Deception Tuesday 19 May 2020:  Deception 19 May 2020, The Episode starts with Supriya kicking Pooja out of the house and says you have no place in my son’s house.

Pooja says Maa….I haven’t done any mistake. Supriya shouts and says you have killed my son, before I say anything bad, leave from here and cries. Pooja looks on shocked and cries. Photo frame falls down. Pooja is walking on the road and cries, vent out her pain and shouts loudly. Rain starts. She gets drenched in rain and says I wish I could go back 3 days back. She says who knew that the daughter mandap was set three days ago, who knows that son will be cremated after three days.

Before three days:

Meghna and Kunal are seated for marriage. Pandit ji asks Naren and Pooja to do ghatbandhan. Naren says Rahul and Surbhi will tie the ghatbandhan. Mrs. Goenka tells that rapist son will do the ghatbandhan. Naren says Rahul is the son of the house and they will do all rituals. Kunal asks them to tie the ghatbandhan. Pooja asks Naren about his brother’s name. Naren says, Angraj Vyas. Pooja gets shocked and recalls something. Meghna and Kunal take rounds. Pooja thinks there must be many Angraj and it is not necessary that he is the same Angraj. Angraj is shown with Pooja’s name tattooed on his hand.

Naren asks Supriya to sit. Supriya says Meghna will leave. Naren says someone is going to come and he will change everything. Harish says really. Naren asks Pooja to get Aarti. He asks Danish to make the place happening. They dance on the song Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve……Naren, Pooja and others dance. Pooja sets the aarti plate and thinks why she is getting bad thoughts. She recalls her obsessive lover Angraj in her school. She hears the flute sound and opens the window. Some TV stars come and dance with Naren. Pooja senses danger and closes the window. Angraj is hiding and plays flute again. She hears the sound and thinks this is just my thought. Angraj keeps back the flute in his bag and takes out the knife. Pooja is still in her room and gets scared seeing window opening suddenly. She thinks she shall go downstairs and gets shocked seeing red color hand impression on the glass window. Pooja gets shocked and runs. She gets a bucket of water and throws on the window, but the hand impression is not here. Pooja thinks maybe Angraj was someone else and not the one who had scared me. It is just coincidence. Angraj is seen injuring his hand to leave that hand impression. Naren continues to dance. Mahi Ve plays…..Everyone is happy, dancing and celebrating. Meghna hugs her Swabhimaan’s sister Naina. Pooja brings the aarti and come to Naren. They all wait for Angraj. Everyone is dancing again. Electricity goes off. Pooja hopes it is her misconception and closes her eyes. Angraj enters there.

Back to Present day.

Pooja is drenched in rain and thinks the storm which came with that guest had killed a son of the house, I wish I wouldn’t have opened my eyes that day.

Present day:

Pooja cries aloud on reaching somewhere and tells that when she saw the storm 10 years later, she was shocked and that storm snatched away her everything.

Three days before:

Pooja opens her eyes and sees Angraj. She gets shocked and recalls Naren telling his name. Angraj smiles looking at her. Pooja is shocked. Electricity comes back. Naren asks Pooja if she will just stare him or let his brother enter home. Anuj is shocked to see him. Pooja nods and is still shocked. She does his aarti. Everyone is surprised as Naren calls him brother. She is about to apply tilak hesitantly, but Naren stops her and says Maa will do is tilak. He takes Supriya to do his tilak. Supriya applies tilak. Harish asks Naren to tell who is he? Naren says he is my younger brother, Papa and Maa’s real son and Vyas Family’s real heir, Angraj. Everyone is shocked. Supriya gets happy. Naren tells Supriya and Harish that you thought you have lost your own son, but today he is standing infront of you fighting with destiny. Harish also gets emotional. Anuj and Pooja looks at each other.

