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Complicated Love update 27 January 2021: Kunal asks if Mauli brought this shirt for someone else. Mauli replies she actually brought it for someone else, she thought this would suit Dida. Radhika and Kunal both laugh at her sense of humor. Kunal leaves with Mauli for a perfect evening together.

Ishaan was playing with the girls in a garden. Pari says Ishaan must need some elder in the team. Mishti wish her Mama was there. Pari assures Mauli will soon be there. Kunal and Mauli reach the park. Kunal greets the girls and apologizes for being angry with them. Ishaan complements Kunal’s new shirt. Kunal tells Ishaan they will drop the kids home by the evening. He heads to play with the girls. Ishaan speaks to Mauli that it’s fine, she needn’t be sad. Mauli watch him leave towards his car. Pari comes to take Mauli into her play. Ishaan watch them from his car and says “Perfect Family”. Kunal and Mauli enjoy playing with the kids. They later play hide and seek. Kunal and Mauli buy the girls Cotton Candy.
Ishaan was at home, thinking about Mauli being a perfect family with Kunal and girls. There was a door bell. He wipes his tears and goes to answer the door. Radhika stood outside to wish him birthday. She had brought a sweet for Ishaan. Radhika claims Ishaan is rightful for this. She blesses Ishaan to be protected from any evil eye. Ishaan cheers and says he can’t cry in front of her today, she must cease being emotional. Ishaan asks Radhika to teach his chef this Laddu recipe. Radhika says today, Ishaan will enjoy food from her hands and hear gossips of the neighbors. They go to the kitchen where Ishaan decides to be Radhika’s assistant.
At night, Mauli decides to make up something and go to Ishaan’s house for birthday celebration. She wonders what can be convincing that Kunal agrees to go home. Mauli tells Kunal she has an appointment with patient for IVF consultation. She can drop him and kids home. Kunal offers to wait outside the clinic for her. Mauli says he had much exertion already, he must go home and take some rest. Kunal was flattered by her concern and agrees to the plan.
The house was decorated for Ishaan’s birthday. Ishaan was silently thankful to Radhika for making him feel special. The kids and Mauli reach home and wish Ishaan a Happy Birthday. Ishaan boasts someone else also remembered his birthday, a special friend of his came over. Mauli inquires who? Ishaan says Radhika came over with sweets for him and helped him decorate. Mauli apologizes for coming over empty handed. Mauli says she bought the shirt, but Kunal found and wore it. Ishaan says it’s alright, not everything is what they think. The girls tell Ishaan Kunal is highly energetic, and they had much fun with him. Pari says later Buddy bought them cotton candy and ice cream as well. Mauli was excited that it seemed Kunal hadn’t forgotten anything, specially his girls. She notices Ishaan’s expressions and regrets. Ishaan asks them to come and cut the cake.
At home, Kunal was in the hall. He receives a call from clinic that Mauli’s phone was out of reach. It was a sister wanted to inquire about any anti allergic, as a patient had allergy. Kunal gives her another name but wonders where Mauli had gone otherwise.
The girls cut the cake with Ishaan. They enjoy rubbing cake over each other’s faces. Ishaan comes to give a bite to Mauli and rubs some on her face as well. Mauli exclaims, “Oh God Kunal, what are you doing!?!”

Ishaan was taken aback as Mauli calls Ishaan as Kunal. He says it’s alright, this happens. He then takes the girls inside for dinner. Later, Ishaan sat on the dinner table thinking about Pari’s claim that Mauli and her Buddy along with them make best family. Mauli comes with coffee for both of them. She apologizes for repeatedly hurting him and asserts she spoilt Ishaan’s birthday. Firstly, Kunal took over his gift shirt and now this. Ishaan says it’s alright. Mauli asks Ishaan how he can be so patient, if she was his place and he had taken someone else’s name; she must have created a huge issue out of it. She asks him not to think wrong, she spends the whole day with Kunal and its not easy. Ishaan requests her, no more Kunal. They enjoy the coffee together.
Late at night, Kunal sat awake in the hall when Dida comes there. She inquires Kunal if he needs something. Kunal says Mauli isn’t home. Dida says darling hubby is waiting for his wife then; she must be busy in hospital. Kunal asks Dida if Mauli still loves him. Dida says she understands Mauli hasn’t been able to give him much time, she is extremely busy. She advices Kunal that relations are tied with weak thread, if left lose there is a fear of slipping from hand and if strained, there are chances of breakage. Kunal confirms Dida if Mauli can betray him. Dida asks if Kunal ever thinks about it. Kunal replies he never hides thinks from her, or even think about betraying him. Dida asks Kunal if without tasting, he can tell the difference between Salt and Sweet. If Sweet is ground, it doesn’t turn to be Salt. He shouldn’t doubt his relation with Mauli based on contentions of a few hours.
Mauli and Ishaan were sleeping on the couch, with her head resting over his shoulder. A smile spreads over Mauli’s face as she dreams about her day with Kunal and girls. She wakes up at once and says she must go back home. Ishaan offers to drop her.
Kunal sipped coffee in the balcony still thinking about Mauli’s lie. Mauli cautiously enters the house so as to make no noise. Some of the coffee slipped on Kunal’s shirt. He comes into the hall and asks Mauli why she entered her own house so cautiously. Mauli says it was late, she didn’t want to make any disturbance. She asks why he is still awake. Kunal replies how he could sleep, when his beautiful wife was out somewhere late at night. He makes her sit and himself goes to kitchen. He brings a cup of tea for his loving wife, with a smile. Mauli smiles as she holds the cup. Kunal touches her hair, then at once notices she changed her perfume. He says he gets fearful by her replacement of things, what if he replaces him as well. Mauli was offensive that she doesn’t want to hear all this so late. She goes inside to change.
In the room, Mauli walked restlessly while thinking about her mental dilemma regarding Kunal and Ishaan. Kunal comes there and asks what is the problem with her. Mauli replies she is fine. He senses she is lying, then finds she had fever. He was concerned and goes to get her medicines. Mauli says she is fine, it’s just that she is little worked up. He opens the wardrobe and file fell down. Kunal reads the file, it was about Mauli’s infertility. He thinks this is the reason of Mauli’s sad mood, he always discuss family with her; and it’s the reason she bunks her clinics and appointments as well. Kunal returns to Mauli with a crying face. Mauli was at once concerned. Kunal asks Mauli why she had hidden from him that there were complications in her pregnancy.

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