Curse of the sands update Monday 21st June 2021

Curse of the sands 21 June 2021 update: Mohini fumes saying her fate is ill that she is not finding clue for next puzzle of finding veil/chunrri, neither Siya is. Vivian walks in and says he always felt a cruel brain is hidden behind beautiful face. Mohini warns if he knows what he is telling. Vivian says he has already sold his soul to her and is not afraid now, if they both unite, they can destroy their enemies easily. Mohini strangulates Vivian and warns that he is her slave and should be in limits.

Siya applies holi on Ram’s cheeks and wishes him happy holi. Ram says it is her first holi in Behramgarh and they cannot celebrate it together this time. Siya promises they will celebrate holi together. Dadimaa says Siya has to perforrm holika dahan tonight. At night, Behrampur ladies gather for holika dahan and wish Siya and Dadimaa happy holi. Siya gives them bank account form and explains features of woman account with zero balance and demand draft facility. Woman thank Siya and ask her to perform holika dahan. Siya ask Dadimaa to accompany her. Women resist and say Dadimaa cannot perform holika dahan. Mohini watching that from balcony thinks Siya punished her for misbehaving with Daadimaa, now she will see what Siya does to women. Siya asks reason. Women say a widow cannot perform holika dahan. Siya says a woman’s life does not end with her husband’s death, why should she be deprived of celebrating festivals. Women say they both are very helpful and kind hearted, but they cannot change age-old rituals. Siya says Dadimaa is a mother and will perform holika dahan, whoever opposes it can leave the venue. She asks Dadimaa to do the honors and once Dadimaa performs holika dahan, Siya applies holi on her cheeks. Dadimaa says she is her daughter and not bahu. A veil emerges in sky and falls on Siya.

Durga Dayi emerges and touches Siya’s feet. Siya is amused and asks what is she doing. Durga dayii says she is touching devi’s feet and says Rani Durgeshwari rightly made Siya her heir. She informs that the veil she is wearing is Rani Durgeshwari’s and she has solved her puzzle. Siya rejoices and returning to haveli sees Ram turning to human till his feet and rejoices. She emotionally hugs Ram and rejoices with him.

Mohini shows next puzzle to Siya. Siya reads it and solves it as nose ring. Mohini asks which nose ring. Siya reads puzzle further and reminiscing incident where her nose swells and Dayimaa suggests to use neem tree stick as nose ring to cure her nose swelling. Out of flashback, Siya says it is neem stick of neem tree outside temple. Ram calls Siya. Siya tries to run towards him, but Mohini stops her. Siya says one who has not loved anyone truly will not understand the feeling and rushes to Ram. She hugs Ram emotionally and says after solving this 7th puzzle, he will be totally cured and can walk with her. Mohini jealously warns Siya to stop her drama and come along her. Siya hugs Ram again and says he should wait for her to return and knows what to do.

Mohini and Siya reach outside temple near neem tree. They see 2 women fighting for a kid, claiming he is their son. Siya walks to them. Each woman plead that she is boy’s mother and to let him go with her. Siya asks boy to tell who is his mother. Boy does not react. One woman says her son is deaf and dumb and Siya as a kunwarrani saa has to solve their problem. Siya asks them both to pull boy’s hand from opposite direction and whoever pulls him can take boy with her. Both women pull boy in opposite direction. Boy writhes in pain, one woman leaves his hand unable to see his pain. Siya takes boy’s hand and gives it to her saying a mother cannot see child’s pain, so she is boy’s mother. Durga Dayi enters and says Siya is a true patnivrata and gifts her neem tree’s stick. Siya touches her feet. Durg dayi blesses her to become a mother soon and hugging her murmurs something in her ears.