Harish says my son and hugs him. Supriya also hugs him. They ask him to come inside. Angraj calls Naren as Bhai and says first you and then I. Naren hugs him. Anuj asks Pooja if Angraj is the heir. Pooja says Angraj Vyaas and is shocked. Angraj meets the family members. Harish says I never thought that my son will be found this way. Rahul says you didn’t tell how this happened Bhai. Naren says I was missing for an hour on Meghna’s marriage day and I was searching Angraj. He shows the file and says it has all the proofs that prove that Angraj is their son. Pooja tells Anuj that they shall go out in hall. Anuj asks have you gone mad, will you go infront of Angraj. Neelima asks how is this possible when Bau ji said that he was dead at the time of birth. Naren tells that when Pooja went on a cruise trip, he got a call from Dr. Upridhi and went to meet him. He asks him what happened? Dr. Upridhi tells that he can’t bear to keep the secret for long. He tells that Dr. said that when Supriya gave birth to baby, Doctor thought he is dead, but after few mins, he was breathing.

When Doctor went to give good news to Supriya, Dada ji had already gave me to Maa and she was happy. He tells that Doctor kept the baby in Ashram’s cradle and got his name. Doctor tells that angraj was in the ashram, but was having much anger in him and his behavior was arrogant and he used to break the things in the Ashram. He says he made Om sign on his neck so that his anger goes, but that didn’t help and he eloped from the house.

He says he had hired the spy and saw him when he came to Rehab. He says I thought his anger and irritation will go meeting Maa. Angraj thanks Naren for bringing him home. Harish says today I can proudly says that this house has two sons. Rahul is taken aback. Angraj says I heard so much, that I was thinking that I was here. Angraj meets everyone. Naren says Surbhi is his bhabhi and he has to touch his feet. Angraj touches Neelima’s feet, but she backs off. Pooja and Anuj are tensed. Naren asks Angraj to rest for sometime. Angraj says 1 min and says I have a regret and says if you had beaten me then I would have been a good son like Naren. Pooja recalls slapping him. Anuj says I can’t leave you here, this house is not safe for you. Pooja looks on. He makes Supriya slap him, but she says she can’t beat her own Ansh. Naren asks her to make Angraj have some food. Supriya takes him. Anuj tells Pooja that they have to leave before Naren introduces him to her. He says it is his trick to become the heir to get her. He says I will beat him. Pooja slaps him and says everyone is happy and says if you do anything then everyone will get upset on you. She asks him to calm down. Anuj says I will agree on a condition.

Supriya shows the house to Angraj. Rachel comes and gives her intro. Angraj says where is Pooja Bhabhi and says he is restless to see her. Rachel says she saw Anuj and Pooja going to outhouse. Anuj tells Pooja that he will tell Naren that Rachel needs you for 9 months. Pooja says this is not the solution, I have to face him. Anuj asks her to tell truth to Naren and says he will kick him out. Naren comes and asks them what they are talking.

Present day:
Pooja thinks if I had listened to you three days back, then everything would have been alright. She sees someone’s frame which is hidden and asks why did you leave me? Didn’t think about me once.

Present day:

Pooja makes the carpet ready for the dead person while Ram Naam Satya Hai is told by the men. She thinks if Angraj had not returned in their life, she wouldn’t have told Naren about her past and this wouldn’t have happen.

