Curse of the sands update Friday 21 May 2021

Curse of the sands 21 May 2021: Mohini thinks she knows desert’s smell, old woman Dayimaa must have done something. Dayimaa asks Ram’s family to light agarbathi in their rooms, stinky smell will fade away soon. Mallika walks away yelling Dayimaa called her English chudail.

Vivian thinks Dayimaa is planning all this to find out who chudail is. Mohini asks if they found out who chudail is. He asks if she can read people’s mind. She says her ears are sharp and thinks she will use Vivian for her benefit. Dayimaa opens each family member’s hair strand box and finds it intact. She opens Mohini’s box saying she is sure Mohini is chudail and is surprised to see hair strand intact and thinks how can her belief go wrong. Guruji says only Dayimaa and Jalebi’s boxes. Dayimaa picks her box, but Dadimaa stops her and says she trusts her more than hersellf. Dayimaa opens box though and then opens Jalebi’s box. Black fumes emerge from it. Guruji says Jalebi is chudail. Dayimaa cries that her Jalebi cannot be chudail, but reminiscing recent events thinks Jalebi can be chudail. Mohini’s team laugh and chant they fooled Dayimaa. Mohini thinks it is not easy to catch her.

Ram and Siya’s nok jhok starts in their room. Mohini fume seeing that. On terrace, Jalebi enjoys cool breeze when ghagra paltan trashes her with belts. She shouts in pain and pleads for help. Mohini orders them to peel out Jalebi’s skin, but not kill her. Jalebi continues pleading for help. Dayimaa with her guards enter and throwing net on Jalebi and throw salt on her. Jalebi shouts due to burning pain and pleads Dayimaa to save her. Dayimaa shouts she is chudail, so she cannot bear salt on herself and orders guards to throw Jalebi into prison. Guards throw Jalebi into a secluded room. Dayimaa thinks now Kunwarsaa and Kunwar Ranisaa are safe.

Mohini walks to Jalebi and shows her chudail form. Jalebi gets afraid and asks if she was chudail, she doubted her from before. Mohini laughs on her and asks how was her plan. On the other side, Dadimaa asks Dayimaa if jabeli is really chudail or it is chudail’s trick to trap innocent Jalebi and escape herself. Dayimaa says anything can happen.

Mohini taunts Jalebi that she was boasting she is queen of this house, what happened to her now. She says she can go and inform Dayimaa that she is chudail, Dayimaa is fool and does not have any brain, she falls into trap with just a bit of greed. She fell into her trap trying to search chudail. She continues that people will kill Jalebi thinking her as chudail, she will enjoy with Ranasa.

Ram emotionally hugs Siya. Siya asks what happened to him. He says he is worried. She asks why, he does not have to. Mohini watches them. Ram pushes Siya and saying she is her problem and get out of his life. Mohini shows this via black magic to Jalebi. Jabeli says whatever she trie, she cannot separate Kunwar saa and Kunwar rani saa. Mohini punishes her and says soon her people themselves will kill her.

Dayimaa reminisces Jalebi’s mischieves and love for her and cries thinking she has to kill her daughter now. Dadimaa says it is very difficult to kill dear ones. Dayimaa says she has no other go. Dadimaa asks what if Jalebi is not chudail, how will the find it. They hear someone hearing loudly outside and walk out. Mallika prays tulsi plant in her style. She sees Dadimaa and asks to bless her, she heard Tulsi plant is very auspicious, so shew was praying. Dadimaa says tulsi leaves are very auspicious and can ward off evil. Dayimaaa realizes that chudail can be easily found out via auspicious and holy tulsi leaves. She walks towards prison where she has kept Jalebi.

Siya packs her bags. Ram asks if she is going. Siya angrily says she is going as she cannot tolerate his lenience towards Mohini, he ate her food and kissing her hand even gifted his favorite diamond ring to her, she cannot see his disloyalty. Mohini seeing them via black magic gets happy that Siya is going away from Ram. Ram gets tensed. Siya laughs and says she was just joking, she will not leave him in this life at least and cannot see him with any other woman, he is Ram of this age. Mohini fumes seeing that and thinks of punishing Siya. Her ghagra paltan team pleads not to do that.

Mohini walks to Jalebi and reminding how Dayimaa brainlessly thougth Jalebi is chudail and punished her, soon she will kill her to protect Ram and Siya. Jalebi cries worriedly. Mohini extends friendship hand towards Jalebi and thinks once he befriends her, chudail;s drama will end and she can play love game with Rana saa.


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