Curse of the sand update Thursday 14th October 2021

Curse of the sand 14 October 2021:  Sunanda sat alone, thinking about Baba, Ananya and Gauri. She thinks Ananya and Gauri are wearing same anklet. She knows Ananya doesn’t wear an anklet, this means both are same.

Ketki, Rekha and Amma ji mock Mishra ji, and says now it will be clear to Mishra ji that Sunanda is nothing in front of Pappu Baba.

Sunanda calls Gauri into the hall. She walks downstairs. Everyone from the family gather there.

Sunanda orders her to remove her veil. Gauri was offended and question is she has gone crazy. Sunanda repeats her order. Gauri tells her to lower her voice, they are shameless but if this means she must also be shameless. Baba signals Amar who shouts at Sunanda that its enough. Baba tells Amar to clarify to this witch that any injustice with this girl will directly affect Ananya. Sunanda laughs and questions what Ananya has to do with this Gauri’s veil. She tells Amar that Baba is fooling him. This girl must pull her veil off. Gauri questions what if her men go crazy after her beauty, one of them already…. How can she, being a woman do this to her. Amar was furious and walks towards Sunanda. Sunanda asserts that she will have to pull her veil off. Before she could do so, Gauri screams of help of God and runs upstairs. The family gather upstairs, outside her room’s door.

Sunanda tells Amar to open the door. If this girl isn’t Ananya, what problem she has in showing her face. Finally, Amar opens the door. Kamal thinks they are finished today. The family breaks into the room. Sunanda orders her to remove her veil. Gauri finally removes the veil to show a scarred, burnt face. Amma ji feels dizzy at once and faints. Amar tells her to wear the veil. Gauri questions if they are all relieved, wasn’t Sunanda fond of watching her burnt face. Amar asks Sunanda if this seems to be Ananya. He accuses that Sunanda has ceased using her brains. They all leave the room. Ananya now smiles, unveiling her face when everyone has gone.

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Later, she fakes shouting and crying from her room. Kamal comes to the room and asks how she did all this. Ananya narrates burning crepe bandages and applying it with medicine. Kamal appreciates that Ananya’s active mindedness saved them today. Ananya had removed her scarred face bandaged. She pulls on her veil once again, and leaves with her bag. Amar comes to the room. Gauri says she can’t stay in a house where she isn’t respected. Baba urges Amar to go and stop her, else Ananya would also go to Shiv. Amar convinces her that the witch is evil, she must not pay heed to her. Gauri complains that Sunanda was unjust, but no one said a word against her. she requests Baba justice. Baba agrees, and says Amar must behave with Sunanda the way she behaved with Ananya. Amar agrees to teach her a good lesson now.

Baba urging Amar to punish the witch. Amar decides to punish the witch. Baba says Amar must not forget that the witch is the real enemy of his love story as well.
Rekha, Rahul and Ketki wake Amma ji up by throwing water on her face. Amma ji says she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight, as Sunanda revealed the helplessness of that Gauri. Rahul assure they will sleep in the room.

In the hall, Baba watches Gauri hold Sunanda at gun point. Kamal silently thinks about all of Sunanda’s behavior with them. He thinks it’s time to revenge her of all her misbehavior. Amar watched Gauri hold Sunanda at gun point. Baba throws glasses on the floor near her, and the glass pieces scatter on the floor. Gauri fires a bullet up in the air.


Mishra ji was about to leave the room for Sunanda’s help. Rekha pulls him back in bed. She tells him to stay in the room. Mishra ji says he would be turned to a dog otherwise.

There, Gauri demands Sunanda to dance on this broken glass filled floor, else she will leave right away. Amar wasn’t ready to listen to any of Sunanda’s objections. Shiv comes to the hall and wonders what’s going on here. Gauri thinks about Sunanda’s accusations of her, wearing the anklet. Sunanda had checked her legs for the anklet. Gauri hands her anklets and throws them at Sunanda. Amar tells her to wear the anklet and start dancing. Sunanda wears the anklets.

In the room, Amma ji, Rahul and Ketki dance and enjoy.

Sunanda’s feet bleed as she dances on the broken glass. Shiv felt the pain. Sunanda falls faint on the floor. Gauri was about to shoot in the air. Amar takes the gun from her hand and points it towards Sunanda himself. Sunanda stands up and begins dancing again. She falls on the floor once again.
Mishra ji was afraid of Sunanda’s treatment and leaves the room anyways. Rekha feels helpless and wonders what she must do.

Sunanda cries on the floor. Ananya thinks about all of Sunanda’s acts of cruelty. Shiv silently thinks he must help Sunanda. Amar stops Shiv. Baba tells Amar to let go of him. Shiv comes to pull off small pieces of glass from Sunanda’s feet. Sunanda was emotional and sits up. Shiv now gives his hand. Sunanda kisses his hand. Ananya wipes her tears, silently. She now speaks as Gauri that she is relieved at her blood shed, and enjoyed the dance.

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Shiv lends his arm to Sunanda, helps her stand and walk to her room.

Baba tells Amar to switch his loyalties in time, else this witch will destroy his life. If he doesn’t come to their party, his life will be in rage. Amar kneels in front of Baba. Baba says Amar will now do what Baba says, and Ananya will herself bring Sindoor and Mangal sooter to him. He turns to leave for some rest. Amar nods.

Ananya sat in Gauri’s room, thinking and crying about Shiv’s care for Sunanda. Kamal comes to her room. The father-daughter hug each other. Ananya says its Shiv’s love, he has no memory but still loves his mother. And there, Sunanda doesn’t care for any relation. Kamal tells her not to get emotional. They have to be cautious every moment. Ananya hugs Kamal gratefully. She appreciates Kamal’s efforts for her. Kamal says its Ananya’s love that made him do all this, and they had to control Amar anyways. They cheer at their first victory, and initiating the first crack in their friendship.


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