Curse of the Sands update Friday 13th August 2021

Curse of the sands 13 August 2021 update:  Mann tells Siya that Ram asked him to sit in fridge and continues that Ganeshji choc idol was melting and he asked Ram for help, Ram scolded if he should go and sit in fridge holding idol, so he went and sit in fridge with idol. He thanks Ram for his suggestion. Gopika/Mohini thinks their battle with start now. Siya asks Maya to take Mann to his room and starts yelling at Ram alleging him for trying to kill Mann. Ram says she is mistaken. Siya continues shouting how can he suggest a kid to sit in fridge, he never followed his fatherly duties, etc.. Ram shouts enough of her allegations now and says since Mann barged into their house, she has ignored all her relationships for Mann and it is not his mistake if she cannot bear child, so she should stop throwing Mann’s burden on them. Siya stands shocked. Poor Ram apologizes her for hurting her feelings. Siya says he told bitter truth and shouldn’t apologize and walks away from there.

Bindu tells Maya and Jhumri that this all happened because of her carelessness and Ram and Siya are fighting because of her. Maya says Siya is crying continuously. Jhumri says even Dayimaa is not there to console Siya. Sumri enters as pandit to perform pooja. Jhumri identifies him as the man who flirted with her and asks if he is a pandit. Sumri says yes.

Gopika provokes Mann against Ram saying Ram tricked him to sit in fridge and tried to harm him, he shouldn’t have told truth and if he tells truth or disobey her, Ram will kill him, so he should be careful. Mann walks into Siya’s room and seeing her crying asks reason. Siya says she is fine and asks if he can guard outside her room while she rests inside her room. Mann says he will guard her like Ganeshji guarded Parvathi maa and stands outside her room. Gopika passes by and asks what is he doing here. Mann says rasgulla is crying and resting in her room, so he is guarding her outside. Gopika says she will go and check Siya. Mann stops her. Ram walks in next and tries to enter Siya’s room. Mann stops him. Ram angrily shouts if he dares to stop him and slaps him down. Mann gets up and raises his hands. Gopika hopes Mann does not show his powers, else his truth will be out. All others gather. Siya walks out of her room and is shocked to see Ram confronting Mann to dare try to slap him back. Mann folds his hands instead and revolves around Ram. Ram asks what is he doing. Mann says he is his father and like Ganeshji revolved around his parents, he is doing same. Ram emotionally lifts Mann and accepting him as his son tells Siya that she is always her life partner, Mann is their elder son from hereon.

Mohini/Gopika fumes thinking she thought Mann will go against Rana/Ram and will fight with him, but he was doing Ram’s parikrama/revolving around him. She reminisces pandit calling Ram’s family to establish Ganeshji’s idol and thinks she shouldn’t let Mann accompany Ram, else she will lose Mann. Mann establishes Ganeshji’s idol with Ram and Siya and nothing happens to him. Gopika is shocked to see that and hopes Mann does not perform aarti, else he will burn alive. Mann performs aarti without any problem. Gopika is shocked to see that and thinks how can this happen, maybe because of Siya’s good teachings, Mann is becoming human. Sumri is also surprised to see nothing happening to Mann, returns to Guruji and informs him. Guruji says he himself will go and check.

Gopika takes Mann to her room and scolds him for trying to become human by following Siya’s advice as he is evil child and not human. Mann says she only insisted her to call Siya as maa. Gopika says he can but should not follow her. Mann runs away from there saying she is very bad. Gopika thinks she will convert her son back to evil child.

Siya asks Ram when will they adopt Mann legally. Ram says Mann is already their son, he wants to test Mann before handing him over Behramgarh’s throne. He shows the test manual which he went through and passed the tests to become Behramgarh’s prince and says let us see if Mann can pass them and is capable of becoming Behramgarh’s prince. Mann walks to them and insists to sleep with Baba/Ram today. Ram agrees and makes him sleep next to him. Next morning, Mann wakes up early and pulling Ram and Siya’s bedsheet insists to wake up soon as they need to drown Gampu/Ganeshji. Ram says it is Ganesh visarjan. Siya says Ganeshji will punish him. Mann says gampu is his friend and will not punish him.

Guruji reaches palace with Sumri and seeing Gopika asks if she is the woman who saved Mann. Sumri says yes. Mallika with others greets Guruji. Guruji asks who is this new guest. Jhumri says she is the one who saved Mann twice. Guruji asks to call Mann. Mann walks down in a royal style. Guruji asks Ram and Siya to perform maha aarti. They allow Mann to perform aarti. Gopika is more shocked to see this. Guruji also thinks how can even child perform aarti.

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