Curse of the sand update Saturday 16th October 2021

Curse of the sand 15 October 2021 update: Ananya’s arm bleed yet she doesn’t move. Sunanda accepts defeat. She moves her face and speaks to Ananya that she can’t fool her by a deadly face. She must get up and get a band aid, else she might die. Ananya still doesn’t move. Sunanda asks if she is fond of dying, she with either die or wake up. She picks the knife again. Shiv felt bad. Sunanda was about to hit her chest with the knife but Shiv screams to stop her. Shiv says Gauri is here. He can hear her anklet. Sunanda and Amar turn towards the door. Gauri enters the room. Ananya thinks where another Gauri came from. It was Kamal under the veil. Shiv looks towards Amar, hopefully. Amar turns to Sunanda and questions her. Sunanda had challenged that this time she won’t be proven wrong. Sunanda was speechless. Amar says firstly she interfered his spiritual meditation, then hurt Ananya till bleeding. He slaps Sunanda. Sunanda insists on Amar to open his eyes and see the fraud he is facing by Baba. Amar slaps her again so that she falls on the floor. Amar blames that she could never see him happy, Sunanda peeks from the floor under the veil and notices it wasn’t Gauri but Kamal. She tries to tell Amar but he pushes her outside the room, leading her to a dark room. Shiv and Kamal follow. Amar says he can’t kill her because she is a witch, but from now on she will live in this room. Her connection from outer world are cut. Sunanda keeps on pleading Amar, who takes Shiv and Kamal along.

Mishra ji hiccups loudly and thinks Sunanda must be missing him. Rekha says there is nothing like that. Ketki comes with the news that Amar locked Sunanda in a room. She and Rekha tease Mishra ji that his Guru is gone. Rekha tells Mishra ji to go and get her photo as well, they want to see her suffering. Ketki suggests he must take sweet and fruit and laugh.

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Shiv brings Kamal to the room. Kamal was tensed under the veil. Shiv gets him a glass of water. Ananya had reached outside the room and laughs as Shiv consoles Gauri. Shiv reassures she is safe until Shiv is there as her friend. Kamal was shocked at all this. Shiv offers Gauri a hug and opens his arms. Ananya laughs from the door.

Sunanda thinks of Kamal under the veil. She was furious about being locked. Mishra ji comes saddened. Sunanda calls his name and asks him to do something to unlock the room. Mishra ji asks if she has gone crazy, Amar might kill him. Sunanda says then he must carefully listen to what she says. Sunanda tells Mishra ji it seems Kamal has returned as Babbu Baba, they only need to prove this. He must do as she has told him. Mishra ji leaves.

Shiv stands with his arms open for Gauri. He laughs that she herself demanded the hug, then shy herself. Shiv says when she gave him this hug, it felt really nice. Kamal felt irked. Shiv says it seemed someone very close to him was still here. Shiv offers to close his eyes, and she can hug him. Ananya takes the chance and replace Kamal, leading him outside. Kamal cautiously leaves. Shiv finally opens his eyes. He says it seems she is quite tensed by whatever happened to her; he thought about relieving her. It’s alright. He knows she is fasting and can’t speak. He turns to leave. Ananya holds his hand to stop him. She goes towards the mirror, smiles thinking about Shiv and her love story; then writes on it using the lipstick ‘she needs a hug of friendship as a rightful’. Shiv opens his arms with a smile. Ananya hugs him.

Kamal tries to cautiously escape in the corridor. Sunanda catches him by putting a rope in his neck through the window. Sunanda says Babbu Baba must now decide Amar will do to him, once he know about them. Kamal falls faint. Ananya brings a wooden stick to hit her hand and spares Kamal, leaving the window side. She comes into Sunanda’s room, throws the wooden stick on the floor nearby and pushes her down on floor. She says she can’t hold a hand over her. No matter step, but she is a daughter. She loved Sunanda more than her real mother. But the man, whom she played for his lifetime, holds a right to revenge her. Today, there is a chance and even she won’t stop him today. She allows Kamal to revenge her, of what she did to him for years. Kamal pulls Sunanda up and curses that he thought well of her. He slaps her on her face multiple times. Ananya says she is fond of running to Amar on each petty matter. She must now go and tell Amar that Ananya and Gauri are single, and Kamal is Babbu Baba. She wish to see if Amar accepts her. They created situations such that even her truth seems a lie to him. Amar now hates her. It was Sunanda’s year’s long hard work. First, she had lost her powers, and now foot man has also lost. Mishra ji takes their attention. He had been filming all this in a video on his cell phone. He says he got the proof now. He will easily fight and win this game now. He plays the video.

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Amar was passing through the corridor. He notices the door of Sunanda’s lock up room open. He questions who is daring enough to open the door, even when he had forbidden. There, Kamal shouts at Mishra ji. Mishra ji says Amar won’t say no to the video recording in which they accepted their crime. Sunanda smirks, its check and mate. They hear Amar’s footsteps. Kamal runs from the room. Mishra ji follows Kamal. Ananya clutches a sword and marks a cut on her belly. Amar comes to the room. Sunanda tells Amar to see, this is Ananya and Gauri; else how is Ananya here, standing in front of him. Ananya falls on the floor, unconscious. Amar screams out of his care. Amar runs to Ananya. Sunanda screams of defeat as she spots the knife near Sunanda’s feet. He tries to wake Ananya.

Baba runs into the room and says this is what he feared. This witch couldn’t separate the two, and thus killed Ananya. He tells Amar that in the face of Amar’s well-wisher, she is his biggest enemy. Amar asks Sunanda how Ananya came out of her room, he had forbidden anyone to open the door of the room. Baba says Sunanda had brought Ananya here on will. This witch couldn’t bear Ananya and Amar’s closeness. Witches aren’t loyal to anyone. This witch may betray him even largely, and can try to snatch his powers as well. Sunanda attacks on Kamal and tries to shut him up. Amar asks what Sunanda knows; that Ananya is Gauri and Baba is Kamal. Sunanda says yes. Mishra ji comes inside and tries to show the video to Amar. Ananya moves a bit, semi-concious. Amar’s attention was towards Ananya now. He breaks Mishra ji’s phone.

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Amar takes Mishra ji outside the room into the hall. Mishra ji was requesting and pleading Amar to listen to him. Amar asks if he opened the door of Ananya’s room. Mishra ji replies yes he did. Amar throws his power ball towards Mishra ji, burning him alive. Baba had carried Ananya outside. Mishra ji’s body was burnt to ashes. His family mourns over the ashes. Amar smirks and throws the ashes in air. Everyone stood silently.

Amar says, it’s now Sunanda’s turn. His little mummy, his so-called Guru is nothing. He burnt Mishra ji under her nose and she stood helpless. He was her puppet and lost his life. Now, she must stay away from everyone else. Babbu Baba is there for Ananya. Sunanda must let him do his work. She always loses from him. He thought she will have little self-respect, but he wonders what she wants. Sunanda stares into his eyes. Amar calls Shiv forward. Shiv hands Amar a glass of water.

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