Curse of the sands update Tuesday 28 September 2021

Curse of the sands 28 September 2021: It was morning. Ananya comes downstairs and watches Amar and Ketki together. She signals to Rekha that they look so happy together. Amar and Ketki stand up when alert. Ananya says Amar is a nice and handsome guy at home, why she is finding a proposal for Ketki then.

Rekha says she has noticed they spend a lot of time together as well. Amma ji and Kamal also come outside. Ananya says Amar is also an heir of Royal family and has palaces and property on his name. Even Shiv named his property after Amar. Amma ji happily announces that Rekha and Ketki both like Amar, she has no problem with it. Ananya cheerfully sings, “Wah wah Ram Ji”. Amar says he can’t marry now, he hasn’t even spoken to his brother. Amma ji assures she would speak to Shiv.

Rekha tells Ketki to thank Ananya, she got her what she always wanted. After Ketki and Rekha had left, Ananya suggest Amar to select a venue for his and Ketki’s honeymoon now; she will buy the tickets as gift of his wedding. Amar leaves in distress.

Amma ji held the bottle in which Sunanda had been locked. She laughs at her condition. Sunanda requests to spare her, she isn’t a witch. Kamal and Rekha come to the room and finds Amma ji laugh hysterically at an empty bottle. Amma ji says it was a dream that she has enclosed Sunanda in the bottle. Kamal says we will need soil from her feet. Amma ji had planned to keep a close eye on Sunanda and gather any dust under her feet.

Amar comes to the room. He thinks he must do something to impress Ananya. Shiv comes to Amar with an idea for Rose Day, so that he can impress Ananya. Amar hugs Shiv thankfully. Ketki comes to the room and says he came out to be a cheater, not friend. He is planning a rose day with his brother, what about them? Amar clutches her neck and says nothing for Ketki. She must remember not to stop him celebrate anything with Ananya; else he will kill her. She must as well stop dreaming about Shiv, because soon he will kill Shiv too. Ketki trembles and thinks she was a fool to have trusted him. She must do something soon. She fears being married to Amar.

Ananya comes to the roof where Sunanda sat. She tells Sunanda that Amar and Ketki like each other and Rekha and Amma ji approve of their proposal. Sunanda agrees, saying Amar is a lone guy and it’s not appropriate he lives here like this. If he rejects the proposal, he has no right to stay in the house. The family hasn’t yet accepted Shiv as well. Mishra ji comes upstairs and says Sunanda can never be wrong. Amma ji was offended for him siding the witch. Ananya hugs Sunanda after they had left. Curse of the sands 28 September 2021

At night, Amar comes to the girl’s room where Ketki and Ananya were asleep. He brought balloons and a rose bouquet and cautiously decorates the room. He sets the alarm for midnight and leaves the room. Ketki was awake and watches the decoration in the room. Ketki thinks she needs to cut poison with poison, else this Ananya will get her married to Amar. She opens the wardrobe and the balloons falls off. She collects the rest of balloons.

Amma ji, Kamal and Rekha come to Sunanda’s room. Amma ji make sure that none had walked into the room except Sunanda. Sunanda lay on the bed, asleep. They collect the mud from the floor and cautiously collects it in the bottle. Amma ji tells Rekha to clear the rest of mud. Kamal place the bottle of mud on a table. Someone switches the bottle on the table, it was Jalebi. She wakes Sunanda and shows her the changed bottle. Sunanda hugs her for all her favors. She asks Jalebi whose mud was given. Jalebi gets in her pallu and replies, she will have to wait and watch who gets enclosed in the bottle.
Amar comes to Shiv’s room and says he did what Shiv asked for. He wish Ananya likes it. Shiv says such minor gestures are a reason of deepened love.

The alarm bell rings. Ananya was being irritated and asks Ketki to close the alarm. She opens her eyes and see it was only 12, and startled to find her room filled with red roses and decorations. She cheers that Shiv meant to bring her the surprise. She reads a note, ‘look at those balloons once more, and work hard for a gift”. Ananya happily takes the challenge and starts bursting the balloons. Shiv and Amar stood outside. Ketki smiles from behind that she would love to see Ananya and die, as there is only poison in those balloons.

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Shiv and Amar were cautious as they couldn’t hear anymore bursts from the balloons. They get tensed. Shiv sniffs something wrong. He peeks from the door’s lock hole and finds Ananya roll on the floor, badly chocked. He tries to break the lock of the door. Ananya had fallen faint by the time.

The family gather around as Shiv struggles to open the door. Kamal asks them to break open it anyways. Shiv and Amar push the door together. Ananya lay on the floor, faint. Shiv sprinkles water on her face, then checks his nerve. Ketki smirks. Shiv tries to wake her up. Sunanda asks him to take Ananya outside, she might gain conscious in fresh air. Amar was left alone in the room. He watches the balloons all over the floor and wonders where these balloons came from. He smells a few and thinks there is poisonous gas in these balloons. He was sure it was someone’s game play. Curse of the sands 28 September 2021

Shiv brings Ananya to the room, and asks the family to call the doctor. He bolts his room door, and tries to wake Ananya; rubbing her hand and feet. He prays for a way out. He spots a ball in the throat of God’s pic in front of him. He takes his Rudraksh off his throat and sucks on Ananya’s mouth. His own throat chokes and he runs out. Fire emits out of Shiv’s mouth as he pukes outside in the backyard.

