Curse of the sands update Saturday 7th August 2021

Curse of the sands 7 August 2021: Ram warns Siya that whatever it happens, he will not fulfill her illegal demand. Siya says then be ready to lose her. Mann walks to her and asks to sing lullaby for him. She signs lullaby hugging him.

Mallika hearing their conversation asks Jhumri what is happening in this house, her baby boy Ram is suffering because of Siya’s adamancy, she has plan to send Mann out of this house. Jhumri asks what is her plan. In temple, Dayimaa tells Pandit that no plan will work on evil child Mann. Pandit says there is one plan to kick evil child out of Ram and Siya’s lives. Ram enters his room and seeing Mann playing there scolds him to not enter his room again. Mann says he himself brought him to this room. Ram says it was his mistake and asks him to leave. Siya walks in and shouts at Ram to behave with child, else she will leave this house with Mann.

Bindu with Maya prepares laddoos for Mann. Mallika enters and throws tantrums. Jhumri interferes and stops their fight. Mallika silently pours sleeping pills powder on laddoos and acts as reconciling with Bindu, says Mann will not eat these laddoos. Bindu bets 500 rs and walking to Mann gives him laddoos. Siya asks why laddoos in the morning. Bindu requests to let him eat. Mann excitedly eats laddoos. Siya returns to Ram and they spend quality time with each other feeding sandwiches to each other. Siya apologizes Ram for her misbehavior. He forgives and hugs her, reminiscing her warning to leave house if he does not accept Mann as his heir.


Mann falls asleep after eating laddoos. Mallika with Jhumri walks in and stuffs Mann in gunny bag. Maya walks in and asks what is this. Jhumri says she cleaned house and put all garbage in this bag, so she should go and throw it away. Maya picks it and says it is very heavy. Jhumri says she alone cleaned whole house, Maya should do some exercises to keep herself fit like Mallika. Maya drags bag down where Siya is performing pooja. Siya stops her and asks what is it. Maya says garbage. Siya turns and her bracelet gets stuck in gunny bag.

Siya stops Maya to check what she is carrying. Mallika stops Jhumri to divert Siya’s attention. Siya scolds her that she is acting more childish than Mann. Maya takes gunny bag with Mann inside it and throws it in dustbin. Siya realizes Mann is missing and searches inside whole palace and even asks guards if they saw Mann going out. They nod no. Mallika and Jhumri follow her. Ram returns home. Siya cries that Mann is missing and she searched whole house.

Garbage van carries garbage bag in which Mann is. A lady sees a baby in garbage van and calls driver, but he does not listen to her. She follows van, and Van throws garbage into lake. Mann also falls into lake. In palace, Siya prays god and confronts that he gave her Mann and took away from her again, if something happens to Mann, she will not perform Janmastami in life. She puts god’s idol in water.

Dayimaa is busy in pooja in temple when Bindu walks to her crying and says Mann is missing since morning and Siya is crying profusely, if something happens to Mann, Siya will die, so Dayimaa should return Mann if she has kidnapped him. Dayimaa says nobody is worried for Siya more than her, she doesn’t know where Mann is and if Mann returns Bindu should inform her. Bindu agrees and leaves. Siya continues crying and confronting god to protect her Mann. Jhumri is about to inform her when Mallika warns her to shut her mouth. Siya sings Bhajan O palan hare…song.. Lady jumps into lake and searches for Mann. She finds Mann finally and lifts him in basket.

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