Three days back:
Naren asks Pooja why did she come to outhouse leaving everyone there and says it is a great moment for Maa. Anuj asks Pooja to tell everything to Jiju. Pooja takes Naren to room and shows her trophies and tells that she got self defense training and got black belt, just to protect herself from leech Angraj. She tells him that Angraj had made her life fearful that she was scared to go out of house. Naren is shocked and asks her to tell everything. Pooja tells him that she was in school and returning home when Angraj along with his goon attacked and looted them. He had beaten Satish. Pooja gets angry and slaps him. Angraj looks at her and returns Satish’s purse. Satish apologizes to him. Pooja tells that we had returned home, but Angraj followed me everyone and once he cut my hairs in the market in front of everyone. She tells that he used to come to her house as milkman etc and scare her. She says he had crossed all limits when he came to her school on her 17th birthday and brought cake for her. He asks her friends to go from the restroom and forces Pooja to cut the cake. Pooja cuts the cake and asks him to let her go. He asks her to slap him once and pierces her name on his hand. Pooja is shocked. Anuj comes there and beats him. Angraj tells that he likes to get slap for her. She tells that Police arrested Angraj on that day and Mama and Anuj didn’t tell anything to Mami. Pooja says how can I give love to Angraj as my dewar and tells that she is scared of him. Naren asks him to come. Rahul is thinking of Neelima’s words. Angraj comes there and tells that you have a good taste of wine. He instigates him politely against Naren. Rahul thinks if Tau ji is playing game again.

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Anuj asks Pooja if she talked to Naren. Naren says yes and tells hat he will be always with his sister. Angraj falls on bed and asks what did you think that you have found me, and says you didn’t know that I brought you in front of you so that you bring me back to Pooja. Naren says I will fight with all your fears alone. Angraj comes there and says it is not needed. He says I want to tell something. Naren lets him come. He takes out the knife shocking them. Pooja gets scared. Naren asks what are you doing? Angraj falls on her feet and says I am your culprit. He shows her hand on his hand and says I am someone else now. Naren asks him to tell why did he come here? Angraj says I got mad in drugs state and got behind her. Naren says how to make Pooja belief? Angraj says there is a solution and asks him to write Bhabhi after Pooja’s name and free him. Naren pushes him and asks what are you saying? He tells Pooja that Angraj is changed now and don’t want to trouble you now. He says our family is incomplete without you. Pooja is about to say, but Angraj asks her to tie mauli thread and make new relation with him. Pooja says I am ready to give you a chance, but you have to earn that chance and wait for the right time. Anuj gets worried and angry. Angraj says I will become Lakshman of you and bhabhi. Naren says lets go home.

Present day:
Pooja thinks it was her mistake to give a second chance to Angraj as he snatched away my precious relation with me.

Three days back:

Pooja holds the pot piece and injures her hand. She thinks who knew that this house has just one son’s happiness. Angraj thinks his innocence trap is magical and thinks he has to make Pooja and her brother alright. He thinks I have your hairs safely and takes out her hairs from the box. He says he will get the slap and acts crazy. Satish asks Kusum if she has a migraine. Kusum says no. Satish says it is a happy moment for Harish and Supriya as their son came and goes to bring ice cream for them. Kusum thinks of Pandit ji’s words and prays for Anuj’s well being.

Dadaji returns from teetra yatra. Angraj comes and touches his feet. Dada ji hugs him and apologizes. He says you are now Angraj Harish Vyas. Harish says he will go on a holiday with Supriya. Supriya says she will love her sons and asks Naren to always protect Angraj. Naren promises to protect Angraj. Angraj acts sweet and asks him to become CM. Pooja hopes her doubt on Angraj is wrong.

Kusum asks Rachel to have butter etc for the baby’s growth. Doorbell rings. Anuj sees the box and thinks it is the same bakery box from where Angraj bought a cake. He opens the box and finds Pooja’s hairs. He gets angry and says blo*dy Angraj. Angraj calls him and calls him Saale Saheb. He asks him to keep it safe and says when Pooja is in front of him, why to keep her hairs with him. Anuj gets angry.