After solving 7 puzzles, Ram gets back to normal completley from stone idol. Siya asks Mohini what is her plan after solving all 7 puzzles. Mohini boasts that she see what she can do. Ram shoots his name’s arrow on her and she shouts in pain. Siya and Dadimaa join her and shower arrows on Mohini. Siya reminisces Durga Dayi telling Mohini will go out of control and more powerful after solving 7 puzzles, so she together with her husband and Dadimaa can kill her.

Ram with Siya shoots Ram named arrow on Mohini and Mohini shouts in pain. Siya tells Ram this was the right way to catch Mohini. Durga Dayii reaches there and praises Siya that only she could control Mohini. Mohini writhes in pain and shouts at Siya that she tricked and capture her, but she will not spare them all. They all 3 pull Mohini, and a coffin emerges from ground. Durga dayi opens it and seeing Rajeshwari’s dead body cries that she could not fulfill her promise to protect her. Raj jyotishji joins them and they all 4 drag Mohini into coffin and closes it. Mohini shouts to free her, she will not go without her Rana saa. Ram says he was always Siya and will always be her. Raj jyotishji keeps Om sign on coffin. An ancient book emerges. Rajjyotishya picks it and sees it empty. Ram and Siya reads it and says there is whole Behrampur history written in it. Durga Dayii says their love is pure, so they can read it.

Vivian watches hiding and thinks he tried so much to get that book and wealth in Behramgarh, but could not. Mallika joins him and in her usual overacting yells Chudail troubled them so much. Vivian determines to get book and find hidden wealth via it. Ram says they should destroy Mohini with this coffin. Raj jyotishji says they cannot kill Mohini and can just bury her with this coffin. Siya says they have to perform Rajeshwari’s last rights tomorrow.

Ram and Siya spend quality time together. Ram pampers Siya calling her rasagulla, etc.. and gets romantic. He says he is alive because of Siya. Siya says she can sacrifice her life for him and don’t know what will happen next, but she will keep supporting her. Lamps blow off. Their romance continues…

Mohini trapped under coffin shouts to get her out of coffin. Vivian with Mallika checks ancient book. Mohini addresses him as vilayati kabootar/foreign pigeon and says she knows he and his mother are here, get her out of here. Mallika yells with her overacting and fake style that chudail is cursed and inauspicious for everyone, she made her slave and bar dancer. Vivan says Mallika that this book is plain and he does not know how to read it.
Mallika says he will soon, so he should relax. Mohini warns that they sold their souls to her and they will see what she can do to them. She punishes them and orders to get her out. They both shout in pain.

Siya, Ram, Durga Dayii, Raj Jyotishji and others start Rajeshwari’s last rituals and chant her name. Siya touches Rajeshwari’s feet and promises her that she will follow Rajeshwari and follow all her duties faithfully, she will be her shadow. She promises to become a mother and give Behramgarh its legal hair and promises like Rajeshwari, she can even sacrifice life for Behramgarh. She walks back towards Mohini’s cofffin. Vivian and Mallika senses Siya coming and hide. Siya asks Mohini to tell where Dayimaa is. Mohini says she will not. Siya says everything is finished now, she is not afraid of Mohini or anyone now. She sees ancient book on table and picks it thinking Raj jyotishji must have kept it. She senses somone behind pillar and walks towards it. Mallika gets tensed. Siya walks away. Mallika and Vivian relax.

Ram performs Rajeshwari’s last rights and sets fire. Siya takes ancient book out and reads that Rajeshwari’s last rights will be performed in 2019 and thinks it is exact date today. She further reads once Rajeshwari’s last rights are performed, chudail will be more powerful and will be freed. After performing Rajeshwari’s last rights, Ram touches Durga Dayi’s feet. She blesses him and disappears. Rajeshwari’s soul also departs from her body. Everyone chant Raj Rajeshwari ji ki jai. Vivian lifts coffin’s door and frees Mohini. Siya continues reading that chudail can kill anyone. Chudail emerges and says she will show her powers now. She picks knife and slits Siya’s shoulder, acts as injured and then laughs showing she is not injured.

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