Curse of the sands update Friday 1st October 2021

Curse of the sands 1 October 2021 update: Sunanda promises Shiv that he and Ananya will live a happy and out of danger life. Shiv asks how she can end his powers. Ananya asks Sunanda what her plan is. Sunanda says it isn’t easy but isn’t impossible as well. Only two people get him rid of his powers, his mother or his wife. Once Ananya is married to him, then she and Ananya will work together and help him get rid of his devil. She asks them to follow her, she will explain. Ananya looks hopefully towards Shiv.
Devika and Shan discuss with each other that she hopes Ananya and Shiv can marry each other this Mahashivratri.

Sunanda takes Shiv and Ananya to the five hundred years old book, Vishmanya.

Amar had climbed the wall of the house and overheard the conversation.

Sunanda says Mahashivratri is the biggest night, Shiv and Ananya will marry first and then Shiv’s vish-manthan. Amar thinks how foolish of them, but no matter, he will get Ananya at any cost.
Sunanda says they will tie Shiv with ropes. Ananya will have to tie her mangal sooter, and she will tie the Rudraksh. This is fatal, as someone will have to take the black powers of Shiv. Ananya agrees to take them. Sunanda warns that this isn’t easy; she is human. Amar was happy that he will get Shiv’s powers along with Ananya and leaves. Shiv wasn’t ready to let Ananya put her life at stake. Sunanda warns Ananya that even in her birth chart, it’s written that she will die because of her husband. Ananya says she won’t let go of any extent to turn Shiv into human.

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The next morning, Ketki cries in her bed. Rekha had come to wake her up. It was Ananya’s Haldi. The family joins in. Kajal and Anshuman come for the ritual and greets Ananya and Devika. There was a dance performance by Kajal and Anshuman involving Shiv.

Amar had entered the hall under a yellow shawl. Amar decides to be the first one and put on Haldi on Ananya as she is busy in enjoying the performance. He takes the bowl of Haldi and was about to apply it on Ananya. Kajal runs to Ananya and the bowl slips from Amar’s had. He leaves in regret. Ananya’s friends apply Haldi. Sunanda and Devika take their turns, followed by Amma ji, Rekha. Shrishti calls Ananya and congratulates her for wedding. She apologizes for not being able to make it, as it’s a busy month in their Kumkum Bhagya wedding hall. Ananya had to go on Rekha’s call. She takes the bowl to Shiv.

Shiv sat on the couch and thinks about Sunanda and her plan of Vish-mania. Ananya comes into the room. She applies the Haldi and asks how her ritual could be completed without she had applied it to Shiv. She says everything is going as per their plan. They just marry once, then… Shiv asks then what? Ananya rubs her face with him. Shiv turns around in panic. Ananya place her face on his shoulder. Ketki watched them together and takes the bowl from the room. In her own room, she rubs the Haldi on her face and says only she is rightful of this Haldi. Amar stood outside the room and thinks the wish can never come true, he will kill Shiv.

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Ananya was ready for her Mehndi. She receives a call from Pragya. Pragya apologizes for not being able to come, but congratulate her anyways.

In the room, Rekha and Mishra ji were getting ready. Ketki comes to the room and complains that they are getting ready as if her wedding. Mishra ji says they tried to marry her to Amar but he ran away. Mishra ji promises to get a prince charming for Ketki as well. Ketki wasn’t convinced and tells them to leave.

In the room, Shiv was getting ready. He wonders how Ananya will manage the powers she hasn’t been able to. He prays that Ananya must remain safe and unharmed.

Sunanda brings Ananya down to the stage. Everyone greet her. Shiv arrives with Kamal and Mishra ji. Amar wore a ladies saree hiding his face again, he thinks he will surely apply henna this time. Amma ji sends Rekha to get the henna. Guddan comes with the henna for Ananya. Everyone was delighted to see her. Amma ji requests her to show some dance moves. Guddan agrees, but wish everyone joins her. Sunanda dances with Guddan. Ananya and Amma ji also join in the dance. Amar takes a henna cone, finding Ananya all alone. She happily gives her hand to his hand. He writes an A with the henna. Guddan had just come to hug Ananya. Guddan asks the veiled lady how she knows her Jindal Sb is Akshat. Amar regrets as it wasn’t Ananya’s hand, but Guddan was excited, all glowing and smiling. Guddan applies an S on Ananya’s hand now.

Later, Amma ji brings Ananya and Shiv to take blessings from Molvi sahib.

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Ketki cried while applying henna on her hand. Guddan comes to offer the girls apply lemon sugar to fasten their henna stains. Afterwards, everyone sat around Amma ji and asks her about her story. Amma ji says, in their story the husband was an angry person. Amma ji instead narrates the story of Shiv and Parvati.

Sunanda hears the story and thinks Ananya actually loves Shiv like the story. She is ready to do Vish-manthan for Shiv. After the wedding, everything will now change.
Ketki comes downstairs in white dress. Rekha tells her to dress up well, but Ketki says if a girl’s husband is marrying, she wanders in a widow’s dress. Rekha advices her to forget what wasn’t written for her.

Ananya takes greetings from Zoya and Kabir from Ishq SubhanAllah.
Shiv sat in his room, and thinks about the powers and its threats for Ananya. He gets a call from a friend. He inquires about him and Kalyani. The friend had noticed Shiv was tensed. Shiv says there is stress because of wedding preparations. He advices him to have faith on his love, Ananya is a pretty girl who loves him a lot.

In the Mandap, Pandit ji asks about the bride and groom. Ananya comes to the Mandap, leaving everyone awestruck. Shiv takes Ananya’s hand in his. He was unable to look away from her. They stand up for Varmala ritual. Ananya backs up playfully. Kamal sits for their wedding Pooja. Sunanda does the Gathbandhan. Pandit ji asks them to stand up now, he will read all the wedding vows to them. Shiv and Ananya together stops the Pandit ji.


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