Harish teases Supriya. Harsha says food will be of Angraj and Naren’s choice. Pooja offers tea to Naren. Naren signs her to give to Angraj. Supriya asks Angraj what he would like to have. Naren says you forget me when your son came. Angraj says why you are talking to me like this. Supriya scolds them. Naren and Angraj smile and hug each other. Everyone smile. They all ignore Rahul, Neelima and Surbhi which upset them. All the focus were on Angraj and Naren. Supriya sings Karan Arjun song yeh bandhan pyaar ka…..Anuj comes and says Angraj, I am coming for you. This cake box will be proofs against you. Angraj’s goons are behind his car. Anuj takes other way and reaches Vyas mansion. He thinks today will be the last day for you Angraj. He accuses Angraj for trying to spoil Pooja’s life. Harish asks what nonsense and asks why he is behaving badly with Angraj. Anuj shows Pooja’s hairs and says Angraj kept it with him. Supriya asks Naren to take Angraj’s side and says he was with them since an hour. Anuj says he called 30 mins ago. Supriya says he was with us. Anuj asks Naren to believe them.

Neelima asks what do you mean by 10 years and asks do Pooja and Angraj know each other. Angraj says yes, I know her since her school days. Naren asks him not to talk about it. Angraj says don’t stop me from telling this and tells everything about his obsession for Pooja. He says I was a bad guy as Maa was not with me. Supriya says time changes everything. Dadi asks him not to do guilt in his heart. Anuj tells Naren that if this man’s intention is right then I wouldn’t have been standing here. Naren says if these hairs are of Pooja, then it will be proved in DNA test. He asks Danish to take it to Inspector Shivani. Surbhi says no test will be done and tells Naren that if Angraj said that he is changed then he is changed and asks Pooja not to punish his brother. Angraj says if my brother wants, then I am ready for the test. Angraj asks Danish to get the test done and says until reports come, I will stay outside. Supriya scolds Naren for believing Anuj than his brother. She says until my son comes inside, I will not come inside. Pooja asks Supriya not to punish her by leaving the house and tells Naren that she doesn’t want to get the test done.

Present Day:
Pooja thinks if she had not stopped that day, then today she wouldn’t have been waiting for the dead body to bring over there.

Present day:

Pooja telling that that day was a difficult day for Vyas Family….

Two days before:

Pooja tells Supriya that she won’t let the test done. Harish says someone might be behind it. Anuj says why the things are related to Angraj. Naren says if Angraj is innocent then I will be under his favor. Supriya gets angry on Naren and tells that until the reports come, she will stay with her son in the outhouse. She holds Angraj’s hand and leave. Shivani brings reports and asks Naren not to forget her favor that she brought reports in 2 hours. Supriya and angraj come there. Shivani says this hair sample doesn’t match with your bahu’s hair sample. Harish says thank god. Supriya gives report in Pooja’s hand. Anuj says he is not lying and the cake box is delivered on his address. Harish says I will not leave the person doing this. Shivani tells them that the hairs are fresh and it is of Rachel. Anuj says what nonsense? Naren says you want to trap my brother and pushes Anuj. He asks him to apologize to Angraj if he wants to continue meeting Pooja. Anuj says sorry to Angraj. Naren asks him not to forget this sorry. He says sorry to Angraj. Angraj says it is my bad karma that is not leaving me. Naren thanks Shivani. Anuj gets Angraj’s call and he tells him that you did what I have planned. He tells that he has replaced the hairs with that of Rachel. He recalls cutting Rachel’s hairs. Anuj gets shocked. Angraj asks him to take care of Rachel and says he is there for Pooja. Pooja sees angraj’s smirking. She tells Anuj to give him a chance. Anuj asks Pooja, can I use your washroom. He goes to her room and keeps gun in her purse. He thinks it is for your protection di, until it is with you, I will be relieved. He keeps back the purse and is leaving when he sees Naren coming there. Angrak asks Neelima to trust legal and legitimate blood which will never betray him.

Pooja thinks nobody remembers this day. Naren brings a cake for Pooja. Pooja gets happy and says she thought he forgot her birthday. He teases her. Angraj says this will be the last day when you will not be with me. Rahul gets to drinking. Surbhi tries to stop him. Neelima tells that they will sideline us as we are rapist family. She says your dad’s black spot will change our destiny. Rahul says nothing will change between Bhai and me. Neelima says why separate cabin is getting made for Angraj.

