Chandra says tell me Nandini why didn’t you trouble me when you could,Nandini says because,anyways do what you wish to and leaves in anger. Padmanand asks kidnappers to get Chanakyas daughter but is informed they found no one,they say house was under security but no one was in the hut,Amartya says this was to divert us now we should think about next plan,padmanand says no I want Chanakyas daughter and I will kill Chanakya,
Sunanda gives Nandini sleeping kadha and leaves,Roopa walks in and says Nandini keep sleeping after this you won’t wake up and it’s my time now and about to kill her Sunanda stops her and says have you lost it what will you do with nandinis dead body,don’t you remember you have learnt nothing about Nandini,Chanakya and Chandra are very intelligent
they will find the truth quickly and don’t forget right now nand is our aim,and bhadrasal is here go meet him as Nandini and find the information,Sunanda remembers nand always slapping her and insulting her and says Roopa this is the best way to get nand and complete our revenge, go.
Roopa goes to nandinis room and says my mood is spoilt because of Nandini and now I shall spend some time with Chandra and then go meet bhadrasal. Roopa imagines embracing Chandra and starts laughing and says Roopa you are gone mad in love and starts singing, Chandra enters and says how do you know this song,Roopa says my dasi taught me this song,Chandra says will you sing this song for me again, I use to like this when I was a kid , Roopa say sure I will but you join me too,Chandra and Roopa sing together the song,Roopa thinks Roopa control your emotions and says Chandra this song means I love you a lot,Chandra says who are you I mean you are so talented I didn’t know you know these languages too,Roopa says when time comes you will learn lot more things,and now it’s too late let’s go to bed.
Roopa wakes up and checks Chandra is asleep and leaves,Chandra wakes up and says Nandini who are you and why you keep behaving so suspiciously and today I shall find the truth and follows Roopa,Roopa feels like someone is following her and hides,Chandra misses her and remembers Chanakya telling him that Nandini will surely visit bhadrasal to know about padmanand and goes to see bhadrasal.
Roopa goes to see bhadrasal and says god these people have hurt you so much, bhadrasal says maharani you shouldn’t be here,Roopa says how is my pitahamaharaj I want to see him,bhadrasal says I can’t tell you because If I do, Chanakya and Chandragupta will hurt you to find him and padmanand is safe,Roopa gets angry and holds his neck and says tell me where is he,bhadrasal thinks is she really that Nandini who took me as her guru.
Roopa sees Chandra behind her, Chandra asks what are you doing here and why did you behave with him this way,Roopa says I want to end this war which will lead only in blood and when bhadrasal didn’t tell me where my pitahamaharaj is I got angry, Chandra I’m missing my father and want to see him ,plz forgive him I will talk to him and tell him to stop this war too, Chandra leaves and Roopa thinks our mission is one Chandra, to kill nand but I want to kill him by my own hands that will give me more pleasure.
Helina and her mother see Roopa and Helina thinks what is she doing here when she snatched my sleep,ma says who is she but,Helina says come let’s find it,they find Roopa on Chandras singhasan smoking,Helina says how dare you don’t you know what you are doing and pulls her away,Roopa says Chandra is mine and so is his singhasan and both get in to fight,Helina says I shall straight away go to Chandra and tell about you and he will throw you out,Roopa says oh no I’m sorry please don’t,and starts laughing go tell Chandra then even I will open my mouth come let’s together,Helina says I can kill you right here,Roopa says okay here is the sword kill me, ma says helina stop it, and says Roopa I’m sorry on her behalf do as you wish and I shall support you.
Roopa says good Helina mother now give some brains to your daughter too, one Roopa is equal to hundreds of you so just be in your limits. Sunanda sleeping beside Nandini,Nandini talking in her sleep,Chandra you are so good. Chandra in his room and remembers Nandini telling Helina that pitahamaharaj matters her the most and now with bhadrasal she behaved something else,Chandra remembers ever different and weird behaviour of Nandini, Nandini in sleep says Chandra, ma says you will go away from me,don’t go Chandra, don’t leave me. Chandra Says I have to find out what is the issue with Nandini.
Pre cap ” Roopa says what all did I do Sunanda ma to take nandinis place, acted as if in love with Maliektu oh no and now I shall kill Nandini too,Chaya hears them talk and is shocked.
