’t tell us then you will die too. Surbhi says we will take you with us. Hardik says because of your smartless, you both died and confesses to have pushed Surbhi off the stairs, burying Pooja in the ground, and raping Meghna. He says nobody can harm me, it is my big victory that Harish is in jail for my crimes and I am here. Electricity comes back. Naren enters and claps. Hardik sees all his family members coming and acts, says strange things are happening with him. Dada ji slaps him and asks why he humiliated his upbringing. Meghna is shocked and cries. Rahul and Neelima get shell shock. Harish says I wish everything is fake. Hardik says I told all that while being drunk and says something was added in the drink.

Naren plays the recording in which he has confessed to crimes. Hardik asks Rahul and Neelima to speak and says Surbhi’s last rites was done infront of us then how can she be alive. Pooja says as Surbhi never died and gives her hand in Rahul’s hand. Hardik is shocked. Pooja says even I am alive. Hardik says everyone is mad and asks how can Pooja be alive when I had buried her. Naren says I know you are very confused and says let me clear the story for you. He says when we were talking in room, Chacha was hearing us, and he didn’t know that we were letting him hide. He says he told Pooja to save the last proofs. Pooja says Chacha followed me and shot me, and then buried me. Naren says he thought Pooja is dead, but I had already changed his gun. Pooja says Naren was waiting there. Naren says Chacha didn’t look back after burying her. I took Pooja out of soil. Dada ji asks what happened with Surbhi? Surbhi says when I reached basement searching Rahul, I saw tailor, someone came there and killed that tailor. She says he tried to kill me, I pulled out his mask and saw his face. So he pushes me off the stairs when she was trying to inform Pooja and Naren. She cries. Naren says Surbhi pointed her finger at Chacha, but he moved away and everyone thought Papa is guilty.

Pooja says when I came home that day to get Surbhi’s medical report, I found buttons box in the car. When I enquired with the driver, he told me that Chacha is using the car since a week and also gave him strict instructions not to let anyone use the car. Naren apologizes to Harish and says we don’t have any way then. Shivani says Bhole Ram is not Bhole and have trapped his family. Harish asks why everyone is blamed except Hardik. Shivani says it was khichdi which he made. He says when everyone was busy for an hour in the resort, he jumped from the window and entered Naren’s room and raped Meghna. She says Naren and Hardik’s stole was similar. Hardik wore Naren’s stole in a hurry and that’s why Meghna got citrus fragrance perfume. She says Naren was accused. Hardik was tensed and that’s why hid citrus fragrance bottle in Rahul’s room. She says then Rahul is blamed, but ancestral anklet made us doubt on Kunal. Naren says then Anuj’s turn came and tells that he didn’t slip on marriage day accidently but Chacha made him fall. A fb is shown, Hardik throws glass pieces and made him fall. Pooja says Chacha kidnapped the tailor when I was taking him to court to save Anuj. Shivani says then he had hidden tailor in basement. When Naren showed CCTV footage, then he tried to trap Danish very cleverly.

Harish asks how dare you Hardik and holds his neck. He says you didn’t think of our family’s respect, atleast you would have thought about your wife and son. Harish takes gun and aims at Hardik. Pooja asks Rahul to stop Harish. Harsha asks him to stop the crime happening in the house. Rahul says let this happen and says I still can’t believe that the man whom I used to call Papa have done this. He says Meghna shall punish him before us. He drags him and makes him fall on Meghna’s feet. Meghna asks why did you do this with me? I always thought of you as my Chacha. Neelima asks why did you do this? You were never like this. Hardik says this is a problem and says nobody asked me how am I? He blames Neelima for calling him useless, be a man etc and says you never called me Hardik Vyas. He says I hate your make up face, but I couldn’t do anything. Neelima says you have so much hatred, but you didn’t let me know. Hardik says you didn’t have time from your high society and says I was dead with your and your son’s taunts. He tells Rahul that you used to feel ashamed on me, but now I am proud to be called as a father. Rahul asks have you lost it and talking like mad. Hardik says he can’t believe his father and says your father had raped many girls like Meghna. Everyone feel disgusted and shocked. Naren asks Shivani to arrest him. Shivani arrests him and made me wear handcuff.

