Curse of the sands update Saturday 31st July 2021

Curse of the sands 31 July 2021 zee world update: Dayimaa asks Siya how will they find Mohini. Siya says Mahadev will help them and Mohini herself will come to them. She does tandav dance in front of Shivling. Mohini feels severe headache and closes door thinking whatever Siya tries, she will not go out. Siya continues doing tandav dance and forces Mohini to crawl to them. She then falls unconscious. Mohini laughs that Siya failed and could not bear simple trouble, now she will die soon. Dayimaa pleads Siya to get up. Flower from Shivling falls on Siya. Siya gets up and asks Mohini where is Ram. Mohini says she will not get Rana saa in her life. Siya slaps her. Mohini tries to slap her back, but fails. Siya slaps Mohini repeatedly and asks where is Ram. Mohini falls down bleeding from her mouth. Siya also feels pain as she is Mohini’s nazar battu and falls unconscious. Mohini boasts that Siya will never get Rana saa back.

Dayimaa rushes to Devimaa’s temple and pleads Devimaa to save her daughter and Ranaa and she cannot see them die, devimaa should end Mohini’s evilness. She returns back to palace hurriedly to protect Siya and sees Siya holding trishul on Mohini. Mohini falls down afraid. Siya warns Mohini enough of her torture and drama.

Siya raises trishul to kill Mohini. Mohini warns to stop if she wants Rana alive. Dayimaa insists Siya to kill Mohini. Siya says Ram’s life is more important than Mohini. Mohini says if Siya kills her, she will not know where Rana is. Siya asks what she needs. Mohini says Rana is her love. Siya says Ram is her husband and life. Their argument starts. Siya says Mohini never loved Ram, else she would not have thought of killing Ram, but now situation has changed. Mohini says she loves Rana since 500 years. Siya says she cannot even take Ram’s name from her mouth, then what kind of love she does. Their argument continues. Mohini says she will tell where Rana is only if she agrees to give Rana to her tonight. Siya angrily lifts trishul again. Dayimaa asks to kill Mohini as she will not reveal where Rana is. Mohini says Rana is in her room. Siya says he is not there. Mohini says he can go and check now. Siya draws a holy ash circle around Mohini and walks away asking Jhumri to keep an eye on Mohini.

Siya walks into Mohini’s room and sees Rana sleeping on bed. She gets emotional. A romantic ghazal plays in the background. Dayimaa and Bindu walk in next. Mohini provokes Jhumri describing how she killed Vanraj. Jhumri tries to hit her with a wooden stick. Mohini holds it and pushes her towards pillar. Jhumri hits pillar and falls unconscious. Holy ash disappears. Mohini hits even Maya and walks away saying only 5 hours are left for red moon and she will reunite with Rana.

Siya checks Rana and finds him pulseless without heart beat. She cries loudly. Dayimaa says Rana’s soul is not here and Mohini tricked them again. Siya shouts Mohini…

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