Curse of the Sands update Wednesday 11th August 2021

Curse of the sands 11 August 2021 update:  Siya informs Mallika and Ram that they will establish Ganpati in their home this time to give good morales to Mann, asks Jhumri to make arrangements tomorrow. Mohini/Gopika hears their conversation hiding. Once Siya leaves, Mallika asks Ram if he saw what happened, she is sure Mann, Gopika and all other characters are linked to each other. Ram asks to stop her rubbish. Gopika thinks Mallika is creating trouble, she will break her legs. Next day, Siya calls idol maker to select Ganpati idol and asks Mann to select one idol from pics on laptop. Mann selects one and asks if they can make chocolate Ganpati. Siya says it is a good idea. Gopika says it is a bad idea. Ram says they can do visarjan in milk and distribute milkshake among Behramgarh children and it will even create an example among Behramgarh people. Siya says he is right. Gopika says Mann will ask to make Ganapati from dhokla and other dishes, will they oblige even for that. They all laugh. Mallika thinks Gopika is trying to act smart.

Mann walks into Gopika’s room calling her maa. Gopika asks him not to call her maa and to go back to Siya. Mann gets adamant that he will not go. Gopika slaps him and pushes him away. Mallika records video and thinks to expose Gopika’s true face. Mann knocks door and pleads Gopika to open door, but Gopika says he needs to be tough. Mallika calls everyone to living room. Jhumri walks to her and asks what she needs, she has lots of pending work. Mallika asks her to relax. Ram, Siya, and others also gather and asks what happened. Mallika asks Gopika how is she related to Mann. Gopika says what does she mean. Mallika asks then why she slapped an small boy. Gopika asks Mann if she slapped him. Mann lies she didn’t. Mallika says she doesn’t do anything without proof and has got video proof. Gopika says Mallika is lying. Siya says let us clear the doubt. Mallika shows footage on her mobile. Ram checks it Siya and others and asks what happened to her. Mallika checks video and sees only Gopika and not Mann, thinks how can this happen. Gopika checks and says she was flying away mosquitoes. Jhumri says who flies mosquitoes like this. Ram says she is right. Gopika asks to check her guestures. Ram and Siya both apologize Gopika on Mallika’s behalf. Gopika thinks they will be embarrassed often and should obey her.

Mann thinks whether he should believe maa/Gopika and tell lies or believe rasgulla/Siya and tell truth. Siya in kitchen asks Bindu and Jhumri to remove garlic, onion, etc., from kitchen and make sure they don’t prepare nonveg till Ganpati visarjan. Gopika enters and throws her moral gyaan that a child learns good morales from mother and Siya is best mother. Siya emotionally thanks her and repeats not to prepare nonveg for 10 days till ganpati visarjan. Gopika thinks a chudail’s son will never stop eating nonveg.

Siya takes food for Mann while he is busy playing and asks why didn’t he have food. Mann says he wants to have chicken and not vegetarian food. Siya says he cannot have nonveg for 10 days until Ganpati idol is at home. Mann asks reason. Siya says Ganpati loves living beings and doesn’t like if someone harms them, so they should respect their guest Ganpati’s feelings and not have nonveg till he is at home. Mann agrees. Gopika/Mohini hears their conversation and thinks Mann is chudail’s son and cannot stay away without having blood and meat, she will see how Siya stops him. Mallika in her room fumes that Gopika is very clever and ruined her plan. Jhumri says even she didn’t see Mann in video, so she couldn’t speak, gets afraid thinking if Dayimaa’s doubt is right that Mann is evil child. Mallika senses someone hearing their conversation. Jhumri says what if someone finds out they threw Mann in dustbin.

Gopika hearing their conversation thinks they are fools and its her who let them do that, reminiscing as a shadow signalling Mann to just let them do whatever they want. She asks Mann if he liked her plan. Mann standing next to her says she is a bad and rasgulla is right, why she troubles people always. Gopika says she needs to do it to get him his right. Mann says she is very bad and he will never call her mom again and will go to Siya. Gopika says he can call her maa when they are alone and Siya is a very bad mother.

Ram gets romantic with Siya, but she continues chatting about Mann and walks out to check him. Ram fumes that Mann always interferes between them. Gopika gets chicken for Mann and says she is his good mother and Siya is very bad. Mann happily munches chicken when Siya enters and asks what is happening. Mann acts as sleep. Gopika says she was reciting story to him and he fell asleep. Siya says she did right and says she will take him to her room. Gopika asks not to disturb his sleep and let him stay here. Siya says she will not get sleep without Mann, but his rest is more important to her. She walks away saying good night. Mann opens eyes once she leaves. Gopika offers him chicken. He sadly says he shouldn’t have had chicken even after Rasgulla’s warning, feels guilty. Gopika says he should have whatever he likes.

Siya returns to Ram’s room and says Mann slept in Gopika’s room. Ram says good, now they can spend some quality time together. Siya says Mann is part of her life now. Ram angrily says Mann is more important to her than him. She says he is thinking wrong. He angrily asks her to sleep now and let him sleep. In another room, Mann continues feeling guilty for breaking Siya’s promise and having nonveg. Gopika tries to convince him that he did right. Mann says Ganeshji will get angry on him. Gopika thinks she will not let Ganapati idol enter home at all.


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