Hardik telling Rahul that he has raped many girls like Meghna and says his victims were helpless and handicapped like Meghna, who had never raised their voice against him. He tells that one Neelima was enough to talk much. Harish says you are disgusting, you have no shame or guilt in your eyes, and asks if his soul don’t make him feel guilty. He says I am ashamed to think that I am your elder brother. Hardik says Mr. Harish Vyas and says you didn’t do anything big in life and asks him not to rule on him. Naren asks him not to do misbehavior. Harish says what you will do and tells that this is a jail like home. He accuses Neelima and says who has a wife like her feel torturous. Neelima is about to slap him, but he holds his hand and says she will look ugly without her hand. Naren asks Shivani to arrest him and says he needs medical assistance. Supriya says she doesn’t know what to say. Dada ji says he is feeling guilty of the daughters and cries. Rahul asks Shivani to take him before he forget that he is his son. Neelima feels humiliated and says Hardik has so much hatred for me, and I have no clue. She says if I am so bad, and thinks nobody will respect her in her house, and thinks to commit suicide before getting disrespected.

Pooja, Naren, Harish, Rahul and Supriya knock on the door and ask her not to take any wrong step. Neelima is about to take sleeping pills, but Rahul runs first and stops her. Neelima hugs him and cries. Naren says we will file your divorce with Chacha. Neelima says you people want this and tells Harish that you and your son want this, and says always injustice is happening with his son. Harish asks why she is feeling insecure? Naren takes Rahul to hall and asks Dada ji to assure Rahul that they will have same right and authority. Neelima shares her worries. Dada ji says she is not wrong and tells that he has decided not to have any relations with Hardik. He says I will think that I don’t have second son. Harish hugs him. Dada ji tells that no injustice will happen with Rahul and Surbhi. Rahul says this time is not right. Naren says Rahul will get the same respect in house and office which Papa and I will be getting. Pooja asks Surbhi to help her handle the house. Harsha tells Neelima that the kids love each other a lot and nothing wrong will happen.

Dada ji says nothing wrong will happen with Rahul and Surbhi until Naren and Pooja are there. He apologizes to Meghna and calls Danish. Mrs and Mr. Goenka come there and ask them to send Meghna soon after marriage. Mr. Goenka says our relation will not affect our political career. Pooja says Rahul and Surbhi will do all rituals of Meghna and Kunal’s marriage. Naren asks Rahul until when he will hide his emotions. Pooja asks him not to take much time. She gives his hand in Surbhi’s hand, but he takes back the hand. Hum saath saath hai plays as they hug each other. Meghna thanks God for the happiness which came in their life. Naren asks Dada ji to wait till Meghna bidaai, and not to go on teetra so soon. Dada ji says I will get peace only after going to peace and asks Meghna to move on happily forgetting the pain. Meghna gets sad and says she got everyone’s love except Harish uncle’s love.

Neelima thinks of Hardik’s words and feels disgusted thinking she was staying with a rapist and a mad man till now, and burns his photo frame. Dada ji tells Harish and Harsha that his head was bend down because of Hardik’s doings and says you both had cursed her and asks them to give her love and bid her bye happily.

Kusum does Anuj and Rachel’s aarti and asks her to be with her. Anuj acts to be jealous. Pooja pulls his ears. Kusum says we will do Rachel’s nek as her parents are british. She makes her wear dupatta on her head. She tells that she will make this baby grown up in her culture only. Pooja asks her not to force baby and let him grow up in both cultures. Anuj tells Kusum that she can do whatever she thinks right. Rachel says our baby is your grand child first, and tells that she wants to do some ritual.

Surbhi packs her bags. Rahul asks where we are going? Surbhi says she is only returning to her mum and dad and asks him not to feel guilty as she is going with her wish. Rahul asks have you gone mad? Surbhi says our relation have no age left. Rahul is shocked.

