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Curse of the sands 5 August 2021: Siya gets Mann reads to go to temple when lights flicker and switch off. Mann sees shadow near wall and smiles. Siya asks Mann to accompany her, but he hesitates. She holds his hand and takes him towards temple. Poojari waits for Mann in temple and seeing Siya and Ram bringing him says he came. Siya and Ram walk into temple, but Mann gets shock when he tries to step into temple. Siya asks him to get into temple, but he says he doesn’t want to. Poojari says he will see and walks towards Mann. He walks to Mann and says Muhurath is passing. Mann says he will not go. Poojari holds his hand and gets shock. Ram holds him, but nothing happens to him. Poojari is amazed to see that. Ram lifts Mann and is about to enter temple when Siya stops him and says let Mann play outside and sends him away with Jhumri. Mann walks away smirking at Poojari.

Dayimaa waits for Ram and Siya to return and hopes evil forces vanish in temple itself. Ram and Siya return. Dayimaa asks if they performed pooja well. Ram says no, Mann..seeing ladies waiting for him to tie rakhi asks to start ritual. Dayimaa asks Jhumri what happened in temple. Jhumri informs that Mann did not enter temple and resisted. Dayimaa thinks a small kid is troubling so much, she needs to do something. Mann walks to her and frightens to dare not trouble him, else she will be in trouble, showing his evil form. Dayimaa shouts in fear and thinks she has to find a way to stop him.

Poojari in temple gets angry saying evil boy was about to enter temple, but Siya saved him on time; if he had entered temple, he would have burnt due to Shivling’s power; that evil boys is very intelligent. His aide says he is more intelligent than evil boy and will drag him from temple. Poojari says he has other way to end evil boy and gives a poison bottle to a lady and asks to mix it in evil boy’s blood and make sure it does not mix in human blood, else it will become poison again.

Siya feeds food to Mann and asks how is it. He says it is tasty. She says she prepared it. Maya informs that janmastami pooja arrangements are made. Mann asks what is janmastami. Siya describes its story and how Krishna ended Putna and ended evil. She says whoever ends evil is like god. Mann says he will kill evils. Shadow hears him and Siya senses someone behind her.

Siya describes Mann how evil was destroyed by goodness. Mann says even he will end evil. Shadow hears their conversation. Siya senses someone behind her. Ram asks Maya and Jhumri if everyone tied rakhi to him and got gifts. They nod yes. An obese lady Dolly enters doing drama forcefully and ties rakhi to Ram and takes gift. She sees laddoo in Mann’s hand and tries to snatch it, then asks get bowl full of milk for her. Maya gives her milk and she gulps it in 1 go. Mann asks Siya who is this Putna who drank milk herself instead of giving it to children. Siya asks not to say that. Dolly falls down. Mallika falls down shouting earth quake. Bindu says an obese lady has come to tie rakhi to Ram. Dayimaa asks Dolly to go now. Dolly say she will stay here and pleads Ram to let her stay here as she lost her whole family and doesn’t have any place to stay. Dayimaa warns dare not to think of staying here. Dolly says she will become Mann’s caretaker. She lures Mann playing with him. Dayimaa thinks its a good way to keep Mann away from Siya. Siya sees Dolly teaching good morales to Mann and says she can be Mann’s caretaker from hereon.

Mallika in her usual overacting warns Dolly to not let Mann near Siya, else Ram and Siya will not consummate and will not give her a grandchild. Ram walks to Siya’s room. Siya asks if Khajoor came back. He asks how does she sense always that he came. She says via his smell. He says he is tired after rakshabandhan rituals. She pulls rakhi and jokes his sisters get more gifts than her, so she will tie rakhi to him. He laughs.

Mann is sound asleep when Dolly enters his room. He opens eyes and asks to sleep soon, else he will go to rasgulla. She strangulates and kills him. Siya hears Mann’s voice and asks Ram if he heard any sound. He says no. Dolly rejoices saying pandit told boy is evil child and will harm her, but she killed him with bare hands so easily, she will get huge gift now and will escape from here. Mann wakes up with evil red eyes and calls Dolly. Dolly gets afraid seeing him alive.

Dolly strangulates Mann and ties he is dead. He wakes up and showing his evil red eyes warns she cannot escape now. She reminisces Pandit’s Shivji’s prasad mixed nail polish to kill Mann and extends her nails towards Mann. Mann disappears and throws powers from his eyes. She shields herself with nail polish and runs behind Mann. Mann runs into kitchen and throws horse poison bag on her reminiscing Bindu asking Jhumri to keep it away from Mann, else he will die scratching himself. Dolly starts scratching herself and reminiscing Pandit telling if it gets into human blood it will become poison again. She runs from there. Siya wakes up Ram and rushes down. They see Dolly running away and rush to Mann. Siya asks Mann if he is fine. Hes says he is fine. He entered kitchen to have milk when he saw Dolly trying to open cupboard and bag falling on her and she running away. Siya pampers Mann and asks what if real thief had entered. He says he has grown up and would have protected them. Siya says he has to grow up like Khajoor/Ram. Ram pampers Mann and leaves with Siya. Dayimaa thinks she need to find out why Dolly ran away.

Dolly reaches temple suffocating due to poison. Pandit with his aide watches her and says evil escaped again. Dayimaa enters and says she wants to know what is happening. Pandit reveals that Mann is evil child and has come to harm Ram and Siya. Dayimaa says she has to protect them from Mann at any cost. Pandit drops Shivji’s prasad on Dayima’s sword and says this is the last prasad and she has to kill evil child at any cost. At home, Ram calls inspector and asks to search Dolly and find out if she is fine. Dayimaa returns and says she spoke to Dolly who informed that she will not take care of Ram’s illegitimate son, so as a caretaker off Sisodia family, she will take care of Mann.

Siya asks Mann to call her mom and Ram as papa. Mann says she looks sweet and chubby like rasgulla and Ram bitter and rough like khajoor, so he will call them rasgulla and khajoor. Siya thinks he is telling as he heaard Dayimaa’s words, so she walks to Dayimaa and confronts her that her bitter truth hurt Mann’s feelings, so he does not want to accept her and Ram as parents. Dayimaa says nobody can change the fact that Mann is Ram’s illegitimate child and cannot be his heir. Siya orders 4 feet cradle for janmastami and informs Dayimaa that this time Mann will become Bal Krishna and he is Ram’s heir whether Dayimaa accepts it or not.

Siya and Ram travel in car discussing Doly’s incident when Siya sees goon who tried to kidnap her and informs Ram. Ram follows goon and trashes him brutally until he reveals Dayimaa sent him to kill Mann and not kidnap Siya. Siya and Ram run towards home to save Mann. Dayimaa walks to Mann’s room hiding. Mann taunts she is so obese that anyone can hear her footsteps. Dayimaa walks to him. He showing his evil eyes and teeth tries to attack her, but she throws holy water on him and he falls down writhing in pain and pleads to spare him. She stabs him with Shivji’s prasad smeared sword when Siya enters and shouts no….


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