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Pooja asks him to write her clauses. She asks him not to tease him and always praise her. Naren says so I have to lie daily. Naren says it is your turn now. He asks her not to call him often or trouble Danish or any other guard. Pooja says I call you as I get worried for you. She asks him to call her every two hours and asks about her. Naren says I will become your satellite. He asks her to write that if he forgets to call her then she will not get angry. Pooja says ok and asks him to talk to her for an hour in the night. Naren says if I sleep, then don’t wake me up and tell the story.

Pooja says you are doing cheating and will not follow the clauses. Naren says I follow my heart. Pooja gets upset and sings a song jab tum chaho…..

Surbhi asks Rahul not to stress himself and tells Neelima that it is natural to give attention to him. She asks her not to make an issue of cabin. Neelima says there will be three divisions in property. Pooja tells Naren that you can’t leave me. Naren asks her not to challenge him. Pooja says she will see how he leaves her and throws file on him. Angraj looks at the knife and tells that you can shower your love on Naren for last time and tells that Naren has to pay for the bhai chara…/brotherly’s love.

Present day:

Pooja looks at the garland which she got for the dead person and says Naren wanted to celebrate her birthday, but who knew that one of the son would die on that day.

Present day: Pooja thinks everyone was happy few hours back and was unaware that it was last day for their son.

One day back:

She recalls coming out of bathroom and seeing the gift. She sees remote there and presses the button. She hears mouth organ/flute sound. Naren’s voice comes and he asks if she is surprised. He says it is from Swag wala neta and asks her to wear the dress even if she like it or not. Pooja thinks she likes his choice and hugs the saree.

Rachel is taking gifts for Pooja. Anuj takes gifts from her hand and gets the video call. Angraj calls him and tells that your sister and Naren are in the room and tells that only Pooja will come out from room to spend life with him, Angraj. Anuj warns him. He calls Pooja. Pooja tells that she is with Dada ji. Dada ji gives her clutch. Anuj thinks atleast she has a gun. Angraj tries to peep in the room. Dada ji asks him to come and says he will take him to his room. Angraj thinks he will have just two grand sons left after tonight. Angraj tells Harish and Supriya that they will not go to the party. Supriya says she will not go without him. Angraj agrees to go to the party. Pooja comes to Naren. Naren tells her that saree is looking good. She smiles. He tells that special someone is coming with them. Pooja asks whom? He says Angraj. Angraj comes with Rahul and Surbhi and thank Pooja. He tells her that he will soon make a place in her heart. He tells that he will come with Rahul and Surbhi and asks them to go. He thinks two grand sons are going and one will come. Dada ji gets tensed and shares her worry with Harsha.

Pooja and Naren are in the car and she asks him to drive slow else she will not sit again. He stops the jeep and asks why we are going in opposite direction. Pooja says she will inform Surbhi, but Naren takes the call. She tells him that his behavior has changed towards Rahul, and he is giving more importance to Angraj. Naren says Rahul understands that Angraj needs much love at this point and says we all three brothers will have dhamaal. In the car, Rahul tells Surbhi that Naren’s jeep is not looking near. He says he will call them, but Surbhi says love birds must be somewhere and says they will meet in the party hall. Angraj thinks to make Rahul against Naren.

Pooja tells Naren that she trust him a lot and will walk behind him, where ever he takes her. He gives his hand in her hand. Main toh tere rang mein rang chuka hun plays..Some kids showers flowers on them.

Anuj is worried for Pooja and looks at the house for last time. Kusum gets worried as the decoration piece fall down. Angraj tells Surbhi that he doesn’t know that he will meet his blood one day. Surbhi says we are one family now. Some goons come holding hockey. Rahul asks Surbhi to sit in car and gets down from the car. Angraj says I will also come.