Chandra joins his friend,Chandra says I’m friend here and not king come let’s have food,one friend says I will just have fruits, I want to make some body it attracts women, and magad has so many good women and Chandra has 3 queens and we can see he has fallen in love too,Chandra says I love no one, his friend says liar your face shows everything,Chandra says whatever,friends says we don’t know who it is but you are in love, and we will find it because soon you will keep talking about your loved one and start being awkward and scared in presence of the loved one and you know when you are in love, your loved one touch gives you shock and music plays all over and you will dress as your loved one loves to see you.
Chandra says I will never change, now you two rest and leaves
. Nandini sees Chandra walk in and both feel the vibe,as both touch each other they feel the shock,and music plays in chandras minds, Chandra says where is this music playing,Nandini says no music is playing Chandra and thanks for the water, Chandra remembers his friends telling him signs of being in love,Nandini thinks what’s wrong with Chandra, Chandra looks at mirror and sees he is sweating, Nandini says Chandra your crown is here, Chandra says yes but it’s so hot here. Nandini says no it’s so cool here, Chandra says you know nothing, Nandini says give the kum Kum here and applies it on Chandras forehead , Chandra hears music as she touches him and moves aside and Kum Kum spreads.
Roopa happy and Is dressing for Chandra and says Chandra liked my song and he will be all mine now. Nandini says Chandra you heard music again ,Chandra says nothing,Nandini helping him clean,Chandra says I will manage, Nandini Says true monkey and goes gets him crown,Chandra says I will do it on my own you go,Nandini starts laughing and says this is how you will wear, Chandra says why how you want me to wear and remembers the sign list and says Nandini I mean,Nandini says Chandra your hair is messed and dress well and go in Sabha or you will be a matter of joke and leaves.
Chandra dresses well and says I’m doing it because I like it this way and not Nandini. In Sabha,Chanakya says for the child education we should take takshila help,Chandra says I agree, few people come to meet Chandra. Chandra says this is your family acharya, Chanakya says why are you in tears yashomati and where is Bharti,yashomati starts crying and gives Chanakya a letter, Chanakya gets angry reading it.
( padmanand kidnaps Bharti and take her away,yashomati begs to leave Bharti but padmanand says Chanakya wife yashumati greetings , I’m king of magad the mighty padmanand and your husbands enemy , give this letter to him,he tried hard to hide you but no one can hide from maha padmanand and leaves.)
Chandra reads the letter which says if you don’t return my daughter Nandini I will kill Bharti,Chanakya refuses to agree with nands waning letter,Chandra says why but acharya,we need to save Bharti,Chanakya says Nandini is magads ruling queen and we can’t deal on her and I will never give up on nand, Chandra says I’m king and as a king if I agree and pass the order then, Chanakya says I won’t agree because it’s personal and not in benefit of magad and leaves.
Roopa singing Chandras favourite song and says Chandra today you will fall for Roopa. Chandra walks in the room,Nandini says Chandra looks like you really turned to monkey you here music and feel hot when it’s so cool,Chandra holds her tight and says Nandini your father, do you really think he is always right because today he has kidnapped acharyas daughter asking in return for you,Nandini says I will do the necessary but will save acharyas daughter,Chandra says so is what I wanted but you are ruling queen and this is against the rules and you know when I see you I see the evil nand get out I don’t wish to see you and closes the door.
Roopa hears all this and says because of this nand I can’t meet Chandra and shatters the whole room,sunanada tries to stop her ,Roopa says Don’t ma and attacks her and says that stupid nand, he kidnapped acharyas daughter and now Chandra I cant see him,Chaya passing by hears the noise and thinks why is Nandini talking this way, Sunanda says why but why you are feeling so bad about not seeing Chandra,Roopa says because I love him now Chandra is only mine and not that helinas or Nandini,what all did I do to insult and create bad image of nandini,acted as if in lust of Maliektu and drank alcohol but not now it has all acted against me shit,now I shall kill Nandini.
Chaya says oh god it was her and not Nandini i have to Chandra,Sunanda says control,Chaya walks in,Roopa says oh chaya come in tell me what it is,Chaya says I know your truth and will inform Chandra too,I was so bad with Nandini and all because of you and leaves,Sunanda says Roopa go stop her or else we will be sentenced to death,Roopa follows her and says Chaya it’s good for you to keep mum or else Roopa will not spare you,Chaya says on one can stop me,Roopa pushes Chaya from Stair case and starts laughing and says I will destroy anyone who comes my way.
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