Curse of the sands update Sunday 18th July 2021

Curse of the sands 18 July 2021 update: Mohini walks into Rana’s room and sees him holding broken glass piece on his wrist and warning her to stay away, else he will cut his wrist. Kali/Siya, Dayimaa, Maya, and Madira also walk in and Kali pleads him not to harm himself. Rana warns her to stay away and confronts Mohini that she called him her slave yesterday and showed that he is just her puppet. Mohini apologizes and requests not to harm himself. Ram says she should not do any black magic on him. Mohini promises. Rana says if she breaks her promise, he will break his promise and no longer be her protector, threatening her to cut his wrist. Mohini says she will not promise anything like this. Rana says keep her promise with herself and wait for him for another 500 years as she will not get him in this life; he cuts his wrist. Siya and Mohini stand shocked. Rana collapses. Mohini does black magic on Rana’s wrist and cures his hand. Rana wakes up. Mohini says she has right on not only his life, but also his death; he cannot even breathe or lessen his life without her permission,, so technically if she is chudail, her black magic made him half pisach/evil. Rana warns her that whenever she is not around him, he will kill himself. Kali tells Mohini that Rana has lost his mental balance and may kill himself, asks her to come out with her. Mohini says she will not go away from Rana. Dayimaa/DK and Maya/Madira also insist her and say they will watch Rana. Rana laughs on Mohini that he will execute his plan. Mohini walks away with Kali. Rana hopes Kali succeeds in her plan and reminisces Kali promising she will free him from Mohini’s black magic and rest of their plan.

Kali/Siya takes Mohini out and insists her to promise Mohini. Mohini says she will not. Kali asks if she trusts her powers, then she should agree. She returns back to Rana’s room. Dayimaa asks if Mohini did not agree. Mohini walks in and says she is ready to promise. Rana asks her to promise that if she breaks her promise, she will lose him. Mohini stands silently. Rana shouts he knew Mohini will not promise. Mohini promises that she, chudail of chudails, will not use her black magic on Rana and if she breaks promise, Rana can leave her forever.

Mohini promises Rana that she will not use her bhura jadoo/grey magic on Rana and if she fails to keep her promise, Rana will be freed from the promise he is following since 500 years. She extends her hands and gets grey ash. Rana keeps his hand on her hand and accepts promise. On the other side, Jhumri provokes Vanraj that his father is the reason for his curse and he can get rid off his curse if he uses his powers in a proper way. Vanraj says she is right, he should use his powers to destroy all his enemies and strangulates her. She shouts hat is he doing. He says ending his enemies, but sparing her now as she showed him his motto. She thinks she will become more powerful than him soon.

Dayimaa/DK provokes Maya and Madira to go against Mohini and says Mohini is their enemy. Mohini cries in her room. Dayimaa with Maya and Madira walks in and consoles her. Mohini says she promised Rana not to use bhura jadoo, Rana will never come near her if she does not use bhura jaadoo. Dayimaa asks her to take care of herself, Maya and Madira repeat same and they all 3 walk away. Mohini thinks they saw crying chudail, now they will see chudail’s magic.

Siya/Kali walks into Rana’s room and he wakes up seeing her. She scolds him never to risk his life. He promises and starts chatting excitedly. She asks him to calm down. He asks her to slap him if she feels he is going overboard and continues blabbering. She slaps him. Their chatting continues and Rana feels attracted to Kali’s kind nature. Mohini does black magic and getting her shadow orders it to go and find out who is trying to ruin her happiness. Shadow travels to Rana’s room and seeing Kali and Rana’s romance returns to Mohini and says she found out who the culprit it. Mohini determines to destroy her enemy.


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