Naren surprises Pooja and asks her not to get shock seeing the last surprise. They have champagne. Song plays….sab tera. Goons tell that they got the order to kill Rahul Vyas. Angraj asks who gave these orders. Surbhi is shocked in car. Goons beat Rahul with hockey stick. Surbhi tries to call Naren, but his phone is in the jeep. Naren and pooja romance. Rahul faints just as goon attacks him. He falls down on the road. Surbhi shouts Rahul. Angraj acts Bhai…and signs the goon. He says I will not leave you. Naren and Pooja still hugging each other.

Present day: Pooja thinks who thought that this night will be the shocking night for two families as their sons got dead. She lights the candle infront of the photo frame and cries.

Present day:

Pooja tells that nobody knew that everything will end in few hours.

10 hours before:

Angraj tries to make unconscious Rahul gain consciousness and sign goons to beat him. He then acts to beat them. Surbhi tries to call Naren. Rahul gain consciousness and beat the goon, asks him to tell who sent him. Just then goon phone rings. Rahul takes the call and gives to Angraj. Goon drops Vyas group logo there. Surbhi gets shocked and shows to Rahul. Angraj plays the recording in which Naren tells that rapist family shall die and they shall not be saved. If I do something then media will be before me. Surbhi says that’s why they are not picking the call. Angraj tells that if he was our blood then this wouldn’t have done. Pooja tells Naren that they shall go and it seems storm will come. Naren asks her not to worry. He takes her somewhere and shows her pics on projector. Satish comes and says Pooja likes to get pic clicked and to celebrate her birthday. Kusum says she used to make arrangements of her birthday since a month always. Anuj says it is her wish. Dada ji says her sasural will fulfill all her wish. Harish and Supriya thank Pooja for coming in their son’s life and brightening his life. Angraj comes and plays the flute. Pooja gets tensed. He says happy birthday bhabhi. Pooja gets scared and hugs Naren hearing the bullet sound.

Naren tells her that surprises have not ended, and says you will get shocked seeing the big surprise.
Surbhi tells Rahul that she can’t believe that Naren wanted to kill them. She cries. Neelima says you thought me mad and doesn’t listen to me. She instigates him further and asks what did you get by becoming good. Surbhi says I lost my baby, and Naren and Pooja didn’t feel my pain. Rahul says I have become good and then all world became bad. He says it seems bhai forgot that what I could do. Anuj takes Pooja’s clutch in his hand. Angraj tells him that after last surprise, his sister will become his and then he will have no option other than lifting her purse. Anuj thinks I won’t let your dirty plans succeed. Rahul orders scotch. Angraj comes and orders for himself. He says we both are one and says I shall get scared of him. Rahul says maybe he has planned already. Angraj says legal blood will be heavy on illegal blood and cheers. Naren says without me cheers.

Anuj comes to Pooja and warns her against Angraj’s evil motives. He asks her to be with jiju or him and says Angraj is planning something. He says I have no proofs to prove my words and asks her to keep clutch with her. Pooja says but..Anuj asks her to listen to him thinking his last words. He smiles and looks at her. Pooja feels something wrong. Naren asks why they are doing partnership without him and says I am happy with my both brothers. He thanks Angraj and asks him for last favour. Angraj smirks looking at Rahul and says Pooja will not forget this day. Rahul says Bhai has showed the way to his barbadi. Kusum is with Anuj. Anuj asks him to go. He gets Angraj’s call and see him standing with Supriya. Satish comes there. Anuj makes him hear Angraj’s call. Angraj tells that he has ordered two garlands, one he will put in Pooja’s neck and other you will keep it on Naren’s pic. Satish says how can this be possible when Angraj is standing with Supriya and Harish. Rahul, Surbhi and Neelima play Angraj’s recorded voice on call. Surbhi says Angraj’s plan was good. Rahul says plan is good. Neelima says finally I got my son. Rahul says goodness was not suiting me.

