Deception Monday 13 January 2020 update Zee World: Harsha knocking on Naren’s door and asks him to come out.

Deception zee world 13 January 2020 update: Naren says I will come in sometime. Harsha says I will not cut cake if you don’t come. Naren says I will come. Everyone looks on. Mayank and Rahul come home. Pooja thinks I was thinking that such person can’t exist in this world. She hears Naren saying poetry and hears him saying Piya. She thinks everyone is waiting for him and he is busy romancing with Piya. She gets the stairs and climbs up to Naren’s room. She hears him saying poetry and thinks he might be video call with Piya. The stairs falls down. Pooja shouts and holds the balcony. Rahul sees her hanging and smiles. Everyone come out and asks what she is doing here? Rahul shouts and tells that he is also hanging. He asks them to help him come out.

Mayank helps Rahul come up. Pooja also comes down. Supriya asks why did you go up. Rahul tells that he was going to Naren’s room to get his keys and asked her to check if he is there. He makes an excuse. Harsha says we shall go inside. Neelima thinks what Rahul is doing? Rahul greets Pooja and asks what you was doing in Bhai’s balcony and asks if something is in Naren’s room. Pooja asks why did you lie to everyone. Rahul tells that he saw her hanging and tried to help her, else she would have lost the job. He tells that it is her house also. Pooja sees Mayank coming and taunts him.


Harsha waits for Naren to come. Harish says he would have come if he wanted to. Harsha says he will come. Neelima says he is not comfortable with everyone. Harsha says okay..I will cut the cake. Naren comes there saying poetry. Malanga Re……Everyone smiles. Harsha gets happy and goes to him. She says what you was doing in the room. Naren tells her that he was making her favorite poetry on frame. Rakesh says now lets cut the cake. Mayank and Rahul sing wah wah ram ji. Harsha and Rakesh cut the cake and make each other have it. Pooja smiles. Supriya goes to Pooja and makes her have cake bite. Mayank sings song.

Rakesh tells Harish that he wants Mayank to practice with him, but he wants to make his own start up. Harish says atleast he is initiating something. Harsha tells Naren that it was good that Pooja saved you from ice. She asks Pooja if she knows bhajan etc. Supriya thinks she might not know and gets worried. Mayank asks if you will make excuse and not sing bhajan. Pooja says she will sing and asks Harsha, can you give me poetry which Naren gifted you. Harsha gives. Naren says this is not a bhajan. Pooja says whatever sang with good intention is not less than a bhajan.

Pooja sings Naren’s poetry as a bhajan. Neelima tells Rahul that he got a good chance to insult her, but he was looking as a fool by hanging to railing. Rahul says he knows what he was doing and says he had done this to get info from Pooja. Rakesh praises pooja’s singing. Rahul looks at him.

Supriya giving milk to Pooja and asks her to drink. Pooja hesitantly drinks it. Supriya says I didn’t know that you sing so well. Pooja asks if you are doing vrat. Supriya tells that Naren will have sabodana all day and will go to ghat. She asks her to accompany him. In the morning, Supriya tells Naren that she has to go with his papa and tells that Pooja will go with you. She says she will feed you food when she gets a chance. Naren says when you have decided to send her with me, then you will not understand. He says taxi is waiting for him and goes. Supriya gives tiffin to Pooja and asks her to go else Naren will go without her. Pooja is sitting at back side and feeling bored. She tells Naren that she wants to ask him something. She says if he liked her song. Naren says voice is good. Pooja says you shall praise fully. He says we have reached. They reach ghat. Pooja also gets down the car. Naren comes near ghat and looks at it. Oh Rang Kancha Kancha…..Malanga Re.. plays…

Pooja asks Naren what she shall do. He makes a water stall and makes everyone have water in his dada ji’s memory. Pooja looks on and checks the time. She thinks I shall ask him to have food. She asks shall I serve food. Naren says he will have later and fills the pot. Pooja takes the water jug from his hand and says she will give water to the people. Naren asks her to respect him and asks her to have food. Pooja thinks she shall have her food and eats sandwiches. She tries to drink water and finds bottle empty. She thinks who goes to ghat at the age of going to Pub. She sees him eating kachori and says fraud man. She gets Anuj’s call and he tells her that kids are missing her. Pooja asks her to search Richa online and get her to teach kids. Anuj asks if she understands his boss now. Pooja says no. Anuj asks her to test 5 parameters of her boss.

Pooja thinks to expose Naren and says your time starts now. She thinks about their first meeting. She thinks he is fail in anger test. She says parameter no 2, he seems to be liar. She comes to him and asks if kachori is good. Naren asks her not to question boss. She asks why did you trouble Maam then. Pooja thinks he has failed in second test. She asks if we are leaving now. Naren says yes and says they will walk. Pooja collides with a neighbor and hides her face. Neighbor thinks if she was Gupta ji’s niece.

Anuj searches for Richa’s name on social networking site. Kusum misunderstands that he is seeing girl’s pic and says she will complain to his father. Anuj says you will never complain and says I wish you would have cared for Pooja di also.

Pooja thinks where to find the bluff master and sees him doing yoga. Malanga Re plays….She takes a quick nap. Kusum tells that son and husband aren’t happy with her. Some neighbors bring Satish home and tells that he had collapsed in the market. Kusum gives him water and asks how is he feeling now. Pooja thinks Naren is mediating. She then sees him looking at one place. She sees some ladies sitting there. She thinks he has failed in 3rd parameter also. Ashram man comes and thanks Naren for the donation.

She thinks she can’t take risk with bluff master and asks knife seller to show her small knife. She buys knife. Naren goes from there. Pooja thinks now be careful Naren. Malanga Re plays……


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