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Monday, August 15, 2022

Curse of the Sands update Saturday 14th August 2021

Curse Of The Sands Zee World
Curse Of The Sands Zee World

Curse of the sands 14 August 2021 update: Ram picks Ganeshji’s chocolate idol for visarjan when Mann requests to let him perform visarjan. Ram gives idol to him. Gopika/Mohini thinks how can an evil child hold Ganeshji’s idol, if sautan/Siya made her evil child as human child. Mann does idol visarjan in milk. Siya says Ganeshji is returning to his parents and will return next year. Mann says bye bye Ganeshji. Siya asks if he stopped calling Aneshji. Guruji says he didn’t understand. Siya says till now Mann used to take gods’ name as Anha, Aneshji, etc. and now he is speaking fluently. Mann chants Ganapati bappa morya and asks if he can have choc milk now. Gopika stops her and says she cannot have milk. Siya says nothing will happen and let him have prasad. Guruji backs him. Siya asks Jhumri to serve prasad to Mann. Jhumri fills milkshake in a glass and serves it to Mann. Mann finishes it and asks for more. Gopika stops him. Guruji says let him have prasad, nothing will happen to him, thinking evil child cannot withstand pavitra/pure prasad. He then seeing Gopika’s interference thinks who is she, she doesn’t seem to the one she looks. Ram says Mann’s further tests are left. Siya nods yes. Gopika thinks what are they up to.

Mann finishes whole prasad. Guruji says Ganeshji’s blessings are on this boy who finished whole prasad alone and takes Mann along him. Gopika tries to follow Guruji, but Sumri stops her. Gopika thinks how to escape from here, calls Jhumri. Sumri freezes seeing Jhumri and their eyes lock. Gopika silently walks away and peeps into Guruji’s room. Guruji checks Mann’s foot sole and seeing evil child’s half moon sign on it thinks this is definitely evil child. He is amazed to see sign disappearing and thinks what is happening. He then sees Gopika and asks who is she and what is she doing here. Gopika says she is Gopika. Guruji asks her to give her true identity. Gopika gets nervous Mann leaves from there while Guruji continues questioning Gopika.

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Mann runs around house happily blabbering that he finished whole prasad. He then collapses. Siya and Ram rush to her calling his name. Gopika runs to Mann worried. Mallika seeing that tells Jhumri that Gopika is acting as if she is Mann’s real mother. Ram calls doctor. Doctor checks Mann and says he must have collapsed due to drinking prasad excessively and should get blood test to know what happened to him. He takes blood and a drop falls on Siya. Gopika is more amazed to see nothing happening to Siya. Mallika thinks doctor who took Mann’s blood last time died and reminisces incident. Siya warns doctor if he cannot treat Mann, she will. She walks to devimaa’s idol and pleads her to return back her son. Gopika feels helpless for unable to help her son and thinks she may lose her son because of Siya. Guruji thinks evil child died due to consuming pavitra prasad.

Siya confronts Devimaa that she cannot snatch her son from a mother and should return her Mann. Guruji with Sumri walks to her and says nobody can change nature. Siya says he will see how nature wins over a mother’s motherhood. She tries to light lamp, but fails. Guruji asks Sumri how to explain Siya that Mann is evil child and cannot relive after having pavitra prasad. Siya continues pleading Devimaa to take her life but return her son’s life. Ram walks to her and asks what is she saying. Siya says if she cannot save Mann, there is no use of her life, if he cannot save Mann, he should not stop her, today Devimaa should listen to a mother, she can go to any extent to save her child as motherhood has not limits. Ram kisses her forehead. She starts shedding more tears. Guruji thinks let Siya cry till she can, she has to understand that Mann is evil child.

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Mallika follows Gopika to desert and sees her cutting her wrist and chanting her dialogue, ret ki dulhan ran ki rani.. She is shocked to realize that Gopika is Mohini and reminiscing all the incidents thinks Mann is Mohini chudail’s son and chudail has returned, she needs to inform everyone about it.

Doctor fails to treat Mann. Ram holds doctor’s collar and warns if something happens to his son, he will not spare doctor. Doctor says he is doing his best. Ram calms down and apologizes doctor. Mallika walks to him and says she insist to inform him something important. Ram walks aside with her. Mallika informs him that Gopika is not the one she looks like. Ram shouts she is worried about Gopika when Mann is fighting for her life. Mallika reveals Gopika is none other than Mohini. Ram stands shocked and reminisces all the past incidents, but doesn’t trust her. Mallika then informs Guruji that Gopika is Mohini and she needs to inform everyone. Guruji says nobody will trust her, she has to plan wisely to expose Gopika’s truth.

Guruji walks to Siya and says they need to pray for Mann’s speedy recovery. Siya prays Devima followed by others. Mallika insists Gopika to pray god for Mann and taunts her. Gopika says she will pray for Mann and walking to Devimaa’s idol plays shank. Mallika and Guruji are amazed to see that. Gopika reminisces transferring all her powers to Mann before and today transferring her chudail nature to ret ke raja/king of desert knowing about the upcoming problem beforehand.

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