Curse of the Sands update Thursday 12th August 2021

Curse of the sands 12 August 2021 update:  Gopika enters Ganapati artist’s workshop where he is preparing chocolate ganapati. Artist sees her, but then she disappears. In palace, Ram is still angry on Siya. Bindu suggests Siya to console him and clear their differences. Siya takes modak to Ram and calling him khajoor. Ram gets romantic with her and tries to kiss her saying he likes rasgulla and not modak. Mann gets in calling rasgulla and asks when will Ganapati arrive. Ram and Siya part ways. Artist in workshop looks at his completed choc ganapati and excitedly thinks he will hand it over to Kunwarsaa/Ram and get a huge reward from which he will buy a nice car. He sees 2000 rs note on ground and tries to grab it. Gopika tying a thread to note pulls it and he falls on gum and fixes his hands over mouth trying to free himself. Gopika reminisces pouring gum on floor and thinks his greed made him lose a big price. She melts choc idol.

In palace, Mann repeatedly asks when will Ganapati idol arrive. Ram says he himself will go and bring it. Mallika says chipkali/lizard Gopika is missing since morning. Gopika enters and says she had gone on a morning walk. Mallika asks why didn’t guard see her. Gopika says guards were sleeping and shows her sports shoes. Ram asks to stop their fight and says he will go and bring Ganeshji. Siya says even she will accompany him and tells Mann that they will go and bring choc Ganapati soon. They search idol artist, but doesn’t find him anywhere. They then try to buy idol from other places, but fail. Mallika sees soil on Gopika’s shoes and asks where she had really gone. Gopika says in ground, what will she find instead of soil.

Ram with Siya returns and says they couldn’t get Ganesji, so they cannot establish idol this year. Mann gets sad. Siya says they both will prepare chocolate Ganeshji. Mann gets excited while Gopika gets jealous. Siya makes choc Ganeshji describing how Ganeshji was born by Maa Parvathi’s dirt and how a mother’s love can change evil to good, etc. Mann says even he will be good. Gopika hearing their conversation thinks how can evil child prepare Ganeshji’s idol and how can he think of becoming good, she will spoil Siya’s plan.

Mann guards chocolate idol of Ganeshji made by Siya. Mohini/Gopika thinks she needs to somehow stop Ganeshji’s establishment and switches on heater. Mann gets tensed seeing choc Ganeshji melting. He runs out calling Siya and clashing with Ram pleads him to accompany him as Ganeshji is melting. Ram scolds him to leave him and stop his drama. Mann holds his foot and pleads that he is not lying. Ram yells he cannot sit in fridge with Ganeshji and walks away freeing himself. Mann gets into fridge with Ganeshji’s idol thinking he will not let anything happen to Ganeshji. His gold chain falls out. Bindu walks into kitchen to get ghee for lamps and locks fridge thinking Mann will eat prasad sweets. She hears Siya shouting Mann and walks out. Siya panics shouting Mann is missing. Ram hears her and says he must be playing around or must be hiding after eating choc idol. Mallika and others back her. Siya says her son will never disobey her. Gopika thinks Mann must be hidden after eating choc idol as Ram says.

Siya confronts Devimaa that she made her infertile and gave her Mann, then how can she snatch back her son from her. She continues that today is Ganesh chaturti, then how can she snatch a son from her mother. Gopika thinks sautan is too melodramatic and overacting ki dukan. Rat emerges near Devimaa’s idol. Mallika panics seeing rat and Ram asks her to calm down. Siya thinks rat is Ganeshji’s vehicle and follows it. Rat leads her to kitchen and passes via Mann’s gold chain. She notices it and informs it is Mann’s chain, so Mann must be inside fridge. Ram asks where is its key. Jhumri says it is with Bindu and goes to get it. Gopika/Mohini thinks she cannot harm her kid in Siya’s melodrama and unlocks fridge door via hair pin. They are all amazed to see Mann unconscious inside fridge holding Ganeshji’s idol. Gopika takes him out and tries to revive him. Siya takes over and cries holding Mann. Ram calls doctor. Mann opens eyes and tells Siya that he saved Ganeshji. Siya cries hugging him.

Doctor checks Mann and informs that boy is fine, he is surprised how nothing happened to him even after being in fridge for such a long time. Gopika says Mann and Ganeshji protected each other. Doctor leaves. Siya asks Mann who asked him to sit in fridge. Mann says Khajoor/Ram.

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