CHANDRA NANDINI 9 DECEMBER 2020 ON ATINKA TV: Chandra says it’s his birthday they after he will turn one wow,we will celebrate this,Nandini says this proves only mother remembers ever detail of her son,Chandra says no no I was just testing you now we will go in Sabha and announce about celebrations. In Sabha Chandra announces bindusara will turn one and we will celebrate this day and every Magad family is invited I was eagrly waiting for this since three months and now it arrived,Nandini nods yes and smiles.

Nandini with dadi and says dadi can I please make arrangements for bindusara birthday,Mora says I so miss durdhara,I wish she was with us,Nandini in tears remember promising durdhara she will take care of her son,dadi walks to Nandini and says like Krishna had two mothers even bindusara has two mothers you are his yashodha ma and now wipe your tears and make arrangements,Nandini says dadi you allowed me make arrangements and took me as bindusara mother, Chandra says you are his mother don’t thank.

Apma says Helina you have to participate in every function as mukhya rani and not Nandini,Helina says ma Chandra doesn’t talk to Nandini and Nandini is busy with her lover whose face I have seen now,Apma says what go tell Chandra then,Helina says ma let Chandra get over this celebrations then I shall and now I shall go and make arrangements,Apma says what you are mukhya rani and you will make arrangements,Helina says ma I will just inspect it,Apma says good and remember one eye on Nandini.

Nandini says dadi we will make flower arrangements,dadi says yes make unique arrangements like the Payal one you did,Mora says panchmeva we forgot about him,Helina says even I came her to talk about bindusara so as mukhyarani I will take part in pooja,Chandra says but Helina,Nandini says she is right as mukhya rani it’s her right and she is his mother too and I’m happy with making arrangements,mora says this is pure love for her son wants no rights but her child’s happiness.

Chanakya in market,he asks vendor what tax do you pay,the vendor gets confused,Chanakya says you don’t remember tell me,tell me who is behind you who sent you,he pushes Chanakya and runs,Chanakya sends soldiers behind him, soldiers catch him. Chanakya says answer me,who sent you to Magad,he consumes poison from his bracelet and dies,Chanakya finds a letter near that vendor,chnakaya reads it and says it’s bindusaras birthday invitation who is behind Rajkumar.

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Clovie meets Chandra who is disguised as monkey man,Chandra says it’s me monkey man,clovie says yes yes go meet I will wait out and alert if anyone comes,Chandra says thank you and leaves,clovie says stupid monkey doesn’t know it’s good for us if he meets Nandini, Nandini sees Chandra slowly walk in room and says so he is trying to scare me,Chandra enters thinking I will scare Nandini,Nandini hides and scare Chandra instead,Chandra says you scared me,Nandini says as if you weren’t here to scare me,Chandra says oh you knew it let me get you now and tries to catch her,Nandini rushes and both fall on bed.

Chandra says oh look bindusara slept Im late ,Nandini says you talk as if you know everything,in Sabha you said three months you were waiting liar,thank me I reminded you,Chandra says Nandini tell me when you are his mother why will Helina participate,Nandini says she is his mother too,I’m happy in his little day to day things let her be participate in pooja,Chandra says you find happiness in all little things,Nandini I’m happy my son will receive all blessings,Chandra says do we find this in books,Nandini says no it’s in every mothers heart,Chandra says bindusara is very lucky to have a mother as you and me a friend like you.

Nandini says now go,and anyways you already have created many stupid things about me like my affair with guard,Chandra says I had to don’t worry but.
Mora says let me order more flowers,dasi says rajmata,queen Nandini is doing all on her own we aren’t Allowed to help,mora says ok go let me go check.

Chandra sees Nandini decorating cradle and thinks let me go praise her and says look Nandini is doing all this so well with so much love let me Go help ,oh no but dadi is watching ,still let me find a way.

Chandra goes to Nandini and both decorate cradle signing each other,mora says see they aren’t talking,dadi says they are signing each other,mora says I didn’t see anything,dadi says you need those eyes to sees,see Chandra even signed Nandini he liked her decorations.