Sunanda watches this from the window. She thinks what if the devil inside Shiv is awake, it will ruin everything. She calls Amma ji’s attention and says Ananya’s condition seems to be worsening. Outside the room, family discuss the doctor is reaching soon.

Ananya wakes up and murmurs Shiv’s name. She requests him a surprise even when in dreams. The doctor had reached. Shiv tires his Rudraksh once again. He opens the door for doctor. The doctor examines Ananya then assures there is nothing to worry.

Mishra ji says Amar took the balloons to Ananya’s room. Amar silently regrets that he can’t even tell them these aren’t the balloons he had taken. Amma ji also questions Amar. Kamal holds him by collar and threatens they must have handed him to police had he not been Shiv’s brother. They were about to throw him out of the house. Sunanda thinks what will happen to her aims then. She stops Kamal, as Amar is the brother of Shiv. The family wasn’t convinced and orders him to leave right away. Amar takes a glance of Sunanda. Shiv calls him from behind but he walks outside anyways. Ketki smirks devilishly.

Later at night, Ketki sat on the roof with all the balloons. She flies each of them in the air, counting them as a symbol of her love for Shiv. Amar comes from behind and says this isn’t fair. He had come to clear a misunderstanding, why Ketki played the game with him. She became his friend, then double crossed him. He pulls Ketki’s hand and asks why she trapped him when the trap to kill Ananya was hers. Ketki asks if Amar has forgotten his own words. She couldn’t bear anyone in her love for Shiv. Amar intervened forcefully, he and Ananya are side-actors in this game. She planned to send Ananya to her mother, and Amar to jail. Amar complements Ketki’s game. He says it’s not a must that every love is accomplished. He turns to leave, wishing Ketki a happy life with her Shiv.

He now announces a surprise gift for Ketki, turns the lights on and the whole family stood on the other side of the corridor. They recall, Shiv had come to stop Amar and was sure Amar couldn’t do any such act. Amar convinces the family that he took the balloons to Anaya’s room but someone replaced them. Shiv requested the family some patience, and Amar will surely prove his innocence. Amma ji had agreed. The family now charge at Ketki. Sunanda walks ahead with tears in her eyes and gives multiple slaps to Ketki.

She questions how Ketki could fall to such an extent, if this is her brought up. Shiv questions who would now punish her, because they were sending his brother to jail. Sunanda decides she will do it, she is the mother. Amma ji calms Sunanda down.

The doctor comes to inform the family that Ananya is out of danger. She needs rest and they can meet her later. Sunanda walks downstairs behind Shiv. She boasts about her luck that he is Ananya’s husband. He can take care of her, and even fight with her family for her sake. She has no words for what he is about to do for her tomorrow. Amar overhears the conversation from upstairs and wonders what she is talking about.

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Ananya opens her eyes in bed and holds Shiv’s hand. He inquires how she feels. Ananya replies nothing can harm her when he is around. Shiv insists on her to stay in bed. Ananya thanks Shiv for giving her this new life, it felt she won’t be able to see him again. Amar was irked as he watches this from the window. Ananya was appreciative that he has overcome his fear, she is sure now that nothing can harm them until they got the blessings of Mahadev. She awaits to marry him tomorrow. Shiv asks her to take care of herself, he will get her the best gift tomorrow. Shiv now kisses her forehead.

Rekha, Amma ji and Kamal sat with a tantric black magician. Mishra ji sat with Sunanda’s photo frame. She flatters him from inside the frame. The tantric attempts to capture the witch, but since the mud wasn’t under Sunanda’s feet; Mishra ji gets into the bottle. Amma ji asks the tantric to free Mishra ji but Rekha takes the bottle, happy that Mishra ji always stalked Sunanda and will now be in her custody.
Amar comes to the room. He thinks its valentine’s tomorrow, he must kill Shiv before tomorrow else he will marry Ananya.

There in the room, Ananya lay with her head in Shiv’s lap. He tells her to sleep now, its late. Ananya demands him to sing something for her. Shiv sings, ‘chal ghar chaplain mere humdum’. He pulls Ananya out of bed, caressing her hair. Both hug each other.

Amma ji sat in her room, tensed and doomed. Kamal comes to her. They discuss there was laughter and happiness in the house once; they exemplified Rekha and Mishra’s marriage but today Rekha sat with her husband enclosed in the bottle. Kamal regrets marrying a witch. They were happy about sending Rahul away from the environment. Amma ji agrees as Rahul is their last hope. Kamal assure everything will be fine very soon.