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Angraj holds pooja’s hand and take her forcibly. Anuj and Satish get shocked. Anuj gets Pooja’s clutch and gets angry. He says I will call everyone. Angraj asks what did I do? Anuj is about to hit him, but just then Naren comes there and slaps Anuj. He says I asked you to stay away from my brother and asks Satish, why didn’t he stop him. He says until when my brother will suffer? Satish says there must be some problem. Naren says I am enough to take care of her and asks Pooja to make them understand. Angraj asks him to cool down. Anuj asks why did he drag Pooja di here. Naren says I asked him to show the surprise. He asks Anuj to leave. Satish apologizes and tells Naren that he will take Anuj from there. Angraj says tonight every moment is special and says don’t know if this moment will come again or not. Naren hugs him. Angraj smiles. Pooja gets doubtful. Naren thanks Angraj for the arrangements. Angraj says I am your brother and asks him not to thank him. Satish tells Harish that the arrangement is good. Harish says it is our bahu’s birthday. Supriya tells that Anuj’s accusation on Angraj was wrong. Satish says we couldn’t get over the fear. Rachel says Anuj is close to Pooja di. Supriya says whatever it is, just end it. I don’t want pooja to stop going to her mayka. Pooja rests her head on Naren’s shoulder and says sorry..I will talk to Anuj. Naren gets upset and walks away.

Present day:

Pooja gets a call and she says she is waiting (for the dead body). She thinks why did you get upset with me Naren that you snatched my everything from me.

Present day:
Pooja tells that everything changed in 2 hours. Every loved ones became strangers.

2 hours before:
Pooja tells Naren that Angraj dragged me here and that’s why Anuj got worried. She says sorry. Naren promises her that nothing will change between them because of anyone. Mora Piya plays….Harsha asks Dada ji what happened? Dada ji says he has bad intuition for his grand sons. Kusum says even she is getting bad thoughts. Harsha asks them to think good. Dada ji asks Kusum to forget her worries and smile. Naren tells Pooja that he wants to keep her safe from everyone’s eyes and says you are just mine. He makes her wear mask and he wears too. Angraj comes to Supriya and asks why is she smiling? Supriya says she is happy with her sons and will search a girl for him. Angraj thanks her and says he have no regrets even if he gets death. Supriya asks her not to tell this. Angraj apologizes. Naren and Pooja dance in the party. Anuj keeps eye on them. Rahul signs waiter to go to Anuj. Waiter tries to offer him drink, but he refuses. Angraj smiles. Waiter again comes and asks Anuj to wear the mask. Anuj refuses and sees Angraj gone.

Angraj changes his clothes and wears clothes like Naren. He thinks he will have fun to dance with Pooja. Anuj enquires about Angraj. Waiter tells him that Angraj is in room no. 107. Anuj gets shocked. He goes to that room and sees his clothes on bed. Pooja tells Naren that Neelima is standing alone. Naren says he will dance with her. He takes Neelima for dance. Anuj comes back to party and looks for Angraj. Rachel comes and asks Anuj to dance with her. He dances with her. Angraj comes and dances with Pooja. Pooja thinks he is Naren and dances. Rahul takes Naren to bar and makes him drink, while Angraj dances with Pooja.

Rachel tells Anuj that they will have a baby next year. Angraj removes his mask. Anuj sees his face and gets shocked, Rahul smirks and signs at Angraj. Anuj thinks Angraj is with Di, and naren is there. Rahil makes Naren more drunk and covers his face with mask. Electricity goes. Angraj poses with Pooja and take her to terrace. Anuj is shocked. Pooja asks him to say where is he taking him. Anuj comes and hits him. He says he is not jiju, but Angraj. He removes his mask and sees Naren. Naren asks are you having problem with you and asks why you are doing this? Anuj says Angraj is wearing costume like you. Naren calls Angraj. Angraj comes wearing the suit which he wore first. Naren asks can’t you see the difference between peach and maroon color. He says I thought to surprise Pooja with the crackers. Anuj says I have no proofs, but I am not wrong. Angraj says my entry doesn’t like by some and threatens to jump in river and give his life. He acts to jump, but Naren saves and hugs him.