Kusum says no other ritual will be followed here and goes. Naren asks Rachel to get sad and asks her to tell about it. Rachel says we chose godparents for our children and says who can be the better godparents than Naren and Pooja. Naren and Pooja smiles.

Rachel telling Satish that in her religion, they choose Godparents on learning about the pregnancy, and says if something happens to Anuj or me, then I want Naren and Pooja to become my child’s Godparents. Satish says it is a good custom. Kusum asks why is she thinking bad? Pooja says you will only be Dadi and tells Anuj that Kusum’s concentration will be on baby now. Kusum smiles. Harish comes to Meghna. Meghna asks if he wants to tell anything. Supriya says he brought gift for you. Harish keeps hand on her head and apologizes to her for his behavior. He says I was unlucky to lose your lose till now. Meghna says you have always cared for me, else I wouldn’t have get place here. Harish says Dada ji is right, and feels affectionate towards her. Harsha comes and says even she will love her. Meghna gets happy.

Surbhi tells Rahul that she will send divorce papers and will not make him visit court. Rahul asks her what she wants to prove that she is great and asks her to unpack the staff and make arrangements of Meghna’s marriage. Surbhi asks if there is a reason for stay. Rahul asks her to stop her drama and do the arrangements. Surbhi smiles. Harsha gives family album to Meghna and says it has your place also. Dada ji asks Harish to take selfie. Harish clicks selfie. Pooja comes to Meghna and makes her have food. Meghna says she is getting worried for home and says she is feeling same worry when she went to US, and gives her bracelet to Pooja. Pooja hugs her. Neelima gets jealous and thinks Surbhi will not get any position.

Detective gives proofs to Naren and says my work is over. Naren says not yet. At home, Naren, Pooja and others are playing truth or dare. Naren teases pooja, while Rahul teases Surbhi. Meghna says she don’t want to play as today is last day for her and they are fighting. Naren and Rahul sing and dance with Meghna along with their wives. Ek dusre ke waste…..plays. Neelima gets angry. Meghna asks Pooja if she is wearing lucky charm. Pooja says yes and says she will wear it. Neelima comes there and claps.

Kusum shows Anuj’s kundali to Pandit who tells that Anuj’s life is going to end. She gets angry and shows the door to Pandit. Neelima tells Surbhi that she has become more useless now, for not seeing that Pooja is getting all the love and adulation. She says Meghna gave lucky charm bracelet just to pooja. Rahul says you are over reacting? Neelima says you will be called as rapist’s children. Naren and Pooja ask Neelima how to make her believe. Pooja gives her lucky charm to Neelima. Neelima breaks it and thinks she has spoiled her life.

Rachel comes to kitchen to eat deserts. Anuj asks did you get it? Rachel says no. He gives her deserts and says you have to take care of everyone alone. Rachel gets upset and hugs him asking him never to tell this. Anuj promises not to leave her.

Harish tells Rahul that they have many differences before and tells that he never differentiated between Naren and him. Rahul says leave that thing. Harish asks him to call him whenever he needs to talk to him. Rahul thinks Tai ji was right about family’s strength. Supriya is worried for Meghna’s wedding. Harsha says we all will make the arrangements happy. Naren comes and says my Maa have to look special and selects saree for Supriya. Supriya says I can’t wear this. Naren says there is something special tomorrow and asks Harsha to get her ready. He thinks something will surprise him.

Harish tells Rahul that they will get Meghna married happily. Satish comes and says surely and asks Rahul to ignore people’s talks, and trust family specially brother Naren. Pooja comes to her room and calls Naren, says I know you are hiding here. Naren comes and scares her. She is about to slip, but he holds her hand. Music plays..Pooja says if you have burger-pizza then will get unwell. She says I have to wake up early tomorrow. Naren asks him to get sometime for badnaseeb like him. Pooja asks him not to say that. Naren tells her that his younger brother, Harish and Supriya’s biological son is going to come. She asks him to show the pic. He gives her envelope and asks her to see. Just then window gets opened with his hand and his pic gets burnt. Naren tries to set off the flame. He says it seems younger brother will show his face tomorrow. Pooja gets worried and thinks if something inauspicious thing will happen tomorrow.


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