Complicated Love December 2020 Teasers On Glow Tv: Mauli plans to seek legal help to ensure that Kunal stays out of Mishti’s life. Later, she shares her apprehensions with Ishaan while Mishti repeatedly disconnects Pari’s call.

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Episode 119

Though Mauli makes up her mind to get married to Ishaan, her past continues to haunt her. Later, she states that she has no problem if Yamini and Deeda wish to accept Kunal back in their life.

Episode 120

After Mauli and Ishaan’s engagement date is finalised, Mishti calls Kunal up to share the good news. However, Mauli snatches the phone before Mishti can tell him anything about it.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Episode 121

Mauli is in a state of emotional turmoil after she finds out that Nandini died long ago. She shares her grief with Ishaan and later informs Yamini and Deeda, who are equally shocked to receive the news.

Episode 122

Mauli and Kunal come across each other at a dargah, where Ishaan ends up spotting them. However, Ishaan silently goes away and drives back home while Kunal reveals to Mauli how Nandini suffered during her final days.

Thursday 5 December 2020

Episode 123

After learning the truth about Mauli’s relationship with Ishaan, Kunal wonders if Mishti is his biological daughter. He rushes to confront Mauli while she prepares to leave for the engagement ceremony.

Episode 124

By the time Kunal reaches the Malhotras’ house, he finds no one there except Pramila. After she refuses to tell him anything, he follows her in his car in order to reach Mauli.

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Friday 6 December 2020

Episode 125

Kunal brings his mother to an isolated place. He then demands to know about the actual father of Mishti.

Episode 86

Kunal is shocked to learn that Mishti is his biological daughter. Later, Kunal confronts Mauli on the matter while Mishti ends up hearing their conversation.


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