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Deception 16 March 2020: On Deception monday 16 March 2020, Guards stopping Pooja from meeting Mr. Kapoor and says Naren will meet him first.

Deception 16 March 2020: Continue reading Deception monday 16 March 2020, Harish tells truth to Naren and says Pooja took Mr. Kapoor’s name to return, and tells about her sacrifices. He asks don’t you believe me. Naren asks why did you sell your loyalty to Pooja. Satish asks whom he will believe now. Naren says Ashish Kapoor. Anuj and Rachel tell Pooja that everything will be fine. Naren tells Harish that if Mr. Kapoor tells truth then he will believe her, if she had not bought him. Rahul comes to Mr. Kapoor in disguise of a doctor and says you have come here and now I will get your company papers on my name. He says once you wake up, you will go to crematorium ground. Once you dies, you fake wife will shed tears, Naren and Pooja’s misunderstanding will never be cleared. Naren orders wine and gets it. Harish says in your childhood, you insisted to have food with me, now I will also drink this poison with you.

Satish says even I will drink this poison with you. Naren looks on. Rahul keeps knife on Mr. Kapoor’s neck and says I will not kill you brutally and says 2-3 buttons is enough to open heaven door. He hears Mr. Kapoor telling in sleep that he loves Pooja a lot and she can’t leave him. He laughs and stabs knife in the apple and says one more lover, pooja rani, what magic do you do. He tells Mr. Kapoor is useful to him and says I will leave you. Mr. Kapoor opens his eyes and sees Rahul.

Naren is upset and goes. Harish tells Satish that atleast Naren kept respect of his age. Mr. Kapoor asks Doctor and Nurse to send Mrs. Kapoor inside. Doctor asks him to take care of him. Pooja runs inside and hugs him, thanking God. Mr. Kapoor says he is fine and asks her to call Naren. Pooja nods happily and hugs him. He gets happy. Pooja thanks him and wishes happy Diwali. Naren comes to hospital with Surbhi. He looks at Pooja and says it seems you didn’t shed even fake tears after I left. Pooja says she will be happy now. Naren is about to go and meet Mr. Kapoor with Surbhi. Pooja says you don’t need body guard all the time, you don’t need that weak. Pooja and Naren go. Mr. Kapoor drinks water and recalls Rahul’s words that Pooja is mad in Naren’s love and asks him not to leave her with Naren. He requests him to save Pooja and take her from there, and says she deserves you and not Naren. He then sees Rahul coming there in nurse dress and asks where is Naren.

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Pooja asks Naren if he is afraid to know her truth. Naren says he is afraid that she might threaten Mr. Kapoor with her eyes. Pooja asks him to go and says she will not come inside. Mr. Kapoor looks on. Pooja says just few mins left. Surbhi says Naren and your union is impossible. Mr. Kapoor asks Naren to come and says I will tell the truth only. Pooja eagerly waits for Naren. Mr. Kapoor tells something to Naren. Rahul smiles. Naren looks on. Jogiya plays. Pooja awaits for Naren. Surbhi says once Naren comes out, your story will end. Mr. Kapoor says I told you everything, it is upto you now.

After Naren leaves, Rahul smiles. Naren angrily comes to Pooja, gets teary eyes and hugs her crying. Pooja smiles and cries. Surbhi is shocked. Naren cries hugging her. Pooja reciprocates the hug and cries. Jogiya song plays. Naren recalls their marriage and the moments which they shared and gets emotional. Surbhi gets furious and thinks Rahul Vyas united them. Pooja says I told you that our misunderstandings will be cleared and says I don’t believe that I will see this day. Naren says even I don’t believe that I was seeing you with wrong sight. He thanks Mr. Kapoor. Pooja says I shall thank him. Naren says you have all my permission. Pooja smiles. Naren holds her hand and takes her to Mr. Kapoor. Rahul tells Mr. Kapoor that he has laid a lie trap for Naren. Mr. Kapoor asks if Pooja will be affected in any way. Rahul says you are lamp of her life. Naren and Pooja come there.

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Pooja and Naren going to Mr. Kapoor’s ward. Pooja thanks Mr. Kapoor and says your truth made my life fine again. She hugs him again. Mr. Kapoor reciprocates her hug and says you forgot that thank you and sorry can’t come inbetween our friendship. Pooja says I took back my thank you and asks him to rest. Mr. Kapoor says whatever I did was for your betterment and whatever I will do in future was for your safety. Pooja says our friendship don’t need clarification and goes.

Harish asks Hardik why did Naren call them. He asks Supriya to handle Naren. Rakesh tells Surbhi that Rahul couldn’t do anything. Neelima says you had done just Naren’s flattery. Satish and Kusum comes there and gives something to Harish. Pooja meets him. Satish asks why did Naren call us suddenly. Naren comes and says all misunderstandings are cleared now. When Pooja returned to my life after staying away from me for a year, I couldn’t read her eyes or see her truth, when everything is clear now, I want to rectify my mistake. Jogiya plays….He bends down on his knees and propose her to become his life partner again and give him a chance. Rahul smiles while others are happy. Surbhi, Neelima and Rakesh are shocked.

Pooja gets happy seeing the flowers falling on them. Tere Sang Yaara plays…Hardik says but Pooja is….Naren says just answer will come in between us and asks her if she will become Mrs. Vyas again and completes his life. Pooja thanks him for giving place in his life. Karam Khudaya plays…Pooja cries emotionally. Naren is emotional too. Naren says I want Pooja and my marriage to happen with all rituals and we shall get engaged tomorrow. Pooja nods happily. Naren holds her hand. Surbhi cries. Neelima and Rahul laughs.

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Pooja tells her assistant that she wants to do something for street children. She says I have an idea. She comes to Naren’s room. Naren holds her waist and says life is unpredictable. Pooja asks him not to say that. He asks her to come and acts angry. Mayank sees Naren holding Pooja’s passport. Naren sees Pooja having Mr. kapoor’s surname. Mayank asks what is his intention. Naren burns her passport and says my intentions are not good. Rahul asks Neelima why everyone is upset. Neelima says Naren has propose Pooja bending down on his knees. Rahul says everything is going as planned.

Surbhi says if she don’t get Naren then your dream to become MD will remain a dream. Rahul smiles and says my brother is albela and nobody knows what he does. Pooja comes to Naren. Naren looks at her. Pooja asks why he is looking at her as if he saw her for first time. Song plays Sun mere humsafar….Naren holds her hand and says I have seen you in this light and there is something else. Pooja asks are you teasing me. Naren says he is trying to read her eyes. Pooja says there is nothing which is hidden from him and says even today you are drunk. Naren says it seems you are searching for old Naren, but it is not possible. He asks her to go if she wants to, as Mr. Kapoor is still in city. Pooja says if I had to elope then why would I come here. She says I am yours only. Naren hugs her. He gets romantic and kiss her with curtain inbetween them. Pooja feels shy and hugs him. She says this Diwali gift will be with me all life. Naren says you will not forget it all life.

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