Angraj smiles looking at Anuj. Pooja and Anuj are shocked. Naren says my brother is ready to give his life and you are saying this. Anuj takes gun from Pooja’s purse. Naren asks him to keep the gun down. Anuj asks Angraj to tell the truth to Jiju. Pooja tries to stop Anuj. Anuj asks him to say truth else. Angraj signs him at his wrist and signs that he will shoot Naren after 12. Naren asks Anuj to keep the gun down. Anuj says this man is taking advantage of your love. Crackers blast in the sky. Anuj recalls Angraj’s threat. He pushes Pooja. Angraj signs him that he will shoot Naren. Anuj shoots at Angraj.

Anuj shooting at Angraj although Naren and Pooja try to stop him, but in vain. He shoots at him again on his shoulder. Naren takes out his gun and shoots at Anuj thrice. Angraj shouts Bhai and falls down in the river from the terrace. Naren shouts Angraj. Pooja tells Anuj, nothing will happen to you and asks Naren to call ambulance. Naren calls ambulance. Kusum asks where is Anuj? Supriya says where is Naren and Angraj. Security guards stop them and tells that someone has fallen from terrace. Naren calls ambulance for his brother and goes. Pooja asks Anuj to keep his eyes open. Anuj says I have killed him, now nothing will happen to you. He asks her to let him sleep and says he is very sleepy. Pooja cries and recalls moments with him. She cries and is in shock. Everyone asks guard to let them go. Naren comes downstairs with blood stains on his clothes. Supriya sees blood stains and asks are you fine? She asks where is Angraj? Naren is silent. Kusum asks where is Anuj? Naren says Angraj and Anuj are shot. Kusum, Rachel and Supriya are shocked. Naren says I have to save Angraj and runs out of Vyas resort. Kusum and Supriya try to go to terrace. Shivani comes there and asks nobody will go before Police. Rahul asks her why did you send one stretcher when two were shot? Shivani says one is fallen from the terrace. Shivani reaches terrace . Pooja asks her to save her brother. Shivani checks his pulse and remove her hat. Pooja gets shocked and cries hugging him. Shivani tries to pacify her. Rachel says nothing will happen to Anuj. Satish and Harish ask constables to let them go, but they refuse. Supriya tells Harsha that nothing will happen to my son Angraj. Harsha says Naren will bring him back.

Dada ji asks God, why you are taking the test. Danish says everything will be fine. Police brings Anuj’s dead body. Kusum, Rachel and Satish are shocked. They cry. Rachel sits in shock. Naren is searching Angraj on the road and says I won’t let anything happen to you. He gets Angraj’s chain and thinks what I will answer maa. He keeps his chain in the pocket and jumps in the river. Pooja goes to the hospital with Anuj’s dead body. She asks how can you leave me alone and asks him to wake up. She says you have to take care of my nephew. Naren searches for Angraj in the river and thinks what I will answer Maa. Rachel asks Pooja where is Anuj? If he opened his eyes? Nurse comes and says I want to talk to you. Rachel asks Nurse to discharge him. Nurse says Anuj will be taken for Postmortem and then you will get his body. Rachel, Kusum and Satish are shocked. Rachel sees Anuj’s face and asks him to get up. Satish cries. Kusum caresses his face and cries aloud.

Naren comes out of the river and again thinks what I will answer. Supriya is at home and asks Naren to save Angraj. She imagines Angraj asking him to keep him with her. Supriya thinks Angraj can’t go far away from me, this is just my illusion. She sees Angraj coming to her and telling that he has to go and this time, he can’t return. He asks her to do his last rites. Supriya says you wait here, I will call your father. She takes everyone to meet Angraj and finds him missing. Supriya shouts Angraj. Naren comes back home. Supriya asks where is Angraj? Naren says I am sorry Maa, I couldn’t save my brother.


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