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Helina says clovie tell me which dress will suit me,clovie says you look good in everything,Helina says I have to look beautiful,Apma says stop being interested in this and go keep an eye on Nandini,Helina says as I said I will be participating in pooja and you go do some work,Apma says what work your husband and asked me to stay away,Helina says please leave me alone with my dresses and go do something .

Chanakya calls Nandini and Chandra,she asks what is wrong,Chanakya says bindusara is in danger during celebrations and someone very well known with mahal will approach bindusara to abduct him. Nandini says can we trick them with bindusara ,like it’s bindusara with us but not actually,Chanakya says you gave very Nice suggestions maharani only this idea will work.

Amartya is given invitation letter,malayketu gives him gold coins,malayketu says this is best time to abduct bindusara and take revenge from Chandra,Amartya says right we will disguise and enter Magad. Chandra gives pandugan new clothes and says it’s your nephews first birthday here it’s for you,pandugan says yes thank you and I will play with bindusara as well,Chanakya walks in,pandugan gets scared,Chandra says don’t be scared he is Acharya he got you medicine so that you cure,pandugan takes it,Chanakya says good work Chandra now my medicine will cure him and like his father he will be killed and my oath will be fulfilled and leaves,Chandra angry.

Tuladan ceremony about to start,Helina looking funny,Chandra Nandini and bindusara enter mahal,people cheer for them.apma says Helina you should be with Chandra , look people are cheering for Nandini it should be you instead,Helina says okay,and walks to Nandini and takes bindusara,Chandra feels bad,Nandini leaving,Chandra holds her hand and stops her,Nandini smiles.

Chanakya sees disguised malayketu and asks him where he is from,malayketu gives fake information,Amartya walks next,Chanakya sees his invitation letter but a knife falls from his dress,Amartya says it’s fake knife I’m entertainer here,Chanakya says okay.

Panditji calls bindusara with his mother,Apma signs Helina,Helina says Nandini here take bindusara and gives it on one side of weigh balance,family members don’t like it,Panditji says maharaj let baby be sited in his mothers lap,bindusara doesn’t leave Nandini,Nandini says leave me and go to your pitahamaharaj and forces him on Chandra,Chandra gives bindusara to Helina ,she doesn’t carry him well,Helina gets uneasy and bindusara starts crying,Chandra signs Nandini to come,and picks bindusara and gives him to Nandini.

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Bindusara calms down quickly,mora says bindusara is happy with Nandini let her participate with bindusara,Panditji says yes this is correct,dadi says yes Helina let Nandini be sited,Helina gets up and leaves,Nandini takes a seat on weigh balance and carries bindusara well.panditji begins pooja.helina and Apma upset. The pooja finishes and people cheer for Nandini and bindusara,Chandra says I announce to distribute this weighed treasure to needy people.

Entertainment programmes begins,Helina and Apma still upset,Nandini on throne with Chandra and bindusara,both smile at each other,malayketu and Amartya performing puppet show,Amartya says see his face properly because Chanakya is very cunning it may happen we take away some other baby,Nandini says why are you pulling my dupatta don’t you have shame,Chandra says I didn’t,Nandini says you lie so openly,Chandra says look your son is doing it naughty boy look at his smile,Chanakya signs Chandra and Chandra sends bindusara with dasi,Chanakya having eye on malayketu and Amartya.

Chandra imagines Nandini as the puppet doll and says she looks like, don’t you think,Nandini imagines Chandra ,Chandra asks did you see me,Nandini says yes,Chandra says really,nandini says yes see there and points at a monkey.chandra starts laughing. Amartya says this is right time but where is kid,malayketu says he will come patience.

Chandra walks into a room,Malti with bindusara,Chandra says Malti you have to be very alert,she says don’t worry jijaji,Chandra says even though if you find any thing fishy just shout my name I will rush to you I’m in my room.chandra in his room with a doll,and says Nandinis idea is great and now I want to know who that man is who has guts to abduct my child.

A man disguised sees Malti with bindusara,Nandini walks to her,Malti says I knew you would come,bindusara starts crying,Nandini says Look at him,anyways I shall take him to my room and when he sleep I will get him back to you,Nandini is being followed by that man.




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