Curse of the sands update Friday 30th July 2021

Curse of the sands 30 July 2021 zee world update: Mohini feels severe pain touching Kali’s hand and disappears from there. Her hand starts disintegrating and she thinks what was written on Kali’s hand that she start disintegrating. Kali tells her team that Mohini felt severe pain touching her hand, she needs to find out. Mohini passes by Kali’s room and sees Kali kicking out Vanraj and warning to dare not enter her room again. Vanraj nervously smiles. Mohini gives dirty clothes to Maya and asks her to wash it soon. Maya walks towards washing machine when Vanraj stops her and sends her away.

Kali dances on her sangeet ceremony on Ghar mohe… Maya realizes where Jhumri is kept and frees her from washing machine. Kali murmurs in Rana’s ears to remember what he promised Siya. Rana reminisces the incidents and shouts Siya. Mohini tries to slap Kali for reminding Rana about Siya. Rana stops her and asks why did she lie that she does not know Siya, he wants to know who are Ram and Siya. Mohini says she does not know. Mohini shouts she does not know. Kali thinks she and Rana are Ram and Siya.

Vanraj drags Kali to room and warns her to accept him as her would be husband. Kali says he will never be her husband. Vanraj says he will become her husband even if he has to kill Jhumri and Maya. He reminisces kidnapping Jhumri and Maya both. Kali denies. Mohini walks in, and Vanraj leaves. Mohini hugs Kali and says she always considered her as sister and will get her ready. She applies face pack on Kali and realizes she is sautan Siya. She is about to engrave her chudail fingers into Kali and kill her when Rana enters and asks what is she doing here. Mohini gets alert and takes Rana away. Kali realizes that Mohini identified her as Siya.

Mohini tries to kill Siya/Kali when Rana/Ram stops her. Mohini warns she will Kill Siya if he does not get back to her. Ram who got back his memory says he is Rana Bhanupratap Singh and wil also be Rani Durgeshwari’s. Mohini continues arguing and warns him to kill Siya. Ram promises to fulfill her demand if she spares Siya. Mohini agrees and takes Rana along. Siya wakes up and reminisces traveling with Ram, Dayimaa, Maya, Jhumri, and Bindu when Mohini attacks their car and after accident taking her and Ram away. Injured Dayimaa with others walk to her and ask where is Mohini and Ram. Siya says Mohini took Ram. They all search Ram in whole palace. Jhumri feels sad that Siya Ranisaa is still finding it difficult to get back Rana saa. Bindu asks about Vanraj. Jhumri says Mohini killed him and he deserved to be killed for his sins. Bindu as usual cries without tears in her eyes, Jhumri consoles her and says they should find Rana saa soon.

Siya searches Ram in his room and everywhere. Mohini takes Ram to her room and makes her unconscious and thinks she will get Ram tonight forever. Dayimaa informs that Mohini that Mohini will get Ram forever on red moon night. Siya says they will save Ram before red moon night. Dayimaa says today is red moon night. Bindu cries and confronts Devimaa for not protecting her daughter Siya on auspicious day. Siya gets an idea and prays shivling saying no evil can be more powerful than Mahadev.


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