Curse of the Sands update Sunday 8th August 2021

Curse of the sands 8 August 2021 update: Siya gets out of fire black as kalimaa. Vanraj asks how is she back alive from fire. Raj Jyotish ji says with protective thread tied on Siya’s hand which had 8 knots and now after protecting Siya only 6 knots left. He asks Vanraj if he knows why Siya became black like kalimaa. Vanraj says nobody will identify Siya now. Siya says now she can enter Mohini’s palace, but why would Mohini let an unknown person stay in her palace. Vanraj says she can enter as nazar bhattu; Mohini is a 500-year-old chudail and needs a young girl’s blood plus dry tree in palace lawn which is nazar bhattu to keep herself young, so if dry tree flourishes and gets back green again, Mohini cannot use it as nazar bhattu and she will be forced to use Siya as nazar bhattu. Siya says she will water that old tree and relive it. Raj Jyotish ji says it needs special water from a lake in jungle which is surround by evil spirits and nobody returned back after going there. Vanraj says he will guide Siya. Raj Jyotish ji says she should go there without anyone noticing her footsteps or even breath.

Mohini looks herself into mirror and says she is the most beautiful woman int he world. DK helplessly nods yes. Mohini says she will go to Rana and lure him. Once she leaves, DK yells this chudail considers herself as beautiful, already he taught her a lesson and now he will kick her out. Mohini walks into Rana’s room and hugs him. He pushes her away. She then dances sensuously on a romantic song tries to lure him, but he puhess her away.

Raj Jyotish ji warns Vanraj not to accompany Siya, else he will turn into lion completely and cannot become human again. He tells Siya that Vanraj will drop her outside jungle and then she has to go herself in and get water. Vanraj guides Siya into jungle and lets her go in further. She walks near dry well and then finally near lake and fetches water.

A lady saves Mann form lake and does his CPR. Siya’s immersed god’s idol also reciprocates. Lady lifts Mann thinking she needs to take him to hospital and walks on road when a car rams her and she falls down with Mann and collapses. In palace, Bindu requests Siya to have some food when Siya says she will not have even a drop of water until Mann returns home. Mann enters calling rasgulla. Siya hugs him and asks where is Ram. Ram enters lifting unconscious woman and makes her sleep on sofa. Everyone are amazed to see that. Siya asks who is she. Ram says she is the one who saved Mann. Siya asks what.. Ram calls doctor. Lady wakes up and asks Mann if he is fine. He nods yes. She then scolds Siya in Gujrati that she is a careless mother who cannot take care of her child, asks if she is step mother. Mann warns her to dare not to speak ill about his rasgulla. Siya cries hugging Mann.

In temple, Pandit’s aide dances thinking evil child went away from Behramgarh. Dayimaa says evil child will not go away so easily and will return. Bindu calls her and informs that Mann is back home. In palace, lady starts doing garba and collapses again. Doctor checks her. Lady gets up and starts her drama again asking who is she and where is she. Doctor says she got partial amnesia. Ram says she saved his son Mann. She remembers and says just when she saved Mann and was walking on road, someone rammed his car on her and she collapses. Ram says it was him. Lady yells at him in Gujarati again. Mallika warns him to behave with prince. Lady continues yelling. Siya asks Mallika to respect woman as she saved Mann. Lady collapses again. Doctor asks it is common in partial amnesia and they need to file police complaint to find out who this woman is. Jhumri sees Monika written on her hand. Ram tells Siya that Dayimaa must have done this and files police complaint against her. Police searches Dayimaa in temple and asks Pandit to inform them if Dayimaa comes there.

Siya gets cradle for janmastami and insists Ram to accept Mann as his heir by letting Mann in cradle as Bal Krishna. Ram says he cannot and she should understand his situation. Siya picks her bags and says she will leave his house forever if he does not agree. Ram pleads to change her decision. Siya says after janmastami she will leave his house.

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