Amar speaks on a phone call, and threatens that he can bear no mistake. He climbs through a window. Chaya follows him as he ties a robe with the gallery of balcony. He hides a red box under his dress. Chaya goes to tell Sunanda about the red box. Sunanda wonders what it possibly can be, she tells her to go and find out what Amar got. Amar locks his room and opens the box. There was a revolver. Chaya overhears Amar as he calls Shiv and invites him to join him in old temple in the forest. Amar says everyone is a puppet in his hand today, he will first play with Shiv. Curse of the sands 28 September 2021

Sunanda says it seems Amar has planned to kill Shiv and he will do this tonight. In the forest, Amar watches a photo of Shiv and Ananya together, he laughs devilishly that the couple will no longer be together. He sends a voice message to Shiv that the witch caught him in the forest. Shiv receives the messages and hurries outside the house.

In the forest, Amar tagged two photos on two trees. He claims Shiv and Sunanda are both a hurdle in his way to reach Ananya. He planned to kill Shiv only, but Sunanda is way too clever these days. He decides to kill the one who reaches him first.

Sunanda and Shiv both reached the forest. Sunanda finds Amar and questions why he called Shiv into the forest. Amar says Sunanda is smart enough to know and came here to save Shiv from him. He smirks. Shiv wanders around the forest, calling Shiv in loud voice. Sunanda threatens to kill Amar before he can even touch Shiv. Shiv is a result of her age old meditation, not everyone can easily even scratch Shiv. Amar holds a wooden stick and engraves a circle around Sunanda. He says Sunanda is entrapped in this circle and is helpless without her powers. But Amar is free to use any of his powers at any time. He points the gun towards Sunanda’s forehead, announcing both she and her son will be dead today.

Shiv holds a gun over Sunanda’s forehead and says he warned her to stay away from his brother. He pulls the trigger, and Sunanda’s photo falls off the tree.

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A while ago…

Amar tells Sunanda that he planned to kill Shiv only, but since Sunanda is proving to be a hurdle in his way he will now kill her first. He shots the bullet.

Shiv was alert at the bullet shot and screams, Amar! Curse of the sands 28 September 2021Curse of the sands 28 September 2021

Sunanda had knelt on the floor. Amar had shot the bullet straight in the forehead of Sunanda’s photo. Sunanda apologizes Amar and shrewdly tries to grab a nearby lying stick. She also tries to snatch his gun. Amar slaps her while she falls on the floor. Amar forbids her to be over smart, he is her brought up and even shrewder than her.

From the bottle, Mishra ji tries to convince Radha to pull him out. He promises he won’t cast a look at anyone. Ketki wakes up and shares with Radha about a dream in which his father had vanished. Radha says it was reality, he has been locked in a jar.

Shiv reaches just around Amar and Sunanda. Sunanda cunningly hits a rod on his hand and grabs the gun. Amar kneels in front of Sunanda as soon as he watches Shiv and starts pleading not to kill him. Shiv reaches between Sunanda and Amar. He holds his gun on her forehead and says he cautioned her to stay away from his brother. He is even ashamed to think that he is her son, he hates the part of her inside him. He is bearing the punishment of being her son. He had lost his patience after twenty years and had come to kill her. But his Dai Maa said that the devil inside him will be no different than Sunanda if he kills her. Today, Sunanda forced him to choose someone between her or his brother. He was about to shot but in a tree trunk. He regrets being the son of a witch, but at least mother is a mother. He spared her but she must stay away from Amar. He is the last identity of Rasgula and Baba. He never wants to get to a point where he is forced to cross his limits. He takes Amar along. Sunanda left heartbroken.

Ketki comes to the room and thinks she can never let Shiv marry her. Mishra ji, from inside the bottle, says his daughter will only marry Shiv and is worth it. He promises to support her, no matter what; once he comes out of the bottle. Ketki asks if he promises. Mishra ji makes the promise. Ketki opens the lid of bottle.

Sunanda stood silent as Amar slaps her. He accuses that Sunanda never wanted him to marry Ananya. She used him as a source to get to Shiv. He will kill her. He pushes her while she falls on the floor and cries there, pulling all her jewellry off.

The next morning, Ananya joins Shiv in the temple corner. Both light the candle together and performs aarti. Ananya was thankful to Mahadev for a new life. She finds Shiv lost in a deep thought. She tells Shiv she is fine. She is happy that Shiv is about to fulfil her wish, and marry her. None begins a new life with a sad face. Amar had come downstairs and was taken aback. Shiv promises he will give her what she wish for. Ananya spots Amar and says God answered his prayers, they are going to marry today. Amar glanced curtly. After Ananya has left, Amar asks Shiv about Ananya. Shiv says he is made the decision, he can’t hurt Ananya anymore.

Ananya comes to her room. She finds a present on her bed with a red rose. Inside the box was a red dress and jewellry. She was excited and sure Shiv brought this. She dresses up and swirls around the room, dancing happily.

Shiv sat on the couch in his room thinking about last night. Ananya comes to the room, happily holding the rose in her hand. She tries to withdraw his attention with moves only, but Shiv was lost in a deep thought and looked tensed. She starts throwing petals over him but to no avail. She then moves him and asks where he is lost. She complains he didn’t look towards her once, after gifting all this. Shiv says its not a gift from him, but Amar. Ananya was irked and asks how he could let him do so. She throws the rose and jewellry away. She leaves the room, saying I hate you!

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