Curse of the sands update Thursday 30th September 2021

Curse of the sands 30 September 2021: Amar comes to Ananya’s room early morning and bends over her. He asks if she planned something for their wedding. Ananya pushes him away saying this is her plan, she cautions him to come out of his dream world. She will die but won’t marry someone like Amar. Amar smiles and says she is innocent. He wraps her in her own chunri and stuffs the rest of cloth piece in her mouth. He says he is kidnapping her, and when she is conscious they will be married.
Devika wakes up from this nightmare about Ananya. She was sweating and tensed and asks her husband to go to Banaras. Her friend is in trouble there.
Sunanda looks for Ananya in the room. Shiv comes there and asks how Sunanda doesn’t know where Ananya is. Sunanda insists she doesn’t know and points that Amar is also not here. Shiv asserts that Amar is the only person who can protect Ananya from Sunanda and the even the devil inside him. Sunanda thinks Ananya was right that Shiv doesn’t hear anything against Amar.
Ananya opens her eyes in a godown. She was tied to a chair, her mouth taped. Amar comes to drape her in a red chunri. He reminds her the time they were trapped in fire ring together, since then he dreams of themselves taking wedding vows. Had Ananya agreed to marry earlier, they must have been expecting their little Ama-nya. Ananya struggles to spare herself. Amar says this won’t help, except hurting her feet. He an even hold her in his ears. He tries to pierce Ananya’s nose using a nose-ring. She resists as it pains. Amar says he was also in pain when she always rejected him. Today, he balanced everything.
Sunanda follows Shiv outside in the street. She convinces Shiv to trust her once for this matter. Please accept once that it’s not a witch but a mother talking to him, her eyes would only depict care for Ananya.
Amar says Ananya must be thinking Pandit ji isn’t here. How their wedding will take place. He shows a timer saying he had to prepare caution from Shiv. He wants to make their wedding special. He opens the lid of a sindoor box and jumps in excitement, as Ananya will apply this today.
Amar sat with Ananya on the Mandap. Ananya grabs a chance to dial Shiv’s number from Amar’s phone. Before Shiv takes the call, Amar cuts the phone and slaps Ananya. Shiv dials the number again but was tensed as it didn’t connect. He says there were temple bells behind Amar on call. Sunanda says only a single temple is open so late, and requests Shiv to accompany her. Amar warns Ananya to play any shrewd, her Shiv won’t come for help.
Devika and Shaan reached Panday Nivas to meet Ananya. The family was tensed. Mishra ji tells Amma ji they couldn’t find them anywhere. Amma ji says Ananya, her mother, Amar and Shiv are missing. Devika gets tensed regarding her nightmares. Kamal suggests about reporting in police.
Shiv and Sunanda reach the temple in a forest. Sunanda was headed towards a hiding. Amar had played a recording of wedding Mantra. Ananya silently prays that how a liar and betrayer can marry her when God hates liars and wrong doers.
There, Devika prays for Ananya’s strength.
Shiv also prays for Mahadev’s help. He had vowed to protect Ananya from problem, but it seems she is in life’s biggest problem because of him. A lit stick of Mandap’s fire flies and lands to Shiv’s feet. He and Sunanda head towards the direction of fire. Shiv hears the recording from inside and knocks at the door, calling Ananya. Sunanda asks him to try and break the door. Ananya continues her prayers. Amar holds Ananya in his arms and starts taking the rounds.
Sunanda wishes she had her powers today. She asks him to pull his Rudraksh, they need his powers. Shiv wasn’t ready, as he doesn’t need any powers to protect Ananya. Ananya was able to jump off Amar’s arms. Sunanda breaks a bangles and cuts the thread of Shiv’s Rudraksh. Shiv breaks the door of hide-out as a wild devil. Amar was shocked and frightened to see him stare towards himself. Sunanda enters behind them. Shiv holds Amar up in the air by his neck.

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The devil Shiv pulls Amar up in the air and throws him away in the air.

Sunanda comes to Ananya and frees her mouth by pulling off the tape. Ananya hugs Sunanda. She was concerned that Amar might die. Sunanda says Amar is worth all this, he will spoil their life if he stays in between. Shiv held the mandap fire pot but Amar apologizes Shiv. Shiv watches photos of his parents in the locket Amar wore. His nails and teeth disappear. Amar stands up with a smirk. He says Shiv can’t do anything to him, his powers are zero in front of him. Ananya is his, he dares Shiv to stop him. Amar tells Ananya to at least be happy that he is human. His love, and his so called mother – one is a devil and the other is a witch. Ananya was startled to hear this. She spots Sunanda’s arm heal on its own, and Rudraksh is her hand. Amar says he promises a happy life to Ananya, but she has to live with the witch and the devil and invite Yamraj. Shiv grabs his collar. Amar asks why he is being a hero now, he had an opportunity. Shiv replies he wish to kill Amar, he only spared him because he is the son of Rasgulla and his Baba; but he won’t spare him another time. Amar leaves. Shiv was upset. Ananya comes to hug Shiv and stares blankly at Sunanda.

At home, Amma ji tells Rekha to sit down. She is already restless because the four of them are missing. Rekha was sure something is being cooked. Shiv, Ananya and Sunanda return home. Amma ji questions Sunanda where she had been. Ananya was injured and bruised. She says they had gone to the temple. Devika and Shan comes to the hall. Ananya was excited to see them. Devika asks why she looks tensed. Ananya replies she was only tired. Ananya introduces them to Shiv. She offers them to have something to eat.

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In the room, Sunanda sat upset. Chaya brings water to her. She asks what happened. Sunanda was upset that Amar told Ananya the truth.

In the room, Ananya offers Devika and Shan a seat. Devika tries to inquire why Ananya was so tensed outside. Ananya denies having any trouble. Devika could see something wrong. Ananya says she is just overthinking. Ananya thinks about Amar’s claims about Sunanda. She says she got a few questions and that is it.

Later, Ananya comes to the room to Sunanda. She says she is trying to convince herself whatever Amar said was wrong, but she can’t deny what she has seen. Sunanda promise to tell her everything, but not now. Ananya place her hand over her head. Sunanda replies, that’s true. She tells her all about her past, but at that time she was overpowered by devilish powers like Shiv. Ananya hugs Sunanda. She understands that Sunanda is her mother and can never wish any harm for her. Sunanda prays that Ananya is protected from all the evil eyes. She is sure only Shiv can protect her and ready to speak to family about their marriage.

Dadi comes to Shiv’s room inquiring about Amar. Shiv says Amar had fallen astray, he sent him away just to show him the right path. Dadi was quizzical. Shiv gets a phone call and excuses himself from Dadi.
In the hall, Sunanda calls everyone into the hall. Amma ji was angry as she disturbed their sleep. Sunanda says it was something very important. She holds Shiv’s hand and speaks to Amma ji about Shiv and Ananya’s love for each other. She requests them to marry Shiv and Ananya. Kamal agrees to get a Mohrat tomorrow. Ananya was happy. Devika and Shan bring drum into the house.

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There was a dance performance by Devika. The family leave happily for their rooms.

Afterwards, Shiv questions Sunanda how she can say yes to their marriage. Sunanda tells Shiv that the evil blood inside him has been borne by her. She will tell him a way to get out of this. She gives Ananya’s hand to Shiv and says there will be a new beginning of their lives on Mahashivratri. They will lead a normal and danger free life, it’s a promise to Shiv.

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